Friday, January 1, 2010

Just a sliiiiigggght change of plans...


Hello all.

Hope everyone had a great New Year! We all sure did.

So, originally we had planned to dedicate January to those wonderful bad guys we just love so much, The Volturi. But, after the difficult month we just experienced with Emmett, we discussed it and thought it might be best to postpone Volturi until February. We apologize if anyone was looking forward to this for January, or if any of our affiliates have been really gracious in letting their viewers know that our blog was going to do this, but we believe we took a course of action that is just not beneficial to us, or to others as well. So, instead, January will be a free-for-all month.

The contest our blog is currently hosting, I Get Off in Volterra Contest, will officially end on January 30, 2010 with the winners being posted on our blog. Originally, we had thought that January would, of course, be perfect for The Volturi since voting takes place along with our announcements of the prospective winners, but due to what we just experienced during December with the lack of quality Emmett fics to rec, it made much more sense to hold off until February. That way it gives US the opportunity to possibly showcase some of those contest entries for our recs each week in February. It also gives us time to do some digging around, so to speak, and see what's out there that's been lying underneath a pile of collecting dust that could use a little recognition. Make sense?

And, of course - absolutely, of course - if you have any suggestions for Volturi fics for us to rec, throw them our way! We would love to read a good, quality fic that's out there, and we would love even more to plug the hell out of it. Just send us an email at, or you can even tweet it to us at @ALASL. We would appreciate it extremely, and we'll be sure to give credit where credit is due. Thank you to everybody who takes some time to spend at our blog and to all of those who have shown their support, no matter what it is or was: MWAH!

IdE. (Beta'd by JaspersDestiny, of course.)


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