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Sunday Selections for November 29, 2009

An unfortunate truth is that the things we want most can come at the wrong time. If we're lucky, we find them again a second time. If not, we live with the past and hope for a brighter future. My name is Bella, and my first love was Jasper Whitlock. Rated M

So, it's the last week for Jasper month multi-chapter recs, and I was like... shit... what else do I like that hasn't already been covered?

Then I had to hire several jail parolees straight out the gates to beat and hospitalise my ass, because *facepalm* First Love Lost!!!!!!!!! I quickly ran to the back area of the sheep pen for us Lambs and promptly called shotgun.

This story is the poster child for the fucked up youth of today. Our parents' generation screwed us, and the characters Oracle Vas puts together are dealing with the effects. It's stunning, and never fails to get people talking when one of the sequel chapters go up - it's written so well that the emotional response it triggers will hit you in the gut and leave you reeling.

The characters are beautifully flawed and complex, and the history and interweaving of all the back stories will have your head spinning more than an episode of 90210. I run to my inbox when this chimes in, and yeah, I've been awful at reviewing (sorry Oracle Vas - expect rectification of this soon), but it's only because I'm so spectacularly dazed by each update, that normal brain function takes a while to resume...

Jasper... oh my god, Jasper. He's got some issues - I'd hug him or stalk him to his cabin in the woods if I didn't think he'd find a way to take me out... but his character is crafted phenomenally, and the few POV's of his are worth their weight in gold. Jasper is the big man on campus. He rules the school, the teachers, his friends, and the town.

But he's spiraling like the footballs he throws.

Enter Bella. Who steps into the shark pool of Forks High after the death of her mother forces her return to live with her brother and father. Her arrival is the catalyst for upheaval and change for everyone, but mainly for Jasper. And, the ramifications are explosive all the way through to the follow-up fic.

I'm not ruining the plot for you because this story owns me, and I'd shank anyone who did that to me with a rusty spoon. Go read it, and then come find me on twitter and I'll talk your ass off about it.

That is all.


Why are you still reading this?


Still here?



Fuck off and read it already, and then thank me later - I like music, fast cars, books, shiny things, snow, kittens, mojitos, real friends, gadgets, the sea, hazards, london, boats, films, thunderstorms, italian food, wine, sunshine, sudoku, mountains, skiing, holidays, gerberas, maps, GIS, my ipod, formula 1, football, fresh bread, portuguese olives, live gigs, days at the horse races, poker - you may thank me with any of those.

Idreamofeddy recommends If Love Could Light a Candle by Pastiche Pen

Edward Cullen: telepath, vampire, and psychologist. When a new patient ignites unfamiliar feelings in his soul, can he reconcile his past with his future? A la Midnight Sun. Warnings: Violence, lots of character death, and the usual. AU.

I was going to choose a Jasper/Bella fic for my last recommendation of the month because, frankly, it'll be a long time before Jasper comes around again; but, I thought that this story here would be an excellent suggestion to some of you Jasper fans who haven't read it. It's an Edward/Bella story, but nothing like you've quite read before. This is AU Twilight, and Edward is Bella's psychologist. Each chapter starts out focusing during a time in Edward's rebellious years, and you actually have to appreciate him more because the author constructed a very vivid and dark past for Edward. Each chapter will then shift forward to present day and the story unfolds between Bella and Edward, though under very different circumstances. This story is actually finished, so by the time you get on towards the ending that had me biting the flesh away under my nails, you'll be able to press on and finish this beauty.

Anyways, this story does contain one of the best Jasper characterizations that is out there. Truth is, it's probably the best, and the most logical. Here's one of my favorite scenes in the entire story, and there are many:

Butt, butt, butt, butt, butt, butt... Emmett had fixated. Emmett was an ass man, and it seemed that Bella’s behind had met his standards.

To his left, Jasper had also noticed the appeal of Bella’s scent, although it smelled less poignant to him.

Edward tried to smack both of them—which they took as a sign for him trying to attack. “What are you doing?” Edward hissed, as they silently pushed him into the mossy undergrowth.

Both of them stopped and stared.

“Preventing you from eating your future patient,” Emmett replied, looking slightly confused.

Edward rolled his eyes. “I hit you because YOU,” he pointed at Emmett, “were ogling her ass, and because YOU,” he pointed at Jasper, “wanted to eat her, too.”

Jasper was staring blankly at him. This ain’t just blood lust. It’s also—

“—common morals,” Edward spat angrily, cutting him off.

Jasper shook his head, grinning slyly. Hey, now, Edward, yer gittin’ all territorial over yer little human, and it aint’ just ‘cause she’s tasty.

