Saturday, November 7, 2009

Where in the world is...Janna Banana?


Welcome to my new segment, "Where in the world is...". I will try each Saturday to seek out an author who has "disappeared", for all intents and purposes...or, I will try to seek out an author who has "moved on", so-to-speak, from a story that looked so promising and who is currently writing another fic.

So this week, I bring you "Where in the world is...Janna Banana?"

Janna, Janna, Janna. My fellow Canadian. I know it's been a weird year. The summer wasn't particularly memorable up here in the North. It's been wet. Now, it's getting cold. Jasper. And, Bella. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Have you any idea how many people are awaiting your follow-up to When Darkness Turns To Light?

Have you any idea how many people fell in love with Jasper/Bella pairings thanks to this story? I think your bar scene alone, in Chapter 24, had us melting onto whatever form of comfort we were sitting. For me, it was a park bench. I may have scared a few children during that lunch hour playing in the park. Oh, moan.

Have you any idea how many of us are awaiting Edward's return and knowledge of what has occurred between Jasper and Bella? And, I swear...Edward had better keep himself in check. No flocking to the dark side, my dear. No altered pairings, my dear. OMJ! No.

Yes. I have a funny feeling that you do know how many of us are awaiting your sequel. How many PMs have you received, my dear? It must be a lot...because your last AN reads, and I quote, "let me apologize for being gone for so long. Life has taken over and left little time for writing but I still have the sequel floating around in my head and I have begun to write it, finally. To those that have heard that before, I’m serious this time, I mean it, really. Two chapters done and I’m working on it now (well, not right now because I’m writing this but you know what I mean)."


But, seriously. Under what part of the Canadian Shield have you been hiding, hon? I could search you out in Manitoba, if you want. Or, have you been living it up in our wonderfully metropolitan cities of Vancouver, Toronto, or Montreal? I know they're fun cities, babe, but being a Toronto gal myself, I know that they have their quiet moments.

I can understand that 51 chapters of pure deliciousness can tire a girl out...and maybe, just maybe, you were feeling a tad burned out.

But, we - your fans - just want you to know that we cannot wait for your sequel.


Dépêchez-vous! Veuillez? Vous nous manqué tellement!

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  1. Makes me wanna read the bar scene again ... /sigh