Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wednesday One Shots for 12/30/09

IdreamofEddy recommends Pina Coladas, Blow Up Mattresses and Naked Fridays by miztrezboo

Some couples have dinner parties, some couples have date night, Jasper & Em have Naked Fridays... A lil SLASHY silly for Ahelm because she asked. AH/OOC/SLASH

Um, I loved this. This was a great little one-shot. This is Jasper and Emmett, a solid couple who, after several years together, know how to keep the love and the relationship...alive. And HOT.

miztrezboo can write some serious lemons with just the perfect amount of descriptive intimacy and feeling that it just reads beautifully. And fluffy. I heart fluffy big time. She gives good visual. And just a warning here: after you read this fic you'll be singing and mumbling to yourself some Rupert Holmes.

If you like Pina Coladas, and getting caught in the rain,

If you're not into yoga, if you have half-a-brain,

If you like making love at midnight, in the dunes of the cape,

You're the love that I've looked for, come with me, and escape.

Go read it.

JaspersDestiny recommends Calla Lilies by courthale

Rosalie has an infatuation with an older man. He's always at the back of her mind and at the forefront of her fantasies. AH R/Em *Written for Ninapolitan's DILF contest.* Lemon, you've been warned. Rated M

I think we should all 'hail' courthale for providing ALASL with many of our Emmett recommendations this month. I honestly never thought it would be so difficult to find quality Emmett fics...seriously! I gasp, wondering when we come to Human month if there will be more quality Charlie fics than Emmett fics... *cringe*

This one shot is so dirty-mouthed...I love it! Mainly because it sounds realistic. Yeah, it's a bit brash, and maybe the cussing isn't everyone's cup of tea...but it is mine, so I'm going to give it some lovin'!

Rose is a 17 year old high school student, and Emmett is the much older police officer brother of her best friend, Bella. Rose has been drooling over Emmett for toooo loooong. She even times her speeding infractions for when she knows he'll be patrolling so he can pull her over.

One day at school, Rose gets into an altercation with "Whoren Mallory" *sniggers* and an all-out brawl occurs between the two women. Rose is hauled away by Emmett to the police station where she is holed up for a period of time before Emmett releases her and drives her home...ahem...and then that's when the fun begins! Woo hoo! So....diiiiirty. Yum!

But, to discuss the matter of characterization...Rose is very canon Rose...with the addition of A LOT of swearing. She has a sad past, but not the typical canon variety. Emmett...well, physically he's the Emmett we know and love: dimples, broad frame, tight ass (yeah, Rose, I'm an ass-girl, too). But, in terms of his personality, I wouldn't go so far as to say that he's canon Emmett. His character here has a few surprises in his personal life, which endear him to both Rose and me, but it's the fact that he's just so damn...quiet throughout most of the fic that when he really lets loose with Rose near the end, it took me by surprise. It was a NICE surprise. Oh, I'm just going to lament my waste of a love life right now...and dream of Emmett going animalistic on me... *shakes head* Right! I was doing my review... *sigh* Anyway, the end of this one shot threatens to make you wonder if it will end on a sour note...but that was just a sour peach, babies! 'Cause it ends nice and sweet...Calla Lilies...

Favourite part? It made me giggle...not in a bad way, but still:

He was so fucking hard and big and pulsing and hot and just THE fucking meat stick of all meat sticks.

Disco stick?

Psh, this shit is the fuck stick of all fuck sticks.

The fairest in all the land.

All the world.

All the fucking universe…

Read it...and enjoy!

Maelyn recommends Strip Search by HopelessRomantic79

Challenge the law, and there will be consequences. LEMON. Em/B. Rated M.

I loved this. It's not too long and it pretty much gets straight to the glorious fucking. Gotta give props for that shit.

Seriously, though, I liked the premise behind it and it's execution. There were a couple of parts that made me laugh, as well - like the cavity search. And I swear the entire time I heard that 'bow chica bow bow' porn music in my head, but it worked for the fic.

One of the things I loved that the author did fairly well, I thought, was Emmett's perception of his strength. Somehow, she is able to portray a very strong, firm Emmett who still has a gentle touch. He is aware that he may hurt her and is careful about it.

This one shot is corny and cheesy, but also hot and steamy. So if you like that kind of thing, check it out.

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  1. Um WOW thankyou so much! I still get all freaked out that I wrote boy on boy and Jasper and Emmett no less and to hear that at least someone other than Ahizelm and my betafish liked it is pretty awesome ;o) Thanks so much!