Thursday, December 3, 2009

Word of the Week - Awkward

Main Entry: awk•ward
Pronunciation: \ˈȯ-kwərd\
Function: adjective
Etymology: Middle English awkeward in the wrong direction, from awke turned the wrong way, from Old Norse ǫfugr; akin to Old High German abuh turned the wrong way
Date: 1530

1 obsolete : perverse
2 archaic : unfavorable, adverse
3 a : lacking dexterity or skill (as in the use of hands) b : showing the result of a lack of expertness
4 a : lacking ease or grace (as of movement or expression) b : lacking the right proportions, size, or harmony of parts : ungainly
5 a : lacking social grace and assurance b : causing embarrassment
6 not easy to handle or deal with : requiring great skill, ingenuity, or care

-awk•ward•ly adverb
-awk•ward•ness noun
(Courtesy of Merriam-Webster Online)

JaspersDestiny example (courtesy of her six year old niece, Madison, at the Santa Claus Parade, so a Merry Fucking Christmas to you, too...she's re-thinking having children lol!):

"Auntie Tina, you're awkward." (BURN! by a small child nonetheless... you were owned Tina he he!)


from Chapter 2 of TeamReneslec's fic Constellations:

"I was accompanied by my Mom while I ate. It felt really awkward because she doesn’t eat, none in my family does, which is why I prefer blood,'coz it's really awkward."

Graphical representation of the Word of the Week:


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