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A Lambs' Tribute to IdreamofEddy and Colliding Meteors

In tribute to our very own Kaylene (IdreamofEddy) for bringing all of us Lambs together, we decided to make a tribute to her greatest work. Of course, it doesn't hurt that this is one of, if not the, favorite story of many of the Lambs. So without further ado, here are the details of her story along with reviews by some of our very own little Lambs. And, as a bonus, at the end is a bit from Kaylene herself giving us firsthand insight into her story!

Colliding Meteors by IdreamofEddy

Starts during Chap.3 of New Moon. Edward leaves Bella, Sam does not find Bella,someone else does. This is Jasper/Bella, Lots of profanity and Lemons later. AU and more than a little OOC. JasperXBella Rated M


***Warning: There may be some spoilers in the following reviews.


Colliding Meteors... Where the heck do I start?!?!

This was the first Jasper/Bella story my ass stumbled across. I pressed the wrong button, and was like hmmmm... Bella with someone who isn’t an asshole? Interesting... *manoeuvres the mouse to the ‘hells yeah’ button*... and it promptly ruined me for all other J/B writers for a long time afterwards, because I was constantly referring back to it in my head going ‘ummm... no! That’s not how that shit goes down! Jasper would never do that! And where the heck is Peter?!?’

It’s just too good. And now I know after ‘virtually’ meeting Kaylene (she who giveth us the phrase GOD OF WAR!!!) very randomly through the fuckery that is Twitter, which pulled me into ALASL as only a month old FF writing newborn, that most of the story was done off the fly, well... bitch just makes me jealous. If I didn’t hunger for her words, I’d be tempted to track her down and lock her in a basement somewhere (I’d feed her occasionally, so don’t worry). But, then I remember I’d never get another chapter of BH or TOM, and she’s pretty handy with weaponry, and I’m neither stealthy nor particularly skilled in that department, so yeah... I’ll leave her be for the meantime.

The story starts off at what had become my favourite turning point to tumble off into the AU – in the woods after Edward has made a sharp exit. I like to wave him off from behind a tree (I’m not an Edward hater though, just the character SM wrote in the books... Give me some BB from The Office and I’m there, in fucking La Perla!). I digress though, because we’re supposed to be dry humping Kaylene’s story here... (which I do willingly, with great gusto and enthusiasm - so lets giddy up and get on with it!).

Her Bella is witty, gutsy, and strong, and doesn’t let herself get left behind at any time in the story, she’s a strong woman, an equal, and she has one in Jasper. Kaylene’s Jasper gets given the opportunity to reveal more about himself, and you can't help but empathise and fall in love with him. You feel it all as the reader, because the words and the descriptions perfectly balance out the dialogue (internal and external), both of which had me practically licking the words on the screen. The story flows, and unfolds at a steady pace, and you’re on the edge of your seat when Jasper breaks down and rips off his shirt after baring his past, to show the physical scars of his life (and wishing you were there... le sigh!); and again when he goes in for the bite, and the honeymoon... heck you could have your own circus act of ‘edge of chair balancing’ by the end of the story!

Oh, and that shower scene... yeah... nice! And that one shot outtake Save a Horse, with those boots... gah! That is how lemonade should be served. I would very much like another glass, thank you, please send the waiter back round when you see him.

And it’s not just the two main characters that leap off the screen and grab you by the balls, there’s Charlotte, Jane (who I freaking love love love in this story), the rest of The Volturi (Ooh, here come the Volturi! Great line!), even well seasoned people like Carlisle and Esme, and Emmett and Rose, they all come alive. We’re forgetting someone though...

Who could it be...


Oh Peter!

How do I love thee! Let me count the many sparkly fantastical magical ways...

He’s a character that had barely two lines dedicated to him throughout the original four books, and yet he's now popping up left right and centre, across the FF community. He’s the gift that just keeps on giving. He’s witty, and smart, and loyal, and awesome, and apparently *avert your pure eyes any young readers* hung like a horse... And he’s all from her head! I’ve heard people talk about looking through SM’s website and places like Twilight Lexicon trying to find more info for their character plots, and then wondering WTMF is wrong when they can’t find the info they need on him. Let me let you in on a little secret...

