Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wednesday One Shots 11/4/09

catonspeed recommends Roadside Assistance by AngryKitten

When the truck breaks down in the middle of nowhere, Bella can only hope that the gorgeous mechanic she finds has the right tool for the job. Rated M for lemons and language. AH-AU. Entry for the Love of Jasper One-Shot Contest. Rated M. Bella & Jasper

Why do I love it? When we meet Jasper he's naked from the waist up, covered in grease, and bent over a car with epic tune-age wailing away in the background. 'Nough said, I think. It's hot from the get go, and Bella's fascination with cherry lollipops has you anticipating some serious fuckery. And that's what we get, but with a plausible setup... because breaking down at the side of the road, stumbling across a porn star worthy hot man, who'll take you up against your truck could happen right? *crosses fingers and writes it on my list for Santa this year - I've been 63% good this year, that fat jolly bastard owes me* Although somehow it's so beautifully crafted that Jasper doesn't come off seedy, or maybe that's just me...

It's wonderfully descriptive, there are just the right amount of words, and their choice is brilliant. There's not one point where I think "she could have cut that out..." It was an entry in the FTLoJ contest, and I can't wait to see more from this writer.

I liked it. Haven't read it? Ummm... get busy! Jasper sure is ;)

missmaj recommends Always Charmed by Dalia907

Bella and Jasper quickly become inseparable after a chance pairing in a secret Santa exchange at six years old. Life, love and a failing heart aren’t enough to keep them apart. AH, OCC. Entry in the “For The Love Of Jasper” Contest. Rated T. Jasper & Bella

Being the perv that I am, I usually look for M-rated stories. But one day, while searching through FtLoJ entry for a quick o/s read, I found myself clicking the link to “Always Charmed”, a T-rated story.

It’s a story about Bella and Jasper. And a charm bracelet. Read as they grew, they loved and fell apart yet the bracelet remained a part of their lives forever, and beyond.

It was heart-warming, sweet, and yes, a very charming story. Yet it was also the most heart-breaking story I’ve ever read. Every now and then I get teary-eyed over a story, and this one had me bawling like a child. But don’t let the tears turn you off. It’s such a beautiful story and wonderfully written. It was definitely worth the tears.

Maelyn recommends Sunday Mornings by cdunbar

A lazy Sunday morning... Rated M. Bella/Jasper.

I love this one. I believe it was one of the first Bella/Jasper one shots I’d read way back when I first started reading fanfic. To start with, the description of Jasper is in line with my own thinking. I’ve never been the huge, muscle man type. The sleek, lean, toned perfection of Jasper will always get my panties panting. In addition, the author does well in combining the love the couple shares with a lemon hot enough to get you fanning yourself. Hands down, it’s a lovely way to wake up in the morning…


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