Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday Meet & Greet with missmaj

Monday Meet and Greet

Okay, so this week we have missmaj. Who is missmaj, you ask? Well, she is Maj. She's sort of...the quiet one. You know that phrase, "It's always the quiet ones?" Well, it's well-suited for our Maj.

Okay, so I guess I sort of met missmaj on January 6, 2009, roughly the second day after I started posting CM. She was one of my first reviewers. She even patiently waits for the next update to BH (Ha! Yeah, I saw your tweet, Maj!). She's been very supportive, not only to me, but I could name several others. Maj is kind of on the quiet side until you get to know her a little better. Er, she's still quiet, even then.

But behind that quiet and reserved exterior, I've discovered there is a mischievious and diabolical woman who is just overflowing with creativity and originality. Want an example? Well, this is her first foray into writing Twific, and I'll never be the same again. PETER will never be the same again. Seriously, What Happens In Vegas is a fantastic one shot.

That's right. Maj can write! Not simplistic shit, either. Stuff that has essence, feeling, and detail. Stories that have you salivating for more, and stories that should have a warning on them before you actually start to read them, otherwise you'll spit your Coke all over your keyboard and monitor, or you'll piss your pants. And, who wants to tell your G-chat buddies BRB for that shit?! Don't believe me? Well, check out this little gem: here.

Maj also has recently just begun her first multi-chapter story, A Change In Course. It is an all human, Bella/Jasper fic that leaves you guessing just what she has planned for this story. Take some time, get to know her a little bit, and then go check out her stories. You won't be disappointed!

IdE:  Who are you?


IdE:  Tell us about Twilight. How did you first get into the Saga, when was the first time you read it, and which book is your favorite?

Maj: I saw Twilight books displayed in bookstores and shit, but I didn't really care much about it until I saw a promotional pic for Twilight and saw KStew (not RPattz). It had me really curious, but I still didn't care that much. One day, my cousin and I went to HMV and I saw Twilight on sale. I thought, why not? It's less than $10, so if I didn't like it there would be no buyer's remorse. So I did, and I ended up reading all three within 3-4 days. I had to BEG my cousin to drive me to the bookstore to buy the other two. I almost had the urge to line up for the midnight release of BD, which I didn't - thank goodness - although, I did buy the book the next day.

Eclipse was my favourite because of the *cough* leg hitch *cough*. It had the most action scenes, I loved the tent scene, and we finally get to see/read Jasper's and Rose's backstories.

IdE:  What got you started reading Twilight Fanfiction? Do you remember the first fic you read?

Maj:  I was lurking around Rob's IMDb boards (don't judge) and I saw a post about FFn. Like the rest of you guys, I was very upset about the fade-to-black honeymoon scene. There was a link to an FFn story that filled in all the missing scenes. And my love for the fandom was born.

I don't want to mention the very first FFn fic I read because I didn't finish it, and I didn't like it/*small voice* sorry.

IdE:  What are your favorites stories?

Maj:  I have soooo many. I have about 150 favourites on my FFn profile, and it's growing. It's a very eclectic list, I must say.

Unfortunately, I can only tolerate fics where Bella's the main female character and Jasper/Edward are the main male character. Once in a while, I will read one shots with other characters...sort of testing out the waters.

Ide:  Favourite characters, least favourites? (It's "favourite", for Maj.)

Maj:  Jasper, duh! Even before FFn, I've been fascinated with his character. His backstory is the best out of all of them. I hated that they blamed him for the birthday party. That was all Edward's fault.

Even though I hated what he did in NM, I was all for Team Edward the first time reading the saga. Second time I read it, I couldn't tolerate any of them. I can't read the book anymore without getting furious with the characters.

But Jacob was the most unlikable character for me. He's pushy. Like, dude, Bella doesn't want you, leave her alone! And he mouth rapes her! I skipped most of his parts in NM. If it wasn't for the movies and FFn, I would have never figured out what the third wife is.

IdE:  What fics are you reading right now, and which ones have your complete attention whenever they pop up with an update?

Maj:   Oh, wow. So many. Mostly J/B fics. Jasper owns me. I'd say IdreamofEddy's Breathless Hunger, and I've been waiting for an update for quite a while/*wink*, Oracle Vas' Last Love Found, cullen818's The Fate/Love/Hope saga, JamesRamsey's Insecurities (gotta thank Mae for that. I am hooked!), circe290's Serendipity, TwistedforTwilight's Finding Forgiveness (Finding Relief was completed last month). Oh, and Mae's new fic, Unfathomable Bonds.