Come closer dear readers, and gather round the camp fire...

It’s all Kaylene – check her stories! They are the FBI profiling gospel word on that trixy motherfucker. She made that shit! And thank the Lord for it! And whether you’re sticking whiskers and ears on his face, or like someone who will remain unnamed (you know who you are, cheeky lady) killing him off, it all comes back to this story.

I haven’t quoted too much plot in here, because if you haven’t come across it yet, get the hell over to FFn; and, if you have been that lucky, you’re probably reciting your favourite bits back in your head right now, because this story has something for everyone, and I freaking love it.

On a personal note, I've known Kaylene for (checks twitter... 26th October?!?! Well that can't be right!?! Huh... but it is!) 2 1/2 weeks, and she's rocking my socks as a real life person, and not someone I fangirled over on the pages of FFn. She and the other Lambs have taken me in, and I'm glad we are doing this rec of her work! We all look forward to more... *cough* TOM *cough* BH *cough* get there when you get there my dove, we'll wait, on the edge of our chairs, practising our circus act...

From Maelyn

Oh, Colliding Meteors. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

Written by our very own IdreamofEddy, CM has been my favorite fanfic since I started reading it and nothing else has come close. I love the mixture of tragedy, passion, love and lust that combine to make a story so powerful that you just don’t want to put it down, no matter how many times you’ve read it (which I’ve done more times than I can count).

To start, I love the twist that leads Jasper to not only find Bella, but to verbally smack some sense into her when he finds out what Edward said and did to her. Not to be outdone, Bella herself isn’t a pussy bitch and gives Jasper a taste of his own medicine in regards to Alice. Their issues are difficult for them to experience and recover from, but amazingly the story is so well written that it lacks the heavy angst feeling you might expect.

I love how her characters don’t just jump right into bed together, as so many of these fics tend to do. They deal with a lot and become friends first, which later turns to love and yes, lots of lust. Jasper and Bella’s hot sexing can make any girl’s panties melt right the fuck off! IdreamofEddy surely knows how to write lemons. /fans self

I love that her characters aren’t perfect. They are real. You can see why they react the way they do and you understand it. They make mistakes, they get hurt, and they hurt others.

Bella is an actual newborn when she’s changed, complete with frustration, bloodlust, strength issues, the whole shebang.

Jasper is the God of War, don’t take no shit from anyone, deliciously sexy hunk of manliness. He exudes confidence, arrogance, and sex like no other. While he also makes his share of mistakes, he is still my favorite Jasper to date and what I wouldn’t do to have him for myself!

And then there’s Peter. He’s a cocky little know-it-all bastard that you just can’t help but love to pieces. He’s constantly throwing Jasper off his game and then shows Bella how to do the same. You gotta love him.

Another thing I love about this story is the sheer imagery and detail without making it seem tedious. Her writing is such that I can see everything in my head, playing out like a movie. From the mundane tasks to the heavy action scenes, you feel like you are there with the characters as they go on their journey.

If this were a physical book, I’d buy it, read it, and go to every author signing I could, because IdreamofEddy is just THAT good to me. CM is my favorite, but it’s not just a lucky fluke, because her other stuff is just as good.

I am just in awe of her talent. She writes mega chapters, which I reviewed every time with praise, inquiry and speculation. She responded to every one and with well thought out replies, sometimes even longer than my review.

These reasons are some of the many that I will probably always ‘fangirl squee’ for IdreamofEddy, which yes, I’ve actually done before. I was so excited when she wrote a glowing review for my first fic that I bounced in my chair, clapped my hands, and squealed with delight. Literally.

I’ve also recently gotten to know IdreamofEddy a little better outside of her fics, and she seems to me a very creative, driven, strong, and independent woman that I can’t help but admire. I hope to get to know her even better in the future and look forward to that with great anticipation.

