Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sacrificial Lambs Give Back...

As you may know, Twilight Fandom Gives Back is organizing a four-day Author Auction from the 15th of November. Money raised will be going to Alex's Lemonade Stand to help fight against cancer. This is a list of what our Sacrificial Lambs are doing to support this awesome cause! For more details, please click the links to go directly to each Lambs FFn page or Blog.

IdreamofEddy - Is opening with a straight up offer of a 10,000 word One Shot to the highest bidder. Any pairing, any time, any place, you name it, she'll write it. There are no words!

Catonspeed --  Is auctioning both a 5k word one shot involving two characters of your choice, this includes your name featured in the story and two characters of your choice for a mere $25. If that wasn't awesome enough, she is also offering an outtake of the bidders choosing from The Last Mile. Both fics will be completed in a 30 day window.

Clurrabella– Surprise, surprise! Our residential chatterbox is releasing a One Shot podcast of the first chapter of The Majors Journal. It will be emailed on the 4th of December to everyone who donates at least 99 cents to buying 10,000 words of Lemons and Lucky Charm!

Sparabella (aka Clurrabella and Sparagus )– Are doing a collaboration and are releasing a series of eight podcasts from their story The War Inside. Now you can keep an angsty Jasper in your pocket...on your Ipod! Each chapter is 10,000+ words, and only a minimum bid of 99 cents! Collect them all!

Mrsalreyami – Has shown her support for Peter Facinelli by offering 3 one shots. Each will be 5,000 words and will be sold for $20 each. First is a Jasper/Bella, vamp or human. Second is an AH Carlisle/Bella. Third is an outtake of the bidder's choice from A Light in the Darkness or Basking in the Light of Our Love.

Mrsalreyami and Clurrabella – Are offering a 10,000 word cuddlecock O/S, with a pairing of your choice, to the highest bidder. There are no words that could explain this madness. I mean, they created the word 'cuddlecock', what on earth will the other 9,999 words be!?

JaspersDestiny – Will be offering a first class beta service to the highest bidder, and has offered to beta and correct an entire fiction of your choice. This is a great opportunity to make the best of your fic!

Love, Clurrabella.


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