Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wednesday One Shots for 11/18/09

catonspeed recommends This Is Who I am, This Is What You Are by Sparabella

M rated: Edward finds more than he was looking for on Halloween (Jasper/Edward)

What can I say other than DAMN! I can't wait to see Domsper in the full slash version of this! This O/S is bordering on slash, but with no actual slash... yet! But it's coming in the longer version. (I have tweet based promises, and we all know that shit is legally binding in 38 states.)

This stands alone as a O/S, and recently won the 'Haunted Twilight Challenge' for good reason. We get introduced to a grey, almost subward, and a dark, dominating Jasper, who meet one night over a light snack. Enter Bella (lucky cow), as Edward deliberates about crossing over to a more 'natural' diet.

The descriptions and thought processes running through both their POVs are delicious, and the build up is lovely. I'm not ruining the set up for you - head over and read it, and prepare for your skin to tingle!

Make sure you bookmark Sparabella so you don't miss the follow up!

When a lost woman shows up on Jasper's curb, tired from running after her lost dog, Jasper invites her in for a cool drink but ends up for much more than he bargains for. AU,AH. JxB. Written for "For the Love of Jasper" contest. Rated M.

I was out searching for some good smut when I found this fic, and when I read the summary, I was all prepared for a little 'hot sex with a stranger' action.

I know now that that's not the case, and all I can say is "Pire! Pire! Please, Please give us another?!??"

Seriously, this is a great one-shot as it is, and the author pretty much summed up how Bella and Jasper meet, but they also discover it's a small world after all. It's instant physical attraction for these two, and the chemistry and interaction is wonderful. Great detail and dialogue, and you'll be demanding more by the end. (Pire, if you read this..Please? And can Darcy have a steak?)

JaspersDestiny recommends Do What It Takes by JaspersStoryAlter

WARNING: Explicit Violence. Bella asks Jasper to help her learn to control her shield but they have to shake her subconcious into action. Rated M. Bella & Jasper.

Arf. Okay. I may be flamed by those who love Jasper/Bella romantic pairings, but I love all things Jasper. So, in light of this, I must recommend this one shot. This story is always in the back of my mind when I think of Jasper the WARRIOR. It has to probably be the most violent one shot I have ever read. Human Bella has asked Jasper to...erm...attack her beyond sensibility. You see, Bella wants to push her mental shield beyond it's capabilities; she wants to manifest it into a physical shield, as well. What better way to do this, then, by having a non-pussy, like Jasper, beat the shit out of her until she's able to "push" him away? And beat the shit out of Bella he does. Mmmmm. Gushing blood, severe bruising, snapped thigh bone, slapping, punching, gut-kicking, hair pulling, murderous glares, nasty words...and then the gentle way he cares for Bella afterward. Oh, did I mention that Jasper is fuck-hot in this one shot, too? He is. Fuck-hot. Why does this turn me on so...? Plus, we have a ball-cramping Edward freaking out on the periphery of Bella and Jasper's death dance, unable to stop them because Bella's physical shield works.

Mathematical lesson:

Six weeks of Jasper-care + an exiled Edward = priceless Jasper one shot.

Maelyn recommends Passional by Mac214

Emmett drags an emotionally-wounded, post-bad break up Jasper into a sex toy shop. Will the mysterious charm of a pretty salesperson send Jasper running in the other direction or will he meet the one person who can help him heal his broken heart? Rated M.  Bella/Jasper

So, Passional is apparently a sex shop in Philly, so I figured I'd do it in tribute to the big city near which I live. Next time I go, I'll have to try to stop by and see what it's all about.

Why do I like it? I like it because even though it takes place in a sex shop, the story isn't crude or vulgar in any way. They don't 'fuck'. Not that fucking isn't just as good for my taste, but I love the contradictory idea of it. I mean really, can you imagine meeting a potential mate in a sex shop?

Regardless, it's funny because Jasper gets dragged into the sex shop by none other than Emmett, who is shopping for sex toys to use with Jasper's sister, Rose. It's also kind of funny to listen to Jasper's inner dialogue about how uncomfortable he is in the store. It's sexy and spicy because, well, it's Jasper, and as Bella shows him around, he's getting all hot and bothered thinking of using things on her - not to mention when they finally go in back and get it on. And it's sweet because even though they are where they are and they don't know each other hardly at all, it's still a very loving connection that they share. And besides, I really like the more assertive Bella who sees Jasper, wants him, and goes after him.

missmaj recommends The Wicked Will Perish by courthale

Jasper and Bella meet on Christmas at church. Neither are what they appear to be. Warning! Lemons! My entry for The Home for the Holidays contest! The Wicked Will Perish Psalm 1:6  Rated M.  Bella/Jasper

Forgive me, father, for I love this one-shot. Who wouldn't want a naughty Jasper and Minister's daughter, I'm-not-that-innocent Bella? It was hot, delicious, and so sinful, that Jasper and Bella literally heard the church choir singing 'Silent Night' and 'O Holy Night' while doing naughty things. Yum.

Bless the writer's heart for leaving an a/n prior to the actual story. The religious context may offend some, so don't say you weren't warned.

But me? I don't care. Judging from reviewers' reactions to the story, seems like I'm not the only one going to hell for loving this. Fucking worth it.

Now, if you'll excuse me while I do my penance.


  1. I've read all these stories and every one is so very worth it. Wonderful choices :-D
    Oh and Tina, your making me blush ;-)

  2. lol! I think I'll take both options with a strong emphasis on the first. You make it sound so good ;-D

  3. Oh my God, I'm so flattered that my one-shot was rec'd. I even blushed when I read your wonderful review. And I *am* planning on expanding B&H. Thank you so much for the wonderful words!