Saturday, November 14, 2009

Where in the world is...Midnight Seductress?


Hello my friends! Today's segment is on an author who I believe is very well-loved by the Jasper/Bella fanfic community...Midnight Seductress...aka Hannah.

Hannah has not one, but two - count 'em - TWO stories going at the same time, that busy woman! Weighing in in one corner with 2,105 reviews, we have Destiny Awaits. In the other corner, weighing in at 669 reviews, we have Learning to Breathe. So, we're not just talking about two stories, but two amazing stories.

I have been following Hannah and her stories since their inception and I cannot get enought of them. Destiny Awaits had me glued from the very moment I started reading it. If you don't already know the story, Alice leaves Jasper to find her future after having a vision, and Bella is left to tell Jasper this bad news. How does he react? Ummm, not well. Not well, indeed. Jasper is so destroyed by Alice's departure that he is left catatonic by the whole experience. It is Bella's compassion for Jasper and the way in which she cares for him, and their ensuing friendship, that begins Jasper's healing process. Edward? Well, Edward does not deal well at all with Jasper and Bella's burgeoning friendship. He doesn't deal well at all to the point of hurting Bella so badly that he has to leave the Cullens to sort himself out. Which means? Jasper and Bella time all the time!

What are some of the things I love about this story? Besides the fact that Jasper is fuckhot in this story, I love the slow build-up of his and Bella's relationship, I love Rosalie so much in this story - without Alice around, Bella and Rosalie's relationship finally has a chance to develop - and, Emmett? My God! Midnight Seductress's portrayal of Emmett in this story is, by far, the best around, in my personal opinion. He is just fantastically funny as all hell - green pigs and human food taste-testing - I just can't put into words how much I love Emmett "the big brother" in this story.

Okay, so that's one fantastic fic. Midnight Seductress also brings us Learning to Breathe. This story is a much darker tale than Destiny Awaits. Set about fourteen years after the ill-fated birthday party in New Moon, Bella is a nomadic vampire - having been changed by Victoria not long after the Cullens left her - and she is still searching for both her lost love and lost family. She is just a wanderer, envisioning various scenarios where she is reunited with the Cullens. But, fate seems to have something else up it's sleeve for Bella. She is found by Maria and brought back to Maria's compound as an offering to The Major. I think we all know who The Major is, don't we? Bella hasn't a clue, though, and when The Major shockingly realizes who his newest offering is...well, let's just say Jasper is not pleased by her presence. He has blamed Bella for so long for his separation from the Cullens that he is torn between wanting to destroy her and, unseemingly to him, at least, wanting to earn her trust in him that he can, again, be a better man. Learning to Breathe was nominated for, and tied for the win with IdreamofEddy's Breathless Hunger, for Best Darksper at the Everything's Bigger in Texas Jasper/Bella FanFiction Contest. Deservedly so...

So, I ask, where in the world is Midnight Seductress? Maybe Lucy has seen Hannah lurking around across the Atlantic? The last time Hannah updated both stories was on August 10, 2009. I believe I can safely speak for all her fans when I say that I severely crave updates on her two stories soon...sob...

So, to bastardize a bit of Bowie:

Ground control to Hannah
Your circuit's dead
There's something wrong
Can you hear me, Hannah?
Can you hear me, Hannah?
Can you hear me, Hannah?
Can you...
Here am I floating round in my tin can
Far above the Moon
Planet Earth is blue
And there's nothing I can do...


  1. OK, I have NO idea where Hannah is, but I hope you find her. "Colliding Meteors" by IdreamofEddy brought me over to the Jasper Side of Life, but "Destiny Awaits" cemented my relationship with him.

  2. If anyone finds Hannah, I will pay that individual to put a tracking collar on her or a subdermal microchip. Hell, just throw her in your basement with a laptop and tell her she isn't getting out until she posts SOMETHING! I already stole her blow up Jasper doll and that hasn't seemed to deter her much. sigh. I want more Jasper and Bella DA goodness!!! Oh wait, I want to see the look on Esme's face when she walks in the house after their last hunting trip! That should be interesting! New coffee table, the smell of adhesives and fresh paint, won't that be a sight to see!