Monday, June 7, 2010

Monday Meet & Greet with Slywolf9


Hello, Lambchops!

Oh, my sweet Lani! Can I tell you guys how much I love this girl? 

I absolutely love her story The So Unknown. I always reviewed each chapter and hoped that I gave her encouragement about it. Low and behold, one day I got a PM from her, asking for my advice on a chapter or two and, of course, I jumped right on it. Lani has always written such wonderful chapters and there are hardly any mistakes (if I recall correctly because *cough* no update in a while *cough*). Actually, I'm just giving her a hard time - I know how busy she is with school and I wait very patiently for a new chapter.

I love the direction that she has taken this story and it makes me a little mad when I see reviews blasting her because it has taken an...interesting turn. But I also feel like a proud Mama when someone tells her how much they love her story. All I can say about her story is stick with it and you won't be disappointed. If anything, you can blame me for the choice that Bella makes because I told Lani that it needed to be done and not to second guess it. Believe me, she loves Jasper just as much as I do and he will get his HEA.

Lani, I miss you and I hope that everything is going well for you in college. Don't worry about us in the fandom, take care of yourself, and come back to us when you can.

Love ya!

Tell us about yourself. Married? Single? Kids, age, ..whatever you'd like to share.

I am 18 years old. And single. I enjoy all the finer points of pirates and zombies, particularly in films and books. Currently I've been on ranging obsessions from Panic! at the Disco to Firefly to Reaper, all three I recommend greatly.

Tell us about Twilight. How did you first get into the Saga, when was the first time you read it, and which book is your favorite?

My friend first recommended I read "Twilight" around when it first came out, but I never got around to it. I was like "Vampire love story?! No thanks." But then I saw the film preview and recognized Cedric Diggory, or Robert Pattinson, and decided I should check it out. After that it was a crazed obsession which I'm sure most, if not all, of us has experienced. I read all four books shortly after.

Tough. I would say my favorite book was "New Moon" just because I was such a huge Jake fan, and the bits of Eclipse that included Jake. Well, mostly I enjoyed the character of Jake [he was the only thing that made reading "Breaking Dawn" bearable.]

What got you to start reading Twilight Fanfiction? Do you remember the first fic you read? Which are your favourite stories?

I started reading Twilight ff because I just needed more! First of all, I was just really upset that Jake utterly lost and I first searched for those stories [though I don't remember the first one. I've not read Bella/Jake since.] But what really held my interest were the Jasper/Bella stories. Because, come on. JASPER!

Favorite stories...hard to say. I really enjoyed "First Love Lost" by Oracle Vas, and there were a bunch of one-shots that were delightful, the first that comes to mind being "Major Jasper and Blackbird" by CalendulaM. Oh, and "Someone Else's Memoirs" by a certain slant of light. Oh and I enjoy a lot of NiceIceEdward's stories. 

Who are your favorite characters, from who you like the most to er...who you would like to kill right off the bat?
In the books I truly enjoy Alice, Jacob, Emmett, and Edward in Midnight Sun.
Films: Jasper, Charlie, Carlisle, Alice.
Fanfiction: JASPER.

Honestly, I don't care much for Edward [I feel he became too controlling in the books..] and the Volturi really don't do much for me. Also Bella isn't my favorite person.

Which fics are you reading right now, and which ones have your complete attention whenever they pop with an update?

Ah right now I'm on a bit of a hiatus when it comes to reading. I've still got my alerts and keep them saved, but school is kicking my butt so I don't get around to reading. I just finished "Last Love Found" by Oracle Vas; the two part series has always had me on my toes for updates.

What made you finally decide to start writing your own?

I just fell in love with Jasper and wanted to write my own story about Jasper and Bella. I never intended to post it, but I figured, "Well, other people enjoy these stories, so hopefully they can find some fun from mine!" Plus it kept me motivated to write, knowing people enjoyed my story!

What's the atmosphere like when you're writing? Music.. screaming and ripping each other apart, or husband bitching in the background? Do you drink and/or smoke?
Atmosphere is definitely music filled. I'm alone a lot when I write [I get self-conscious so I have to be alone], so I play my music and hope inspiration strikes. Otherwise it is quiet. I do not smoke, though I enjoy the occasional drink with familiar supervision. Trying to be a good college kid!

What else do you like to read besides Twilight?
I used to be heavily into Harry Potter fanfiction. But as in actual books I'm very open. The last book I read for pleasure was "The Graveyard Book" by Neil Gaiman. I prefer fiction, usually young adult, though I did read "Tweak" an autobiography by Nic Scheff. I enjoy all books I read [except 1984. I didn't like that one. Orwell doesn't do it for me really.]

What else do you like to do?
I like to rock climb! And listen to music. Watching movies or TV shows if I ever have the time. And piracy. I like to roam the high seas and attack ships for their booty.

Tell us a secret.

My guilty pleasure is band fanfiction. Lord save me. [Band fanfiction being FF bands. I'm so terrible.] ;]


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