Tuesday, January 12, 2010

thatisastory Update!


Get ready for it! Can you handle it? Woot!

A message from thatisastory:

Hey Tina!!

Okay, so y'all have been unimaginably patient with me, and I can't begin to
express my gratitude for that! Work is much better (I discovered that the
advertising world is brutal around the holidays! Forget Worklife/Life/Online
Life balance, it was all Worklife.) On top of that I've moved into a house of
my very own--so double trouble there, new job + new house! I have great news though: My little outlet for stress, happiness, and creativity has been Vie!

I've got a second chapter with the beta right now, and she's rather quick on
turnaround, so I'm hoping to have it posted within the next two days. I think
I've added in a bit of a 'reward' moment in there too, something y'all did not
see in Afterlife. *grin* At 7300 words, I have to say this chapter was a
bear to write size wise, but it absolutely had to be that long. Chapter 3 is
already in the works, I hope to have this out in the next few weeks. I'm
looking forward to sharing Vie's vampire lore and history with y'all, and I'm
especially excited to introduce you to a lot of original characters.

Thanks for your love and patience!! And thanks so much for all the


Oh, swoon! 7,300 words AND a lemon? I can hardly wait *let's go beta, let's go! let's go beta, let's go!*

Ah, the joy...


  1. Best news I've heard today! *fist pump*

  2. Oooh... is that a Vie update in my inbox???