Monday, December 21, 2009


Due to some shiteous fuckery that occurred over twitter at approximately 2pm EST regarding IdreamofEddy's AVI, I give Ms. Lucy and Ms. Tina some LOLSquirrels!  Cuz That's where it's at!  Wooyah!

(Bitches.  My AVI was some sexed up shit.  You ruined for me.  Hence the devil Squirrel.  *Laughs Maniacally.  He'll keep your feet warm in your bed tonight, Lucy.. And he'll steal Tina's bottle of brandy.)

Jonas Brothers, You say?  Let me have it. 

Whoa.  That's a really big nut.  Or a small squirrel.  This is what I should be writing about.  Bella cheeking Peter's Pecker. Hmm....

Why Lucy, Why do you hate me so?  I just wanted to get down and dirty with your pretty kitty.

Oh, don't worry, love.  Kay will hook you up with some sweet lovin'.  Can you taste my nuts?

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