Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday Selections for January 24, 2010

Sunday Selections

catonspeed recommends Fear Is The Mind Killer by IvoryAdulation

Bella is auditing Cullen Hospital. Cullens retain weaker vamp gifts, Edward is jaded from his. Bella has kids, gifts, secrets, and a dark past. B&E force each other to reevaluate everything they know but all personal growth is painful. AH/MA Adult Themes.

I love 'free-for-all month', but I was looking through my list of things I love to rec you all something, and I fancied something new, so I got my ass on and had a cheeky peruse through the recently completed fics.

And I struck gold.

Let me tell you about it...

Fear Is The Mind Killer by IvoryAdulation is FTMFW. End of.

Now, that would be a really short rec, but seriously, that's all you need to know. I'll give you some more details, though, because I've cracked the rum and I'm feeling wordy (and maybe a little tipsy... shhhhhh! Our secret yeah? Good.)

It's AU and IvoryAdulation gives us canon pairings. The story is complex and the character growth is fascinating to see progress, with all the characters retaining weaker versions of their gifts from SM's series - and there are some phenomenal lines in there that will have you bustin' a gut and spitting out your Pepsi, like the below:

“Are you insinuating that the fact that I am a woman would reduce my competency and capability in carrying out the functions of this audit?” I replied coolly.

You know what happens when you start talking like this, you go into battle mode, you shred them and you don’t want to shred this guy, well you shouldn’t shred this guy.

“Well it’s no secret that women are bad with numbers and math.” He said condescendingly.

Carlisle looked mortified, Aro looked amused...still.

I changed to a casual looking stance and in my best sweet voice said “I understand your concerns and to shed some light on your preconceived notion, women are typically bad with numbers and the reason why is because they are routinely told that this” I held my two pointer fingers about 4 inches apart “is 8 inches” I added a smirk for good measure.

Beautfiul, yeah? I'm just WAITING for the opportunity to pull that one out in real life... and they just get better and better. It's also got my favourite kind of Bella in it - one with a spine, and this one has knowledge in firearms and rarely travels without a weapon hidden on her person *sigh* be still my beating heart... She's damaged (mother issues - need I say more? lol), and predatory in the most intriguing of ways, making her POVs and thought processes an absolute gift to read. The back story IvoryAdulation has weaved for her is perfection - I want to put it under a microscope and study it! Ohhhh, and did I mention Bella has kids? 3, in fact, from a previous marriage with Jacob? By the way, he's a dick. Just saying... (nice work IvoryAdulation)

Edward is fan-fucking-tastic, too. His mind reading talent has impacted his life up to where we meet him in the story. He's jaded and gets the absolute shit shocked out of him by Bella - he can't 'hear' her, and he's never come across anything like her before. Needless to say, challenge accepted, and game. fucking. on. And their first meeting in the lift? Love it. Love it hard.

And we get some fucking. What? *rolls eyes* you know you want to know this stuff, so I'm gonna tell ya... it's fuckhot. I am seriously adding piano sex to my list now - I'm curious what my octave range is... *giggles* Ahhhhh... and IvoryAdulation's office sex will have you fanning your face, and your puss.

Anyway. There are ups, downs, mix ups, beat downs, and minivans.

And guess what? It's just completed, so you won't have to wait for updates! You can read all the way to the end!!!!! But leave some reviews regardless and let her know how good it is (mine are coming IvoryAdulation. I read it in one sitting so I could rec you today). Her second story also looks interesting... shit. Just go read them both - I've fallen in love with her, and it's bound to be brilliant, too.

*catonspeed passes out in the Bacardi bottle and pities the poor schmuck that gets the 'honor' of beta'ing this*

IdreamofEddy recommends Penance by MissusMelancholy

Bella has always pushed Edward's limits, constantly undermining his self-control. What happens when she finally goes too far? Will she survive? Will Edward ever forgive himself? A very different, much darker version of the events after Eclipse.

If you read the summary above, it really does pretty much sum this story up. It is indeed a very much darker version of the events after Eclipse. What you have here is angst and horror, and quite a mighty fine version of it, as well.

