Saturday, December 12, 2009

Where in the world is...TaijaRae?


Captives is a story that intrigued me the moment I laid eyes on it on June 22nd, 2009.

As the summary notes, Jasper and Bella are taken captive and will have to please their captor with "a form of entertainment" in order to be released.

Well, riddle me excited, Bat Man. What must they do? So, I click on the fic and proceed to read the itty-bitty, two, tiny, leaving-me-wanting-more chapters available to fandom.

Who is this mysterious Kamau? Why does he want Bella and Jasper to pleasure each other for his "entertainment"? Why am I asking these questions...? Why wouldn't I want them to pleasure each other...? Stupid, stupid, stupid...

Do I care if their "forced" actions may hurt Edward or Alice? Uh. No. What I AM interested in seeing is A) more chapters, B) more "entertainment", and C) the repercussions of Bella and Jasper's shared enjoyment...I mean, there are bound to be complications, obviously, when they are eventually returned to the outside world, yes? What will they do? Will they secretly see each other? Or, better yet! They avoid each other, suppressing the feelings they have developed, until they just about burst. God, if I HAVE to, I suppose I can deal with a permanent at least keeps Bella and Jasper "together"...sorta.

A stupid ditty for your enjoyment...ahem...

Jasper and Bella, sitting in a prison-suite, F-U-C-K-I-N-G...first comes "This doesn't feel right, Jasper", then comes "Why does this feel so good, Jasper?", then comes the "Please don't release us, KAMAAAUUUUUU...."

Bowing...nodding...thank you...thank you...bouquet in the face...

Why won't TaijaRae continue this story??? C'mon...Jesus. I wrote to her a LOOONG time ago, and she wrote back, and I quote:


Subject: Captives


Jul 07th, 3:41pm
Darling...when will you continue Captives? What a great story, and you have only done two chapters!!! Your last update was in the middle of June!


Jul 07th, 4:07pm

I know, and I am sorry!! I kid you not, like two days after I posted the AN, my laptop that I do my fanfic typing on died, the thing will not turn on. =( This story is not wanting to be posted!
I have written SEVERAL chapters of Captives on paper, but the only computer I have to try to type and post on is the family computer. And my fanfictions are not quite family approved, if you get my meaning, lol ;)
Good news is I am getting a new laptop on Fri. or Sat., and the first thing I will do is type them all up and post the next! I have gotten lots of PMs saying I broke my promise...=(....It could not be helped. Thanks for your loyalty to the story!
Expect updates on Sun. at the latest!


Jul 07th, 4:16pm

You're evil! SEVERAL chapters??? God...okay, I will silently scream in glee with anticipation for your next, imminent post! I thought you gave up on the story!


Expect updates on Sunday, she wrote...and this was back in July???


Her profile page reads, and I quote:

08/22/09- Hey all! I owe all of my readers another apology, I did break my promise for more updates, though not purposely. My laptop fried like three days after I posted the AN and I had to get it fixed. I had no way of updating. It has been working about a week now, but still not sure if I have time to type up more chapters, it has been hectic. I have NOT given up on the story, I have some handwritten chapters already done it is just a matter of typing and editing. Thanks for the reviews and PM's, they are appreciated. Once again I am sorry for the wait.

Honey-baby...FedEx that shit to me, and I'll type them up...or rub them all over my sweet, nekked body...hell, it's the closest to Jasper I will probably ever get.

P.S. Your profile page has been indicating that you are 17 for some time now. I really hope you're 18 now...or else you'll never see this segment...

Okay, gonna PM you now *throws on stalker cape* you better respond back!

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  1. You're evil! Now I've read those amazing two chapters and now I want mooreeee! But you already know what's worst, I'm afraid I'm not getting more of it anytime soon :'(