From Scorpio21

Hmm, where to start on my crazy, over-the-top, slightly creepifying love-fest I have for Colliding Meteors?

Kay rocked my world when she started writing this story, and she only further enabled my rather disturbing obsession when she replied to my first of many reviews for Colliding Meteors. Here I was, thinking I was a freak of a loser for writing a novel-length review about all the reasons I loved her story so far, and she replies with her own absurdly long appreciation for my review with a giggle and many thanks. It was love at first chapter for me, but it was utter devotion to the magnificent IdreamofEddy after that first reply to my review. She knows how to make a girl feel special without the special-ed innuendoes when said girl's acting like a complete dork of a fan! Gotta appreciate that kinda free-to-be shit!

There really aren’t enough words to describe the absolute adoration I have for this story. Kay is a frickin’ talented literary genius as far as I’m concerned. The originality that came from her plot and the twist she gave SM’s characters was refreshing, and she did this all with an almost poetic grammatical correctness! I had to slap myself a few times to make sure the acid I had taken years ago wasn't coming back and giving me delusional after-effects! When I realized this shit was for real, I about cried and pissed my pants at the same time, that's how frickin' happy I was.

I love the rockin' maturity she installed with every situation that occurred in her chapters. She made Jasper a bad-ass, motherfuckin’ God of War, not some pansy ass pretty boy that ultimately came across as a horrible reflection of the repressed, seventeen year old Eddie-boy (not to be taken as an insult to Edward, 'cause let's face it, we're all attached to Twilight fanfic 'cause we all fell in love with the self-deprecating vampire at one point or another).

Kay gave each and every one of the characters their own personalities, and she basically created Peter, and in such an astounding, magnificent, and original manner. She has become a freakin' trendsetter for God’s sake, 'cause her Peter has suddenly exploded all across the Jasper stories world-wide ever since! That’s how influential her work is. Each word pulls you in, and every chapter she wrote made you beg for more. I threatened to start stalking her ass if she didn’t write more (great start to a beautiful friendship, I’ll tell ya! Nothing says ‘I love your work’ more than a complete stranger flying across multiple states just to creep around in the shadows and leave notes around the author’s house that threaten them to update - and update soon - or else!). Because nothing else could even begin to compare to her fantabulous story, and I have a hard time believing anything ever will.

Don’t get me wrong, there are tons of wonderful writers on fanfic with great story-lines, and I thoroughly enjoy their work. But Colliding Meteors was the first of it’s kind. Kay brought pain, power, passion, conflict, antagonists and protagonists, relationships and battlefields, realism and fantasy all together in the AU of Twilight in such a way that was believable in nature to the characters. And the way she wrote made you feel like you were really there in the world she created. She made you feel like you were them, living what she was writing. She made you never want to tear your eyes away from the screen. She molded my expanded perceptions on the Cullens so much that I soon gave a whole new meaning to the term ‘Jasper fanatic’. And quite possibly the term ‘crazed fan’ in reference to the author. I swear to get help for that soon!

I promise I’m not crazy; she’s just that damn good! Kay is such a talented writer who openly appreciates all her many devoted fans (which is rare, in my opinion), and it is such a gift to be able to read her work. I will follow her to the ends of the world to read anything she writes, and Colliding Meteors will always be my top favorite, ‘cause it’s just that goddamn beautiful if you ask me! Enough said.

Cass (Scorpio21)

From missmaj

Colliding Meteors was the second J/B fic I've ever read... oh wait, that was ...JaspersDestiny's line...

Oh, Colliding Meteors. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways… Fuck, Maelyn got it first...

Colliding Meteors... Where the heck do I start?!?!... Dammit, catonspeed!

Hmm, where to start on my crazy, over-the-top, slightly creepifying love-fest I have for Colliding Meteors?... Huh? Scorpio21 already said that? My bad.

