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Wednesday One Shots for 01/13/10

And, as usual, our lovely catonspeed is STILL on vacation.

IdreamofEddy recommends Dog Days by SweetDulcinea

A birthday gift for keepingupwiththekids - Bella loves dogs, and they love her right back. Maybe a little too much. Crackfic? Yeah, let's go with that...Rated: T Pairing: Bella & Edward

I'm not quite sure how I found this fic. I was profile jumping, fully intending on rec'ing another one shot when I found this one, instead. I mean, come on. Read the summary. It just er...sticks out?

So, okay, Bella has an issue with a dog named Jake. He won't stay out of her cooch. He's constantly trying to stick his nose up her hooha. I won't say anymore other than you need to read the story to see what happens. Keep in mind that this is Edward and Bella.

This story might be considered crackfic, but I actually thought it was just a cute little story and it made me smile. Can't we all use one these days? Anyways, I liked it.

JaspersBella recommends Chasing Nightmares by whiterelections12

POST BREAKING DAWN! As promised, Jasper and Renesmee fluff! Because he never gets enough time, especially not with his niece. If there's one thing Jasper's perfect for, it's chasing away nightmares... Rated: K+ Pairing: Jasper/Renesmee(Nessie)

So, I decided to go the way of fluff, and not smut, with this rec. And, of course, it’s about my favorite man, Jasper. I can’t help myself, but I’m trying to expand my mind (anybody got any good Peter stories?), see expanded.

This story starts off with Jasper, way too damn early in the early morning, bored outta his mind with nothing and no one to do. Alice won’t entertain him because she is too busy online shopping for Nessie for more clothes (yeah, go figure, Alice+shopping). Jasper is flipping thru the t.v., changing channels from bad infomercials to even worse Civil War movies. Enter Edward and a frightened Nessie. Jasper immediately goes on “Danger, Will Robinson” alert only to find out that Nessie has been having awful nightmares about the battle. She’s fearful that Aro will come back, kill her family, and take her away. She wants her Uncle Jasper to hold her and protect her. Jasper is completely confused by this because he has kept his distance from her, dealing with his own “nightmares” of being a monster who could hurt her. Nessie “shows” him her thoughts of how much she has thought of him and how much she loves him. With Nessie’s help, Jasper realizes that he’s not a monster, but a knight (hero) that can slay dragons (bad guys). I just find this to be a very sweet story and I haven’t really seen anything else out there like this.

JaspersDestiny recommends Sex on Fire by ilsuocantante

Bella has a fever, and Edward struggles to resist her hot little body. Rated: M Pairing: Bella & Edward

Yeah, I'm branching out a bit. Yay, me! An Edward/Bella one shot. Imagine them bananas! My problem with canon Edward has always been that he is unable to give in to his desire for Bella. He's too controlled, to 'protective', too...much! My problem with canon Bella has always been that she doesn't assert herself enough.

Enter Sex on Fire/ugh, I do love me some Kings of Leon! Great title! Bella is sick. She has a very high fever - although how high is undetermined...she would feel hot to Edward on the coldest day. But, a fever she has, nonetheless. Edward is worried about her (big shock), and he refuses to go hunting with Emmett so he can watch over Bella. Well, imagine being Edward and feeling Bella's feverish heat? Uh huh. Edward likes it; he likes it a lot! I'll nitpick a bit with Bella's situation: she has a fever, right? With a fever, you tend to feel cold (per Wikipedia-->I looked it up because I have never felt 'hot' when feverish; in fact, I have only ever felt ridiculously Vamp-like). Please don't flame me for this! I am not being bitchy, seriously! Besides, it wouldn't work out very well if Bella felt cold, right? She'd be all like, "Ugh, Edward! Get out of my bed!" (I swear, I am not on drugs right now, I'm just feeling...wacky).

Anyway, apparently Edward's chilly body feels good to her, too. Really good. Hot and cold meet, and Edward, well, Edward allows himself to lose that control I despise. He decides to be her personal, icy thermometer after some stern demands from Bella. What a lemon! It is well-written and hot as puns intended.

This is a great one shot! I enjoyed it in the most absurd way. Bella's bold, Edward's horny, the sex is great, and there's even a little humour thrown in at the end. See? If Edward could always be like this, I would read him much more often! Much more...*flies off to search FFn for more of THIS kind of Vampward*

Maelyn recommends Multiples by tennisjunkie

Summary: Bella and Edward are friends, and occasionally lovers. In a fit of sexual frustration, she asks him to come over for what Edward terms a "booty call." What follows is the best sex of her life. FYI - this is GRAPHIC. And basically just porn. But good porn, if I do say so myself... Rated: M Pairing: Bella & Edward

Have you ever had one of those nights when you're single and your toys just aren't enough? Don't I fucking wish I had this Edward to call in those moments...*thud*

I like this one. Actually, I love it. I've read it 'multiple' *snickers* times. It's pretty much a complete fucking lemon from start to finish, yet somehow it still has some substance. But really, I just like the lemon, cuz it's fucking hot.

I've had sessions like this with boyfriends in the past and let me tell you, there are times I really miss them. Someone to call who will drop everything as soon as they can to some make sure you are completely satisfied, repeatedly, and again, and again...I'm getting hot just thinking about it.

Anyway, if you want a fuckhot, sexy lemon, go read this! You won't regret it!

MissMaj recommends Jasper's On the Go Cafe by mrsalreyami

Bella, a single editor for a women's magazine, takes notice of the new cafe owner in the lobby of her building. What happens when the striking blond cowboy returns her interest? Rated: M Pairing: Jasper/Bella AH

Surprise, surprise, it's another J/B recommendation from Maj! Hey, it's free-for-all month! I may as well milk it for all it's worth, right?

The summary pretty much explains what may or may not happen in this yummy o/s written by mrsalreyami (Clue: It does have a happy ending, in more ways than one. *grins*). It has everything you could ask for: Cowboysper, the accent, and she tops it off with a delicious lemon. One-shot trifecta, if I may say so myself.

My apologies, Tara. As much as I would love to leave an extra-long review for this o/s, I decided to write a short, but sweet, one for fear of ruining the plotline.

Last but not least, I bow down to MaitresseSaint for bidding and winning this awesome piece at FGB auction.

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