Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday Meet & Greet - Bahhhh! It's JaspersBella!

Monday Meet and Greet

Hello, Lambchops!

So, the last couple of weeks we've been making some subtle changes to our game plan. There have been a lot of exciting new things happening behind the scenes, and on this pretty little stage that Ms. Lucy designed as well. We simply love our new headers, and we hope you do, too.

We're now bringing back our Monday Meet & Greet segment. The reason why? Well, we're finally branching out, corresponding with authors to participate in our fun little session. And let me tell you, there's going to be some excited people around here with all the hard work that Tina has done in getting these authors to participate.

So, let's get on with it. This week we have Wendy, aka JaspersBella. Our Georgia Lamb! She has a beautiful, sexy, southern drawl that drives the men (and the women) wild. If you want to know the name of a Jasper/Bella story, see Wendy. If you need to join an FF authors anon group for encouragement and need the name of a hitman to take out that shitteous reviewer for launching a green loogie at your story, see Wendy.

Enjoy this, get to know her a little better. We're still getting to know her ourselves. We hope you enjoy this, too, Wendy.

Tell us about yourself. Married? Single? Kids, age, ..whatever you'd like to share.
I have been married to my wonderful husband, John, for almost 10 VERY long years. He drives me the fuck crazy and I’m not sure why I love him so much, but that man owns me. I have 3 kids. Wesley is 16 and from my first marriage. He’s a great kid, knows better than to talk back to me, and he will do anything I say. He’s my fun kid because we pretty much grew up together. I was 20 when I had him. Tiffany is 7. She is…well, she’s something else. She has a mind of her own. No one can tell her what to do and she LOVES drama. I have no doubt that she will be the first dictator of America, after she wins all kinds of Academy Awards and Grammys. Jack is 3 and he’s my baby. He’s very sweet and slightly demanding - one look from that kid and I melt. As long as he has his tractor, he’s good to go. I live in the suburbs of Atlanta. Oh, how I LOVE living in Georgia. The weather is fantastic most of the time, you can fly just about anywhere without much problems, there are beaches 4 hours away driving time, Disney is 6. We have lakes, mountains, just all around beautiful areas. My family and I live 5 minutes from Lake Allatoona where we have a pontoon boat and a ski boat and that’s where we can be found every weekend and most afternoons/nights during the summer.

Tell us about Twilight. How did you first get into the Saga, when was the first time you read it, and which book is your favorite?

I first got into the Twilight books when Sam’s Club had the first book on sale for $4.44. I started reading it and couldn’t put it down. I absolutely loved the whole book and thought it was a sweet little love story. I ran out and bought New Moon. I was upset when Edward left Bella and really thought something was wrong with my book when the next 4 pages just had the months listed. I couldn’t believe that Bella turned into a zombie and I thought that was kind of stupid. I loved that she renewed her friendship with Jacob and started to be Bella again. I did get a little pissed when Edward decided to end his life because he thought Bella was dead. I was like, “Didn’t you leave her, you ass?”
And, of course, she goes running off to save him. I was happy when they got back together and found out he lied to protect her. I didn’t get the warm fuzzy feelings with New Moon that I got with Twilight. I wanted to know more, so I once again ran out and picked up Eclipse. Talk about bringing out some emotions. I hated that Edward treated Bella like a child and thought he knew what was best for her. I wanted to kill him through most of the book, control freak much? And then Jacob wasn’t any better. I know that he loved her, but COME ON, she said she loved Edward and not you. Back off! I SO loved hearing Jasper’s story and reading about the training with the wolves. I was once again pissed off by both Edward's and Jacob’s behavior with the whole sleeping bag/tent thing. And then Jacob basically telling Bella that he’ll just kill himself in the fight - yeah, way to make things better, ass. Is it sad that part of me was hoping that Victoria would actually kill Bella and put her out of her misery? BTW, Seth is my absolute favorite wolf. After everything, Bella decides to marry the controlling, stalker vampire. Way to rub it in Jacob’s face with the wedding invite, Edward. Ok, now on to Breaking Dawn. I could rant and rave all day long about this piece of crap book. I personally like to think that Stephenie didn’t actually write this book and it’s a hoax. Seriously? Vampires having babies? The blood bath of the birth of Nessie? Half the book in Jacob’s POV? Bella and her perfect fucking newborn control? Jacob imprinting on Bella’s kid cause he can’t have her? Jasper and Alice leave - the main fighter/warrior runs off? No big epic battle? And last but not least, Edward finally gets to hear Bella? Are you FUCKING KIDDING me? I was SO fucking pissed that I threw the book across the room. It’s like Stephenie wrote this book just to make her fans happy.

What got you to start reading Twilight Fanfiction? Do you remember the first fic you read?