Well, fuck. Seems like everyone pretty much said what I wanted to say about CM. And there are no better words to describe how fantastic, fuckawesome, amazing, awesome, great, awe-inspiring this story is. This is hands down, the best AU J/B fic I ever came across. Despite the shit-long length of the story, which pretty much took me the whole day to read (no, I'm not a slow-reader. I gotta get breaks in-between chapters), I've always looked forward to her updates. And she never let us down with her frequent updates, either.

Her Bella's not the typical woe-is-me character that we'd love to hate and Jasper's a fuckhot potty mouth, that I so desperately wanted to clean his mouth with my tongue. Together, they're a match made in Heaven. Since reading her story I never looked back to VampWard. Trufax.

You may think that my favorite part of her story is the lemons or the fight scenes. Well, actually it was, but the chapter that stood out to me the most was Bella's newborn stage. I literally did a fist pump and screamed at the monitor (which scared my entire family) that this is how a newborn should act. That scene was pure genius. I almost had the urge to call SMeyer and tell her that Kay's idea was how it's supposed to be.

The story itself was perfect. Perfect combination of comedy, drama, action and suspense. Can't get any better than that.

What else was there? Did the rest of the Lambs mention Peter? God of War? The amazing fight scene? Her fuckhot lemons? Huh, I guess I'm out of ammo here.

IdreamofEddy is what I would call the bathed, non-hobo RPattz of J/B fic (Hey now, don't take this the wrong way, for I'm a closeted RPattz lover). She is well-loved by everyone and is so humble and sweet when it comes to her popularity. She is an amazing writer with amazing imagination. I am in awe of her work, and I look forward to more. *hint-hint*

I will never forget the day she reviewed my very first story. It was like getting an autograph from your favorite celebrity. I was on a fangirl high for the rest of that day. She's that awesome.

On a personal note, I always admired her dedication as a mother and friend. She is also one of the most honest, nicest, gracious people I've ever met.

Even though I only knew her for a short period of time, I already consider her one of my dearest friends, and I am truly honored that she considers me as one of hers.

P.S. I wanna rub it in everyone's faces that it was her who gave me the title for my multi-chapter fic. How amazing is that?

When I saw what was planned for this Sunday, instead of the normal “Sunday Selections”, I had to sigh, and cry...and groan. I had to sigh because I sometimes feel that this story and I are given too much credit. And, I had to cry because these ladies are supporting me through everything, not just as an author, but as friends in the Twilight fan-fiction world. Friends I hope I have the pleasure of meeting face-to-face one day. I groaned because it's somewhat weird being “fan-girled”.

Okay, so, Colliding Meteors. I really never, ever, expected the huge response I received for this story. Even to this day, it's still a bit overwhelming, especially when I receive emails telling me that readers are reading my train-wreck AGAIN.

Way back when, in October of ‘08, I read all four of Stephenie Meyer's books in the span of seven days, effectively straining my left eye. I absolutely loved them. My fascination with Jasper's character began in Eclipse, with the telling of his past. I found his past to be both shocking and intriguing. Even in Breaking Dawn, after Bella's change and her assessment of him, and the devil that lay underneath that one smirk, I was even more fascinated with Jasper Hale/Whitlock.

Then one day, I found FanFiction.Net off of Stephenie Meyer's website. I started off, of course, reading Edward/Bella tales. I still can't get enough of them, even now. I even found a Jasper/Alice story. And, though I can't remember how it all happened now, I stumbled upon three stories, two of which were still works in progress: A Passage of Timeby crysta656; Someone Else's Memoirsby a certain slant of light; and, of course, When Darkness Turns To Light by Janna Banana.

I was hooked. Instantly. All three stories remain at the top of my favorite's list for Bella/Jasper stories. I wasn't just hooked on the stories, but on Bella/Jasper. Thrown together by unfortunate circumstances and…ahhh…true love was born again. So hooked, I decided I wanted to run with an idea I had in my head.

Long story short: after reading some great stuff and, well, some stuff that was just crack, I decided to take a chance and write a story based off the beginning of New Moon. I made sure, though, when I started this story that everyone knew where I was coming from, and where I was coming from was nowhere. I had absolutely no writing experience, at all. I don't have a college background. I was still new to fan-fiction, and I didn't even know what the term 'Beta' meant.

