Friday, January 22, 2010

Affiliate Fridays, a time to pimp out some of our affiliates!

Affiliate Whoring Fridays

Welcome to our new Friday feature - Affiliate Fridays! This will become a weekly posting, but our focus is to bring you news, events, and important information from other sites within the Fandom. And, well, we are giving some well-deserved attention to some of our affiliates. Also, if you're affiliated with us and you would like us to feature something in this weekly post, send us a note at

Ah, A Different Forest. I am currently dipping my feet in your clear streams. I dare say, I have been reborn in the clean and fresh air you so provide. I am so in love with you that all I can think of is sitting by a campfire admiring your pretty orange and red hues.
Or reading about what kind of pajamas total strangers wear. Strangers that aren't so strange after all. The kind of people you can hang out and drink a beer with. Or roast a wienie.
Those that appreciate the beauty of some Rob eye candy. Or some Jackson. Even some Billy Burke. Or noting down some recs. And even checking out some of my favorite authors' cabins.
I dedicate the montage of forest and campfire porn to you, A Different Forest. I bought a fresh bag of Jet-Puffed Marshmallows and a new Bic so that when I finish writing my next chapter, I can stay overnight.

Fan Fiction Frenzy is a brand spanking new site to share and read all alternate types of stories for your favorite books, movies, or television shows. The doors are open and they want those stories! They want those readers!

' is the premiere place to come if you are looking for an alternate look at your favorite book, movie or television show. It’s the place for authors to share their imagination and passion with all of us, and where the reader can get lost in fantastic and well written fan fiction.'

'We accept all types of Fan Fiction, but we know what readers want, so if you have a Twilight vision you want to share with us, please consider posting it here.'

Now, our contact, Stephanie, over at FFF has asked us to spread the word that they are looking for some stories centered around Edward pairings. So, please, go explore this site, take a look at the blog, read the guidelines, sign up, and submit those stories!

The Indie TwiFic Awards are back! The ITA was created to recognize the best up-and-coming or under-recognized Twilight Fan Fiction stories out there. To view the process, please go here so you can understand the criteria that is needed in order for the story/author to be eligible. This is the second edition of ITA and you can nominate stories now! Here's the schedule:

Nominations: 1/18 to 1/28 at midnight
Announced list of stories: 1/31
First round of voting: 2/20 - 3/2
Final round story announcement: 3/4
Second round of Voting: 3/15 to 3/24
Winners announced: 3/28

Les Femmes de Twilight is currently hosting The Forgotten Femmes Anonymous Contest, and they want your stories. The focus of the contest is to give the 'c-list characters' some attention and love. Please check the contest page here for more information. Entries are being accepted until Jan. 31st. Public voting will be up from the 1st- 10th of February. Winners will be announced Feb. 12th on the Les Femmes blog.

The Little-Known Ficster helps spread the word about stories that deserve more attention, as well as the authors who write them! So, take a gander at what they and other readers have recommended recently, and enjoy!

The Twilight Awards , of course, is the great and fantastic directory and calendar of all twific awards, challenges, and writing contests! You can ask them to highlight your contest, as long as you provide all the appropriate information regarding your contest, and they are wonderful about tweeting it out there to all their followers. You wouldn't believe the number of hits you will receive to your contest, and the more hits = the more entries = extra creativity! And, of course, if you are looking for a contest to enter, be sure to check out The Twilight Awards...there are so many different awards available to enter.

My Vamp Fiction "is an open community that encourages fun, intelligent discussion about all things Vampire and Vampire-related."

Their goal is "to not only provide a one-stop shop for fans to discuss books, music, movies & television series within the Vampire fiction genre (and to some extent, the Paranormal fiction genre as well), but also to inspire creativity through fan fiction, music & art."

My Vamp Fiction is happy to announce that they are holding their first contest of 2010, The Love Spelled Backward is Love Challenge! Submissions will be accepted to February 8, 2010. Be sure to check it out, view the MANY challenge/award categories, and submit your entry! C'mon! We know you're a creative, passionate bunch!

Thanks again to all of our affiliates. If there is anything you'd like us to pass along in next week's segment, send us an email at


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