Saturday, January 30, 2010

I Get Off in Volterra Contest Winners!

We've come to the end of our little contest to promote the men of the Volturi. Oh, how I love them! We had many excellent entries, and I must say that I loved quite a few of them. It was very hard to come up with the winners, but we ended up with two amazing one shots for your viewing pleasure.

Without further ado, here are your winners:


The Readers' Choice winner on FFn was His Angel by EllaB twilight.

Angie is enduring a vacation with her abusive husband when she meets a mysterious stranger. Demetri is stunned when this seemingly ordinary woman changes everything he’s ever known in his 300-year existence.

This is a little Demetri/OC action and it is just a beautiful story. It paints Demetri in a different light than you normally see him and you can’t help but wish you were Angie, His Angel.

EllaB twilight will be receiving a banner by one of our very own Lambs. In addition, we will also be promoting her little one shot via our profile pages, authors' notes of our fics, and Twitter.


The Lambs’ Choice winner is The Mind’s Eye by chef diamond heart.

Alice and Bella rescued Edward in Volterra…but you didn’t really think that Aro let them go so easily, did you? There is always a price… Entry for the I Get Off in Volterra Challenge. Dark & disturbing – content warning

Here we see a little Aro/Alice action, but not the way you would imagine. This story is so well written and so original that we couldn’t help but make it the Lambs’ Choice winner.

Chef diamond heart will be receiving a package of goodies put together by JaspersDestiny, our Italian-Canadian Lamb. Hopefully chef diamond heart will send us a photo of herself with her gift package so that we can post a follow-up, and pimp out her story even more!

We would also like to give honourable mention to Where Your True Destiny Lies by cullen818. It’s a sweet and poignant Alec/Bella story.

Note to the winners: These are not your actual banners. We will be in touch regarding your prizes and discuss them with you.

We hope everyone enjoyed the entries for our little contest as much as we did. Expect to see a few of these great stories recommended in February during Volturi month!

Thank you to everyone who helped with this contest, either by promoting, writing, and/or voting. It was much appreciated!


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