So, I wrote it how I wanted to write it, and, at first, I popped off three - sometimes four - chapters a week. It was strange and odd how the story just came out. I didn't map out the plot and I didn't outline the story before I started. I realize that that might be shocking to some; but really, I started with the first chapter, when Victoria snags Bella, and went from there. Sure, I thought about the elements and scenes I wanted to add beforehand, but I handled it chapter-by-chapter.

Fucked-up, huh?

There was one thing I did know, though. Jasper. THE GOD OF WAR…echo…echo...echo. I wanted to take his character and make him the roughest, toughest, dirtiest-talking son-of-a-bitch to walk the face of the Earth as an empathic vampire. The guy killed thousands. Humans and vampires. Nothing stood in his way. He lived as a human during some of the worst of times. He is a southern gentleman. His existence as a vampire hardened him…and softened him, in some ways. But, underneath it all lies a vulnerable man who has a big heart and doesn't believe he could ever find atonement for the sins he has committed.

And for me, Jasper is a calm, quiet, intellectual on the outside. But, if you dare fuck with him and his own, you damn well better be ready to suffer the motherfucking consequences, and be prepared to have your ass blasted and shredded into a million fucking pieces; that's if you can withstand his verbal assault. And, if you're his woman, you better be prepared for some serious lovin'. However, the term Darlin’ has never, and will never be, in my Jasper's vocabulary. Sorry. Just not my thing.

I didn't have any trouble until I began to feel nervous, because the story was starting to get some serious attention. And I received some serious reviews. Reviews that, to this day, I'm so thankful to all who contributed to this story. I asked for, and received, advice concerning my use of words, my grammar, and some really fucked-up sentence structures. I started taking my time; and now, I take A LOT of time. I write LONG chapters. And now, on this day, I can say that my grammar has improved. So has my dialogue. And, I now have a Beta.

I enjoyed writing many parts of this story. The first one is the revealing of Jasper's past to Bella, and her reaction, as well as his to hers. This was one of the parts I look back on that I'm proud of because I'm sorry, no one should be all, “Oh, It's Okay!” after hearing what he's done and what he went through. Then there was the one shot, Save A Horse, which was a lot of fun to write, too. And, of course, there was the enigma that is now Peter.

If I get started on Peter, I won't shut up. I have a length problem. So does Peter. But, I will say this: I am utterly overwhelmed and humbled by the amount of quality stories you see him creeping up into. When it comes to Peter and this story, and seeing the impact he had on readers, sometimes there are just no words to explain what I feel. Especially when it comes to TOM, and the way it took off, and the hundreds of people following that story.

With CM, though, there really are so many things I wish I had done differently, now. And, it would be so easy to go back and change every single one of those things, but I won't. So many of you think it's great just the way it is, but I look at it as a learning experience for me. That's why the grammar hasn't been cleaned up and nothing has changed. I can go look at it now and remember how I started and how much I've learned.

Don't get me wrong. I love my story. I'm awfully damn proud of it. I'm proud I finished it. I'm happy it's loved by others. But I wrote it for me. It's taught me a lot.

There are so many people I could thank for their time and their generous words and for all the advice I received. It would be so very easy to miss someone. I, of course, have to thank these ladies for putting this little piece together, and for all their hard work. All these ladies here have made an impact on me in some way and at some point. Just like quite a few others have. I thank everyone who has given this story a try, even if it wasn't their cup of tea. And, I thank all of you for reading this ridiculously long post.

Kaylene (IdreamofEddy)

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  1. Ok so I'll admit too that this story rocked my world and more than once I've gotten the 'your crazy' stare when I've tried to explain the sheer awe inspiring insanity of the wonderful IDoE and CM.

    I do know this though. If I ever met SM, you can bet very dollar you have that she would be hearing about how it wasnt her that made Jasper and Peter and Charlotte a real characters and that as great as the actors may do, until he is The God of War - he wont ever be complete ;-D