Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sacrificial Lambs Give Back...and Alex's Lemonade Stand Wins!

As you know, Twilight Fandom Gives Back organized a four-day Author Auction from the 15th to the 20th of November. The over $85,000 raised went to Alex's Lemonade Stand to help fight against pediatric cancer.

This is a list of what our Sacrificial Lambs did to support this most worthy cause, as well as how successful they were! For more details, please click the links to go directly to each Lambs FFn page or Blog.

IdreamofEddy opened with a straight up offer of a 10,000 word one shot to the highest bidder. Any pairing, any time, any place. Well, ARFess96 put up one hell of a fight, but JaspersDestiny now owns IdreamofEddy's ass...which, in turn, makes her the owner of Peter's ass! Mwahahaha! IdreamofEddy's a valuable woman...$200 for her one shot!

catonspeed auctioned off a 5k word one shot involving two characters of the winner's choice, this includes the winner's name featured in the story. If that wasn't awesome enough, she also offered an outtake of the bidder's choosing from The Last Mile. Congratulations to NCChris (her fabulous beta) and mauralee88 who both put her on lock down quickly - and helped raise $75! Not unfazed by her busy schedule, catonspeed also offered up her blog remodelling expertise, and sold to MaitresseSaint for $25!

JaspersDestiny offered a first class beta service to the highest bidder, offering to beta and correct an entire fiction of the winner's choosing. Merina Green took this great opportunity to make the best of her first fic, at $6/chapter! Therefore, at 20 chapters, Miss Merina Green helped Alex's Lemonade Stand with $120! As Lucy would say, "WIN!!!"


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