Emmett broke the silent exchange. “She does have a nice butt,” he assured in mock solemnity. Emmett tended to resort to simple crudeness when his family’s mental antics tested his unlengthy patience.

“Shut it, Emmett,” Edward muttered defensively.

“Aw, acknowledge the corn, brother, and Em, Ed was checkin’ her out, too.” Jasper wiggled his eyebrows as he smirked at Edward.

This is an excellent story. You won't be disappointed.

JaspersDestiny recommends  Dark Whispers by Oriana de la Rose

Bella and Jasper are siblings suffering years of abuse. In the fury of the moment, Jasper kills their father, and they run to NYC. When Jasper starts to express more than just brotherly love for his little sister, things turn twisted. DARK AND EXPLICIT. Rated M.

I chose this story to cap off Jasper month because it's a little controversial. It's the story, for me, where I expound on its virtues all the time, but the responses I get from others go something like this: "Isn't that the brother-sister sex story?" Um...yeah. It is. But, it's more than that, though. Personally, I'm not usually one for AH tales - I don't understand the concept, really. You may as well call the characters Bob and Margaret. But, this story is just soooo good. Bella and Jasper are siblings who have suffered years of abuse by their father. One night, Jasper kills their father in a moment of self-defence, and Bella and Jasper run away together, trying to elude the law. A little bit of Bonnie and Clyde and a spasmadic build-up to a lot of dirty, dirty sex, these siblings are much, much closer than they should be. This story shocked the giraffe out of me due to the deliciously explicit lemons in almost every chapter. Seriously, these are some of the most well thought out lemons I have ever read! They're in-depth (which I love) and they leave you panting like Bella after a marathon when you're done. But, don't fret my pets: I have been adamant since day one of reading this story that it is not as sick as it appears. I never believed they were siblings at all...they had just been told that they were...and Oriana de la Rose confirmed my belief in Chapter 19's 'Revelations'. So, shake those jitters from your shoulders...with 2098 reviews, this story is a MUST READ! Also, go show Oriana de la Rose some love, too. She hasn't been feeling quite like herself lately...

Oh, and here's a YouTube trailer I found for Dark Whispers:

Maelyn recommends Faith in You by Jaspers Izzy
Twenty years after Edward leaves Bella, the Cullen's are in trouble. Jasper is called home after being away from his family he once loved, but he has changed. Now an unknown force is out to destroy the vampire world as they all know it. J/B dark themes.

I'm quite enjoying this story. In some ways it's a "mood" story, in that you have to read it while lucid enough to follow the plot. It's one of those 'more questions than answers' stories at the moment.

There are only 7 chapters at the moment, so a lot of things are only just being revealed. Unfortunately, with each thing revealed, two more things are uncovered that make you wonder what the hell is going on, but in a good way.

It's a fun story to theorize about, and the author WANTS you to. There are so many questions to ask: What happened to Bella? How did she get to where she is today? What happened to the rest of the Cullens? And, that's just to name a few.

I don't want to say much more because I really don't want to ruin any of the story, but it's definitely a fic to check out if you love intrigue and originality.

missmaj recommends  Finding Forgiveness by TwistedforTwilight

This is JPOV of "Finding Relief" and beyond, so you should read that first. Bella meets Jazz under peculiar circumstances and they form a strange relationship. All human. RATED M

This is a companion piece to Finding Relief, which was centered on Bella's POV. Finding Forgiveness focuses on Jasper's POV. In this story, we get to take a look further into Jasper's thoughts. His past, his reason behind what made him into the man he is now, how he really feels about Bella, and his struggle to get over his past.

It's a heartbreaking story, full of angst and sadness. I found myself in tears more than once. I'm normally the kind of gal who relies on humor, but this kept me wanting more. Jasper was an enigma in Finding Relief, and we finally get to hear his side of the story.

Of course, with great angst comes great lemons. TwistedforTwilight writes fuckhot lemons, and there's quite a range of lemons in this. No two lemons are the same.

What also fascinated me in this story was how she has James and Jessica as Jasper's friends, whereas in normal fanfic circumstances Peter is usually Jasper's friend. Their friendship is very complex, but you can feel the close bond, nevertheless.

It's only 8 chapters in, but it doesn't correlate to each and every chapter in Finding Relief. According to the writer, once Jasper's story's finally been said and done, this is also a continuation of Finding Relief. Call it a semi-sequel, if you will.

The only downside to this story is that in order for Finding Forgiveness to make sense, it is highly recommended that you read Finding Relief first. Reading both stories are worth it, I assure you.

And, because of this story, I met a wonderful friend and ficmate. For that I am thankful.

Don't take this the wrong way, I'm not recommending this because of our friendship. The amount of reviews on her stories are self-explanatory.


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