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Wednesday One Shots for 1/6/10

Our lil kitty kitty, catonspeed, is still away enjoying her vacation. I hope she's having a great time, even if I am jealous as hell. *pouts* Regardless, WE MISS YOU, LUCY!! *kissies*

IdreamofEddy recommends Bleed by sumisimas

Yeah, okay, so if you're one of those readers who gets a little nauseated at even just the summary you read above, then I guess I should probably recommend that you don't read this one shot. *Mumbles under my breath* Sensitive bitches...

As it reads above, Bleed is an entry for the Mentalward Contest, and it's currently in its voting phase. I actually read this last week when it made its way through Twitter.

I've read it now three times. This one-shot (currently) is very graphic, and very descriptive. Not just with the actual physical acts of violence, but in setting the scene. The details alone of just the surroundings keep your eyes glued to the screen - you can feel the chill that this fic seems to give off. It simply enthralls you in a way you never thought you could be enthralled. But I'm a sick bitch like that.

And to sumisimas, maybe I'm seeing too much into this fic, but the use of cold...vampires are cold...the tasting of her blood...vampires again. If you didn't intend to put the connection in there, it is there. Wow.

So, a brief little extension on the summary above: basically, we have a deranged and psychotic Edward. The author plans to make this o/s a multi-chapter fic after the contest concludes, but the author left this fic wide open in so many different ways that he/she could proceed with it. There's a brief glimpse into Edward Masen's history and it would seem that Edward has been deeply disturbed and prone to violence since he was a child.

Now, Bella is the victim in this fic, and you can easily envision how it is she wakes up to find herself hanging from the ceiling in a dark and decomposing room with the rank scent of death in the air. She is unable to completely recall events. Now, there is a history with Bella, as well, that the author could expand on if he/she so chose to, because it's mentioned that Renee has passed on but the reason why is not mentioned. The Bella in this story, however, is a strong-willed character, and she tries to think through her predicament - she tries to survive.

Now, I have never hated a Jasper in a story before, but the fucker in this one just needs to die. End of story. He is basically a straight out pussy. He's the set-up and electronics guy, but he never hangs around for the show, or participates. Which just makes him a sick bastard, and not psychotic, hence the reason he needs to die. And, Alice? Eh, she's the typical bitch and plays her part as she always does. Materialistic, annoying, and you just want to snap her fucking neck.

The fic was just superbly written. It is graphically violent. It is disturbing, and it will make you squirm in your seat. I LOVED it. And the ending was probably one of the best cliffhangers I have ever seen. I knew it was only a matter of time before an author would push the limit and I think this is the fic that will do it. Well done, sumisimas.

P.S. It's not hard to figure out who my vote was for.

JaspersDestiny recommends The Taste of a Kiss by Insideitall

I would never forget the taste of a kiss. Rated T. Jasper/Bella

Well, I can always count on my go-to girl for a one shot recommendation! I've been such a busy bee lately, though, so I hadn't even noticed that Insideitall had updated with this new one shot back in November *yikes*. She even asked me in an email a while ago whether I had had a chance to read it yet...I feel bad. Bad fangirl, BAD!

So, this is a Jasper/Bella one shot (big shock for me, I know), but it's not romantic. It's so sad, actually, I seriously cried. It takes place 10 years after the dreaded birthday party in New Moon. Jasper has come back to check up on Bella, but what is awaiting him when he gets there is not entirely what he expects. Shit, it wasn't what I was expecting. Surprise ending...holy surprise!

The funny thing is, after reading the reviews posted to this story, a few reviewers question why Jasper doesn't just do a certain something (I refuse to give anything away here), but it's apparent from the story itself - Bella's situation and Jasper even realizes it - that it would be too late. Just.Too.Late. But, we can count on Jasper every time to make good in any situation.

As with all of Insideitall's work, I recommend this one shot be read. She never ceases to amaze me, surprising her readers with something always completely different from what you would normally expect. Stories don't always come wrapped in pretty little bows with endings you always wish for.

You may or may not cry reading this one shot, but it certainly will pull on your heart strings.

Maelyn recommends A Kiss to Remember by wishimight

England 1818 - Bella finds a badly beaten stranger & nurses him back to health. When he awakes, he has no recollection of who he is. Can their love survive when his memory returns? And what of James Masen, the "Devil" Duke of Forkshire? Age of Edward. B/E Rated M.

I really enjoyed a few of the Age of Edward contest entries, but this was one of my favorites. In fact, it was the favorite of a lot of people because it won! I had to choose this one because it is one of my favorite one-shots out there.

Set in Victorian England, I fell in love with this one-shot. The characters are engaging and you really get into what they are feeling throughout the story.

Bella is fairly strong - for the time period, definitely - and I love that about her. The things she endures being a young woman on her own with only another young woman for aid is just phenomenal. That she has the strength of character to try and do something about it is even better.

I did find it slightly comical that she stitched up Eddie-boy without freaking or fainting at the blood, but there is nothing that says that all canon aspects must be in a fic, right? Otherwise, I'd be in trouble with my own!

As for Eddie, well, he was just all kinds of adorable hotness, if you ask me. Not hot in the panty-dropping sense, but more the romantic gentleman kind of way where he melts your heart.

When the shit really hits the fan, you almost want to cry for them and yell at the screen "Nooo!". But don't fret, dear readers. The author does give us a happy ending.

missmaj recommends Logic Has Died Weeping by iSparkle616

Breaking Dawn, condensed. Fourth and final installment in the Twilight Mockery series. Rated, as always, for swearing and blunt honesty. Rated T

This is a hilarious parody to Breaking Dawn. If you have neither read the book nor have any intention to, this is the perfect cliff note's version of it. Which one would you choose? 700-plus pages of pure um...whatnot...or 1700 words that will definitely make you laugh from beginning to end?

iSparkle616 also wrote a parody for New Moon and Eclipse, as well as a Supernatural-Twilight crossover multi-fic. Go visit her profile and read the rest of her gems.

I have to end this review with a big, huge thanks to Tara aka mrsalreyami for the recommendation. She obviously knew what I wanted and this is definitely my kind of story.


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