Saturday, January 16, 2010

Mae's Thoughts on Pulling Fanfics - Cuz I can't let Kay and Lucy have all the glory!

Okay, wow.  BLOGSPLOSION! *faints*

I just spent like the last hour reading through all these blogs and posts and I’m a bit stunned.

One thing to people who read our blog:  Please remember that while many of us will post what we feel about things, it is generally their personal view and unless stated otherwise, may or may not be agreed with by the other women here.  You can see this by Catonspeed and myself making separate blog post regarding this issue. 

This blog is for us each to express what we feel – be it about the fandom or Twitter or whatever the fuck we want.  Some of us get very passionate about things and I understand that.  Do I agree with Kay and Tina?  Somewhat yes and somewhat no.  But will I ever tell them NOT to post something?  No.  Just like they would never tell me not to.  I get warned about it and if I have something to say, I do like I am now and say it, giving my 2 cents worth on the subject. 

Now, on with the issue.  You know what?  For the most part, I don’t fucking care what you do with your fics.  Keep in mind I said “for the most part”.

I believe that if you put something up on fanfiction then you have every right to take it down, for whatever reason you want, no matter how valid or fucked I may think your decision to be.  It’s your prerogative to do it and it’s mine to think what I want about it AND express what I think if I so desire.

Do I agree with people pulling their fics?  No.  Why?  Because I want to read some of them, duh!  I’d especially get pissy about it if they were in the middle of the fic and pulled it.  Now, what, if I want to read the rest I have to go pay for it?  Fuck that.  I won’t do it.  Personally, I think that’s kinda cruel to get so many readers invested in your fic then pull it.  But again, that’s my opinion.

Then again, I feel the same way about people who start really great fics then fall off the face of the planet.  I mean really, is there a discount shuttle to Mars for some FF authors?  *sighs*

As you can see, most of my opinion is selfish.  I won’t care what you do until it effects me.  But I can understand why people are so upset about this whole thing.  I can also see both sides of the fence.  I think Lucy and I are sitting on top of it together playing Man of the Mountain…

But really, I do hope and pray that all this attention and people trying to publish their works, etc. doesn’t cause enough of a ripple that SM gets involved and pulls the plug.  I’d be seriously peeved if that happened.  *frowns*

In conclusion, I’m going to address the specific fics mentioned in Kay’s post:

The War Inside and Poughkeepsie

I’ve heard over and over how fantastic these fics are (were), but I’ve never read them.  Nothing against the authors, but I have so much on my to be read list that I get choosie about what goes on it anymore.  From reading the summary and hearing a bit about them, they just didn’t seem my cup of tea.  But I think it’s great so many people enjoy it.  Sarah and Claire are FANTASTIC writers.  Otherwise, I can’t comment on how Twilight related or not these fics might have been.

Boycotts and Barflies

This one I scratch my head at.  I have it on iFic and listened to it on vacation last summer and while I thought it was a great story, I don’t see how it can be adapted to non-Twilight without changing a LOT about the fic.  The characters were clearly defined with Twilight characteristics – physically AND personality-wise.  But whatever.  While I’m curious about it, I won’t waste my money buying it to find out.

The Office

Man was I pissed when this got taken down and we were left with the dodgy sounding excuse.  I’m glad she was nice enough to put it on her blog, but it still irked me.  I did love the fic though.  Too bad…

The Forbidden Room

Dstaying, babe, I LOVED this fic.  Seriously, like if I was a guy I’d have a hard-on for it and consider turning bi, because that was some hot shit.  It is one of the VERY few, if not only, slashy fics that I really enjoyed. 

I loved the D/s stuff – insight into how Jasper dealt with learning and accepting what he really is inside, how he dealt with his family finding out, which was a stellar scene by the way… I just thought it was fantastic.  You really set the scenes, made me care about the characters and took me along for the ride throughout the story.

Unfortunately, the sequel, The House of Cards, wasn’t the same for me.  While I found it interesting and such, I didn’t love it like TFR.  Too much whiny angst maybe.  Still beautifully written though.  Oh, and the scene where Bella dies, Edward had to decide to pull the plug, and Jasper was falling apart?  Oh god, that had me blubbering like a baby.  I mean, I cry at books and movies all the time, but damn!

What I loved about TFR had nothing to do with Twilight, BUT, because it had Twilight characters is what made me read it in the first place.  If I saw that on the shelf in the store?  I doubt I’d read it.  Sorry.


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