Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday Selections for December 13, 2009

We'd like to apologize, as we only have a couple of recommendations for Sunday Selections this week. I think we've all had a busy week writing, working, playing, shoveling, breaking feet, and getting our happy butts in gear for the holidays. Does anyone even have time to read this? Just try and read the stories. Good stuff.

 IdreamofEddy recommends All That I've Got by BlackWingedGabriel

Takes place during New moon after Edward leaves. Bella discovers a mysterious vampire in Forks with a past so dark it puts her life in danger and makes her question her loyalty towards the Cullens. Will Edward and Bella's love be strong enough to last?

I've been asked a time or two about what my favorite FF stories are. I have many, but this one here is one of those I just absolutely adore. No, it's not about Emmett, but Tina and maybe a few of the others could probably tell you that it's probably just best to get it out of my system now before I dedicate an ode to the damn thing (besides, there's Gabe's POV, and that's a totally different story, right Blackwingy?)

This is a relatively short fic, completed, and absolutely wonderful. Yes, it's another character's fic, but you shouldn't hold that against it, because you will fall for Gabe even before the bastard utters a complete sentence. Seriously, Gabe can only be described as a son of a bitch. You'll hate to love him. This side of the story is done in Bella's POV. There is a sequel that is a WIP that is the same story, but in Gabe's POV, which makes it very uniquely different. Both these characters have some major issues; of course, we know Bella's. Edward left her and she's a wreck. Enter Gabe, who breaks into the Cullen home in search of Carlisle.

Gabe is on the run from his own coven of unique vampires, some of whom he has strong ties to. But, Gabe took a course of action that was justifiable. The author created her own unique twists to the story, and Gabe is cursed in a way that gives him only one option to sustain himself. It takes Bella to help him discover it. The interaction between Gabe and Bella is just priceless. The author made me LOVE Bella in this fic, and that's a hard thing to do. There are a few tense moments in this story, and the ending was just superb, all the way up to the epilogue.

The downside? Well, there really isn't one, it's more like a wish. This story is K+. That's right, it's a good, CLEAN fic. I'd love to turn this baby into an M-rated suspense and romance FF. I'd pretty much drop everything, but TOM, to do so. I suggest reading this fic if you've never come by it before. To me, it IS the best K+ fic out there, because, well, I don't read them! But, I'm glad I stumbled upon this once upon a time. Read it. You'll enjoy it.

JaspersDestiny recommends Blueberries & Copper Wire by hmonster4

Sometimes what you see isn’t always what you get. How can one man get past the chilly fa├žade and a jaded heart to reveal the potential underneath? For the Rose & Emmett Twilight Challenge.

Okay, well, first! Muchos gracias to hmonster4 for popping my Emmett/Rose cherry! And, boy, what a POP! Secondly, HOLY COW! An AH that I loved! Whoop! The only other AH that has done this for me is Dark Whispers.

Now, this baby here has no lemons, not a one! And, I typically shy away from fics that have no lemons. Now, I didn't know this, of course, going in. I mean, it is rated M, but M can mean so many different things, really. Did I end up caring in the end? Nope.

I just loved, loved, loved this story. It's only five chapters and one epilogue long, but it's enough. It's great, just the way it is.

It's so difficult to find really good Emmett tales, where he is the leading man. And, while anyone who knows me knows that I'm a Jasper girl, through and through, this story just really endeared me to Emmett. Truly.

Emmett is an architect who tags along with his cousin Jasper (who, by the way, is fun in this story) to this night club every Wednesday night. Jasper's girl likes to party here with her friends, and Jasper doesn't want to be the only guy there with the girls; plus, he keeps trying to set Emmett up all the time, with the hopes that he, too, will find his leading lady.

One of the girls at this night club is one Rose Hale - beautiful, tall, cold exterior, The Queen Bee - the girl with the haunted eyes. Eyes that betray her to Emmett. Now, Emmett doesn't believe in judging a book by its cover, and while he is drawn to Rose, he is trying very hard to not defy his own motto after a failed attempt at conversation with her. You see, Rose shuts people down. She is so used to being judged by her cover that she doesn't really ever let anyone in.

Jasper helps things along, though. He's a helpful little bugger, ain't he? Rose has recently had a difficult date, and knowing this, Jasper has decided that Rose needs self-defence training. Cupid has entered the building! Emmett, being all martial-artsy as a younger man, and a gym god, is recruited by Jasper to train The Queen Bee.

Fun times ahead, my friends! I refuse to give anything away because A) I could give everything away what with this fic being only 6 postings long, and B) this story is so much fun that you need to just go and read it and experience it for yourself.

Also, this story is funny as all hell. I laughed out loud at least once each chapter. Like, belly-laughed. But, that's Emmett for you, no? Rose is hysterical, too, though. And, smart. She has a few surprises up her sleeve for Emmett, as does Emmett for Rose *cough...sucker-punch...cough*

hmonster4 crafts a tale of finding love where you least expect to, with who you least expect to, all within the confines of a very short read filled with believable characters who you can't help but to love.

I liked this story so much, I might just go read it again!


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