I discovered Twilight Fanfiction because I needed something more than what was given to me in the fourth book. I hated almost everything about that book. I couldn’t get… I don’t know what the right word would be…maybe…closure? I couldn’t get closure from the Saga because of how bad Breaking Dawn was; it just didn’t sit right with me. I searched the internet and found Ramblings and Thoughts. They had a lot of cute, sweet, and pretty good stories, but I still needed more. I stumbled upon and found When Darkness Turns to Light by Janna Banana. I saw Jasper/Bella and thought, 'Huh, that could be interesting'. OMFJ! I couldn’t stop reading. This was SO much better than the Twilight books. I kept reading and it just got better and better. I completely fell in love with the idea of Jasper and Bella. It was like they were made for one another. I started to read other stories as well, and I really liked what was out there. Getting a little impatient with waiting for updates, I searched the internet some more and found OMFJ again! When Darkness Turns to Light was COMPLETED on! I dropped everything for days and read the entire thing from start to finish. Once that was done, I needed more...I needed more Jasper/Bella. Doing a quick search within, I discovered Colliding Meteors by IdreamofEddy. Ok, WTF? It’s a Jasper/Bella and her penname is IdreamofEddy? First chapter, at the end when Bella says “Hello, Vicki,” I knew right then that this woman, this IdreamofEddy, would own my soul. And no, I don’t have my lips on Kay’s ass, I truly felt this way about this story. Each chapter just got better and better. I loved her Jasper, her Bella, OMFJ and then she introduced Peter, guh! The friendship and love that grew between Jasper and Bella was absolutely incredible. The betrayal of Alice was heartbreaking. The bonds of friendship/family indescribable. This story had it all. If I thought that When Darkness Turns to Light made me a fan of Jasper and Bella, this solidified it. Along the way, I discovered One Drop and Second Chances by aerialla1 - another story that I can't get enough of. I love everything about it. I have made friends with Aerialla and she has sent me advanced copies of the story and, man, can I just say, WOOHOOOOO!!!!! It's already fantastic and it's gonna get better. Jasper has been betrayed just like Bella was by Edward. He decides to change his life and make it better. He discovers who he really is and finds the love that he has always needed.

Which are your favorite stories?

My favorite stories are, of course, When Darkness Turns to Light, Colliding Meteors, and Second Chances by aerialla1. I also love Only at Night by TrampVamp, Insecurities by JamesRamsey, Destiny Awaits by Midnight Seductress, Worth The Pain by NCChris and The Passage of Time by crysta656. These are my ultimate Jasper/Bella fics.

Favorite Peter/Bella: The Orbiting Meteor by IdreamofEddy, Gateway to the Rockies by NCChris, and Toxic by Sweet Dulcinea.

Favorite Emmett/Bella: Your Best Kept Secret and Just like you by Irenella Courmett, Fast and Hard by courthale, and Say When by Crash Hale.

Favorite Carlisle/Bella: A Light in the Darkness and its sequel Basking in the Light of Our Love by mrsalreyami.

Favorite Edward/Bella: Uh, I really don’t have any. I can’t stand Edward.

Who are your favorite characters, from who you like the most to er...who you would like to kill right off the bat?

My favorite character is Jasper. He has it all - he’s sweet, sexy, charming, his God of War-ness rocks, and the list goes on and on. With the tight wranglers and cowboy boots, hot damn! He loves and protects fiercely. Peter is my second favorite. He’s so much like Jasper, but he's different at the same time - his Yoda-like power, his ability to make you laugh when needed or not. Kay has taken his character and made him into the man that I love. Unfortunately, I always compare everyone else’s Peter to hers and Kay is still the owner of him. Another character that I absolutely love is Rose. She is loyal and, like Jasper, fiercely protective of those she loves. She can be a bitch and/or the best sister in the world. I love stories where she and Bella are so close. I truly believe that Rose and Bella have so much more in common and make better friends/sisters than Bella and Alice. My least favorite character is Renee. I’m sorry, but I haven’t read anything anywhere where I actually like her. I just can’t get her out of the mindset of being a grown child. I always cheer when her character is killed off or Bella has nothing to do with her.

What made you finally decide to start writing your own?

I have tons of stories and ideas in my head. I have shared quite a few ideas with people over the last year and they have taken those ideas and run with it. I would love to be able to write, but from my brain to the pen something gets lost and I just can’t execute. I did write something the other day and made Tina (JaspersDestiny) cry with just my rough draft, so I must be doing something right. I’m working on it. I’m just not there yet.

What's the atmosphere like when you're writing? Music.. screaming and ripping each other apart, or husband bitching in the background? Do you drink and/or smoke?

Kids and music are always my background noise. I don’t know what I would do with peace and quiet, although I would love to find out. I do drink but I don’t smoke.

What else do you like to read besides Twilight?
I’m a huge Patricia Cornwell fan. Her stories of Kay Scarpetta are incredible. I also love John Jakes. He wrote the North and South books, and so many others. They are all good reads.

What else do you like to do:

I love to travel. Hubs and I take a cruise once, sometimes twice, a year. We’ve been on 14 cruises in the 10 years we’ve been married. Every year we take the kids somewhere for their vacation with us, but the cruises are usually just for the two of us. Until the last couple of years, we would go somewhere every month. I have to admit that I am a hotel snob. I won’t stay anywhere but a Marriott and it has to be a nice Marriott. I’m a bit spoiled. Other than traveling, I like going out on the boat, swimming, and hanging out with my friends.

Tell us a secret.
If I tell you a secret, it won’t be a secret any longer. Well, there was this one time at band camp…….


  1. In my best 'beautiful, sexy, southern drawl'. Thank you, thank you very much! Y'all and my girls on Twitter make me feel like the Homecoming Queen who everyone wants to fuck when in realty, I'm the girl in the band twirling a flag

  2. I wasn't kidding when I said you're one of my favoritest person ever. *slobbers your face with wet kisses*

  3. Wendy, the interview was fucking hysterical. I loved it. Nice job to you ladies. This is an interesting segment. It's probably one of the funniest things I've read.

  4. *updates my Wendy stalker file* I heart you! Soooo glad you wandered into the sheep pen. And when i say wandered i mean dragged kicking and screaming and then knocked out with chloroform before being tied up and beaten into submission... *cough* yeah...


    Love you long time chica!

  5. Gosh, Wendy, I had a hard time finding appropriate graphics for your Meet and Greet. I was knee deep into it too, trying to find something appropriate that involved boating and pontoon boats, the only one that kept really repeating itself was a pontoon boat going over a waterfall, and that was just WRONG.

    Your answers cracked me up, this was fun. Love You, babe.

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