ALASL Segments

Daily segments:

Mistress Maj brings you daily eye candy to brighten up your morning - be warned, this segment is not safe for work, or eyes of a sensitive nature... the rest of you pervs will love it, though! There's a different theme each day, with something to suit everyone.

House of Debauchery


ALASL gets up close and personal with some of your favourite authors from the land of fic! We're taking suggestions for authors, too, so if there's someone you want to know more about, get in contact with us and we'll do your stalking for you!

Monday Meet & Greet


Tina busts out the cane and whips out some grammar tips to help you polish and shine your words every Tuesday!

Grammar Girl


One shot recommendations occur every Wednesday and revolve around the theme of the month. Each Lamb will give a rec of a O/S they've enjoyed.

Wednesday One Shots


Ever come across a word in fic that just punches you in the gut and leaves you reeling? Lucy gives us her Word of the Week every Thursday, along with a series of definitions - ranging from the serious to the magic of UrbanDictionary - and examples from the land of Twi-Fic.



Hear the big news from our affiliates on Fridays! Contests, important news, things going down in the fandom? You'll find it here!

Affiliate Whoring Friday

If you're interested in affiliating with us, get in touch at - you could have your information featured here.


Has an author you love gone M.I.A? Tina will don the girl scout uniform, board the magical mystery bus, and set Demetri on them to track 'em down! Where In The World will try to get your answers and updates!

Where in the world is...

Start your weekend of with some Twi-Lols, which will be themed around the topic of the month. Catonspeed hunts down something to make you giggle and smirk!

Where in the world is...


Multi-chapter recommendations occur on Sundays, and will revolve around the theme of the month.

Sunday Selections

The last Sunday of the month is a Group Recommendation, voted for and chosen by the members of ALASL.

Montly Fic Pick