E/B AH fics: Edward Wallbanger, Hydraulic Level 5, The Perfect Wife, to name a few.

IdE:  What made you finally decide to start writing your own?

Maj:   I discovered this fic, Finding Relief. The writer, TwistedforTwilight and I got to talking about writing for the first time, etc. Before cullen818 became my beta, she and I were on friendly terms. We talked about a story idea I had in mind and the rest is history.

Both were very supportive. They helped me get over the initial fear of posting for the first time; they gave me advice, ideas, anything to help me out. It took me about two months to finally post my first multi-chapter fic, and it's all because of them. And my twitter friends.

My very first story was What Happens in Vegas, a o/s for the FtLoJ contest. The creators of the contest, LaViePastiche and ElleCC, were joking about how someone should contribute a P/B/J entry. I joked around with them and somehow ended up submitting my own entry.

IdE:  What's the atmosphere like when you're writing? Music.. screaming and ripping each other apart, or husband bitching in the background? Do you drink and/or smoke?

Maj:   I usually write after the kids' bedtime, in hopes of having some 'quiet time'. But, I have Twitter, gchat, and sometimes skype on. TV's on in the background, multiple windows with FFn updates on laptop.

So much for no interruptions.

I'm a social drinker, once or twice a year, perhaps? But I go all out when I do. It's embarrassing; I always end up with a three-day hangover afterward. I smoke occasionally. Shhh...don't tell!

IdE:  What else do you like to read besides Twilight?

Maj:   Before FFn, I used to read a lot of chick-lit. They're an easy read; something that I could read in one sitting. I also enjoyed reading Jodi Picoult, Christopher Moore, Sue Griffin, Dan Brown, and Janet Evanovich books.

I tried reading classics à la Bella, but my brain couldn't handle it. But, I did like Oscar Wilde's A Picture of Dorian Gray.

IdE:  What else do you like to do?

Maj:   Nothing. Since FFn, I have no life at all.

IdE:  Tell us a secret?

Maj:   I use Yonge Street as my compass. I have lived here for 14 years and I'm still unsure of my whereabouts <-- According to Tina, who also lives in Toronto, Maj hasn’t a clue of where in Scarborough she actually resides, nor does she know which subway station is closest to her (which leads Tina to believe that Maj doesn`t even live in Toronto...hmmm...). If you take a look at Maj's FFn profile pic, apparently it speaks volumes on how well her compass works!

I have a fear of balloons. Balloons terrify me. I don't mind balloons around me as long as no one touches them, but when someone starts to play around with them, I go apeshit. Ugh. *shiver*

IdE:  Fuck, Marry, Kill? E/J/Em

Maj:   Fuck Edward, Marry Jasper, Kill Emmett. (Sorry Em, can't fuck someone that reminds me of a sibling. Besides, it would be nice to be Edward's 'first time', LOL)


  1. Okay, sorry but I read this "Maj is kind of on the quiet side until you get to know her a little better. Er, she's still quiet, even then." and had to LMAO. You should listen in on our late night convos. She's never quiet. I love it! She's got a dirty, naughty mind that you gotta love. Just look at the eye candy that is the House of Debauchery! She's all over that shit and she does it WELL!

    Love her mind, love her writing (I've learned not to drink while reading her fics), love her patience and help when I whine about my writing, ... Just love that woman! <3

  2. *snickers* Quiet, huh?
    Funny thing is, you weren't the only one who said that about me. I thought I was loud and obnoxious.

    Aw K, you remembered our anniversary! Which, by the way, is just around the corner. =P

    Love the lambs. Thank you. Loved it!

    JSYK, my Yonge St compass works very well, thank you very much. Been using it for 14 years and I haven't gotten lost yet. =D

  3. Well, according to my compass, Scarborough's east of Yonge. Which means I'm somewhere in the eastern part of Toronto.
    See, it works. =P

  4. maj, quiet? who the fuck did you interview k? you were dealing with an imposter!


  5. Perhaps she's comparing me to you, Lucy. =P

  6. hey! i resemble that comment - take it back! ha ha!

    i'm very quiet, graceful, and demure - don't know who you are thinking about... :p