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Sunday Selections for 1/17/10

Sunday Selections

Twice abandoned, three times as heartbroken. Bella leaves Forks behind to start over in Phoenix. New Bella, new life. A familiar face shows up at work one night; Jasper can't believe his eyes, but he's liking what they see. Ditto Bella. J/B AU Rated M

So, this story was recommended to me by one of our followers, Heather Seth. Thanks, Heather! I had honestly never heard of this story until Heather *squeed* like a fangirl in an email to us, asking for us to recommend it. So, recommend it, I shall! With a healthy review count of 786 reviews (as of this post), it has a very solid following.

I have spent the better part of today reading this story through to its 25th, and most recent, chapter, and I have to admit that it is a very interesting Jasper/Bella tale. Like the summary reads, both Bella and Jasper were 'abandoned', as it were, after Bella's fateful 18th birthday party; Bella immediately (as we all know), and Jasper not too long after. This story, however, takes place a few years after this event, and what we are witness to is probably one of the most OOC Bellas in vamp fandom. Seriously OOC. Now, I have seen a lot of OOC in my time, but Bella in this story kind of takes the cake. She is probably one of the most foul-mouthed, tough bitches in town...and it's fun to watch. Now, Bella has a fairly dark past between the time of Edward leaving her and now, and she has a few surprises up her sleeve for her reader. Not withstanding her Coyote Ugly-esque dance routines she performs for patrons at the bar she works at as bartender - Sassafrass Junction.

Jasper is all smouldering and sexy; tough as hell, too - like we would expect anything less? Yes, very hot. And, fiercely protective of Bella. Bella takes to Jasper quite rapidly, and while I would wish for some lengthier lemons, Jasper still exudes lots of sex appeal. My favourite line? From Bella: 'If I could market an ice cream flavor labeled Jasper’s Mouth, I would be a fucking billionaire and there would be a lot of chunky fuckers waddling around shoveling it in. It was that good.'

If you are looking for an OOC, take no nonsense Bella, a hot, sexy Jasper, and some familiar, badass, cocky, always entertaining and much loved Peter, Charlotte, Emmett, and Rose, and a very fucked up Edward...well, you're in for a bit of a treat.

Check it out. You may be surprised. It's really quite fun.

On one fateful Halloween night, Edward and Bella meet unexpectedly at a haunted fort and embark on an adventure that could change their lives. Can Edward convince a happily single Bella that love is real? E/B AH Rated M

I guess I have a thing for the familiar, since this fic is set in the Philadelphia area, as is the one shot I rec'd earlier by this same author.

I started reading it because it started off in a haunted fort and I thought it would be interesting. Then I started reading and I realized it had an interesting plot and great characters. Add in ghosts and psycho women and you have a great mix of romance, drama, intrigue and hilarity.

The things they go through to get Alice and Jasper together are hilarious, almost as funny as Jasper's girlfriend in the beginning of the fic. Jasper is a kind of straight-laced, but down to earth, Texas boy, while Alice is a wild child and lead singer in a band. You may be surprised at her style in this fic.

Emmett and Rose crack me up as a pseudo crime fighting team - they're PI's. They come with all the cool tricks and toys of the trade, too.

Edward is likable. He knows what he wants (Bella) and he goes for it, which I like. It's not hard to see why he falls so fast when you find out about all his failed dates, however.

Bella's a hoot. She likes Edward from the start, but is afraid of being hurt, so she keeps him at a distance emotionally. However, their physical distance isn't in question - there is none. She jumps on him almost immediately, practically attacking him, then pushing him away and running off. It sets a precedent for the fic, but it works, really.

Really, give it a read. You won't be disappointed!

When grief and uncertainty threaten to drown you, how do you catch your breath? For Support Stacie Auction winner JAustenlover. Collab with LaViePastiche. AH, Bella/Jasper Rated M

How would you react if you were drawn to a certain person at the most uncertain circumstance?

There is an unfortunate accident in the Swan household. Peter Swan, too distraught to go home by himself, is accompanied by Jasper Whitlock, his roommate, back to his hometown of Forks. There, Jasper meets Bella Swan, Peter's twin sister. Jasper and Bella are instantly drawn to each other, but due to grim timing, both deem it inappropriate to make any moves toward each other. Until a fateful Thursday.

This story has heartfail written all over the place, literally from the get-go. I was on the verge of tears reading every chapter. This, by all means, is not my typical type of genre. If you've been following me on Twitter, there was once a time when I was deperately looking for a humourous Bella and Jasper fic, which was very scarce, if not non-existent at all. Then I recall ElleCC telling me that Jasper fits perfectly in angst and she's right.

From an awesome collaboration came a beautiful and touching story. I hope to see more collab works between the two of you.


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