The story starts out with Edward and Bella basically partaking in a make out session, just weeks before the wedding. Edward nearly loses control of his monster. But, to make matters worse, Bella does something that well...just makes him lose it all together. What ensues is an act of violence that ultimately leads to Bella's life as a newborn.

There is so much angst and Emo in this story, that sometimes it seems a little too much. BUT, but, it sort of balances itself out when you see some point blank realizations made by the characters. Not just through thoughts, but through actions as well. Honestly, you might start this story, read through chapter one, and decide you are through. I encourage all of you who do give this wonderful story a try, to continue on. It really is a great piece of work.

I also wish I had known this story was out there before now because we could have used this story last month for a rec for Emmett. He has a few moments in this story so far that give his character some worthy class and intelligence, while still being the comedian that he is.

Go read this story. Demon spawn does not exist! The only demons are those that belong to Edward and Bella as they battle through feelings of loss, dignity, and respect. At the same time, they both suffer through humiliation and endure it as well. It's a WIP, and I can't wait to see what happens next.

Maelyn recommends Elemental by TallulahBelle

AU/AH: When the Swans return to their birthplace, Bella learns she is no ordinary teenager, and Forks is no ordinary town. Can she fulfill her destiny with the powerful Edward Cullen, or will the dark forces that threaten their families destroy them all? B/E Rated M

Most fics I tend to like either have an interesting/original spin or are D/s oriented. This one is definitely original.

They are witches, not vampires. And something evil is coming, threatening the coven. It’s already destroyed others and they are next. Foreboding, isn’t it?

To start, Bella has no idea what she is. So, the author takes you through Bella finding out and her dealing with being a witch, which isn’t easy for her to take in – not just that she’s a witch, but that her parents hadn’t ever told her, etc. On top of that, there are things she knows she’s not being told, which frustrates her, understandably.

So, she starts to learn about her power and what she can do. Add in school and new friends and new enemies and an Edward who does nothing but give her dirty looks, and Bella is having the time of her life, right? Right…

Oh, and to make it more interesting? Imprinting. Yeah, you find your mate via imprinting, which occurs after you’ve both had your 18th birthday. Now, I’d tell you how interesting this lil tidbit is, but I really don’t want to ruin it. The imprinting chapter is just…wow!

I really, really can’t recommend this story enough for its originality. There is so much going on and the author is only telling you in bits and pieces, but giving hints here and there. I like how it’s unfolding, even if it frustrates me not knowing some things. So please, check it out! You won’t be disappointed!

missmaj recommends Running by Merina Green

What do you do when someone steals your Happily Ever After? Sometimes eternity can take an unexpected turn. J/B. M-rating

Jasper in a wetsuit. Is that enough to convince you to read this? How about Jasper performing stealth-like Bond moves? Yummy image, isn't it?

This is a fresh, new take on the AU. The story begins with the Cullens frantically looking for Bella, who vanished without a trace. She and Edward left for Italy, under the Volturi's orders to show them that Bella has, indeed, been changed into a vampire. Edward and Bella never return, and Edward is...dead. (Gasp!)

Alice was unable to see Bella until now. From the sketches it looks like Bella is somewhere in... get this... fucking Siberia! (How awesome is that!) With these newfound details, Jasper, with Bond-like moves, donning a freaking WETSUIT, decides he will go and bring Bella back home.

Meanwhile, Bella is disoriented, as bits and pieces of what has happened to her are hazy.

The writer manages to maintain good humour and suspense in this story, and I love it. The story itself is only nine chapters in, and I cannot wait for more.

The writer, Merina Green, was fortunate enough to win the amazing Tina, my fellow Lambie-pie at FGB. In return, JaspersDestiny is a very lucky beta to get her hands on this awesome fic before anyone else.


  1. Thanks so much for the Rec, missmaj!

  2. You're very welcome!
    You had me at wetsuit. And the image of Jasper frolicking around the beach nekkid... om nom nom nom... (that didn't happen, but he thought of it) *swoon*
    No, seriously. Very fresh, very different take on AU. Well done, bb.