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Wednesday One Shots for 01/27/10

Wednesday One Shots

IdreamofEddy recommends Pinholes and Passageways by dolphin62598

Edward watches Bella from the two apartments on either side of hers. What happens when Bella discovers a peephole and pays him a visit?
AH, OOC Pairing: Edward/Bella Rating: M

Okay, so PAP was a one shot written for the Mentalward contest. Basically, you have Edward Cullen who is crazy obsessed with his neighbor - and sister's friend - Bella. So, some of us have always thought that Edward's stalkerish tendencies to stake out Bella's bedroom were bad. haven't seen anything yet. This Edward has his game DOWN! And he's a sick bastard, stealing Bella's dirty underwear and then jacking off while rubbing his face in them. I kind of like him. Anyways, this is a good little one shot based on some Edward-crazy, and it turns out, Bella isn't so sane herself. Go enjoy it. Then check them holes.

JaspersBella recommends Soulmates by RobotMoose

A dual birthday and a dual birthday present. A O/S for TruMarine through the FGB Auction. Pairing: Jasper/Bella Rating: M

Jasper and Bella have been best friends since the third grade and discover they share the same birthday. They did everything together growing up and were hardly ever separated. When they were twelve, they made a pact that if they hadn't found 'the one' by the time they were thirty, they would marry each other. Well, guess what? It's their 30th birthday and neither have found that 'someone special'. Jasper lives a few states away, but he has traveled to Bella's to spend their birthday together and with friends. Right off the bat, I loved this o/s. It's sweet and funny. There is a lot of flirting and sexual tension between Jasper and Bella. You can tell they have that spark between them, but it doesn't look like they will seriously admit it to the other. There are so many times during this story where I yelled, "Oh, come on, just go ahead and fuck each other." They are so close and so comfortable together that you can't help but want them to open their eyes and see what's right in front of them. without giving too much away - cue the birthday party at a bar, everyone's having a good time, a moment between the two happen, there's a slight accident, they go home and discover they're true soulmates.

JaspersDestiny recommends Barrier by Mrs.Northman

Edward and Bella are having difficulties with their sexual frustrations. They come to an agreement that they both can live with until Bella is safely changed. When Bella has questions about her vampiric sexual experience, will her doctor be able to help? Pairing: Bella/Carlisle Rating: M.

Well, one day I was searching around for Bella/Carlisle fics after reading mrsalreyami's A Light in the Darkness because Carlisle is sooooo hot in that story (thanks, Tara!).

Anyway, I came across this little one shot on July 14, 2009, and it, too, is HOT. Bella is frustrated because Edward is a wittle scaredy-cat about breaking Bella's hymen (what else is new?), but the alternative is not appealing to Bella (imagine your hymen breaking every time you have sex as a vampire?). So, Bella decides to plead her case to Dr. Carlisle. I mean, really, if anyone has the control and experience to help Bella out, it's Carlisle, right?

Carlisle's plan of action is innocent enough at the beginning (hi there, Mr. the meadow, the blanket, and luscious Miss Bella), but...sometimes a man's got to do what a man's got to do - God bless the MEN of this world!

What we are given is a fuck hot lemon...Carlisle is a dirrrrty man - guttural, dirty-talking, sexy as ****, and he makes Bella scream quite a few times.

Read it. You will not be disappointed! I got all excited just re-reading it again now...mmmm...Carlisle...

Maelyn recommends Haunted Mansion by Edwardsgirlfriend1

Bella and Alice are walking down the street one day when they come to a haunted house. What'll happen once they go inside... LEMONS! One shot unless you want more...Rated MI opted for naughty goodness this time. Pairing: Bella/Edward Rating: M

Bella is a lil feisty in this one, which I like. When they come upon the house, Bella wants to go inside, but Alice (who is at times called Sarah in the fic?) is too scared to. So, Bella goes alone and finds a room filled with some interesting toys and a man to use them on her. I don't want to ruin any of the good stuff, but it's definitely worth the read and it has a bit of a twist, which I always love. So enjoy!

missmaj recommends Kerry's One Shots by abbymickey24

Jasper is a DILF. Do I need to say more? Pairing: Jasper/Bella Rating: M

Jasper is Sophie's dad and Bella is a pediatrician. Jasper is a major DILF, the kind of dad who makes everybody's head turn, including Bella's. *sigh* (Must get back to business before my imagination takes me further into space). One day, an unexpected visitor comes to Bella's office and things get, well, you know...*grins*

As yummy as the lemon may be, it wasn't what captured my attention. It's the surprise ending that is so sweet and endearing that it made me smile like a fool.

Well, whoever Kerry is, thank you for making abbymickey24 write this one-shot.

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  1. Thank you so much for rec'ing my story! (PAP) I'm excited to check out the others that have been rec'd too! :)