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Wednesday One Shots for 01/20/10

Wednesday One Shots

catonspeed recommends Places You've Never Been by mrsalreyami

AU, AH: Dr Cullen sees a woman in the hospital who captivates him and consumes him with desire. Is she feeling it too? Rating: M Pairing: Bella/Carlisle

Is she feeling it, too? the Pope a catholic? Do bears shit in the woods? The answer to all of these questions, my dear reader, is a resounding 'YES, YES, YES' (see me channelling my Meg Ryan there? *wink*).

Dirty Talking Carlisle delivers in more ways than one, and this cheeky lil O/S elevates him nicely from the canon 'Dad' image that is so often used. He's sensual, naughty, and my eyes were just crawling over the screen as I read this. The intro is nice, the lemon is HAWT, and shit, he can take me up against the door any time.

Paging Dr Cullen. Dr Cullen...Your 12 o'clock is here and waiting in your office for a physical...

Jaspers Bella recommends Birthday Massacre by Starlight_Disaster

Jasper loses control on Bella's birthday. Rated: K Pairing: Jasper & Edward (not what you think)

You guys are going to LOVE this o/s, with an ending that no one will suspect. A tragic event occurs the day of Bella’s birthday. Jasper can’t resist the sweet scent and attacks, leaving Edward in despair. Don’t kill me! I, like Jasper, couldn’t resist.

JaspersDestiny recommends by Revenge, Goddess' and Because I Could by JaspersStoryAlter

Alice makes a choice, Bella accepts she has all she can of Edwrard and some is better than none, then theres Jasper who thinks its all sh*t. Rating: M Pairing: Jasper

Yes. I cannot stop raving about this author's ability to one shot my way to squeedom. Sorry, but it is true. And, no. I hardly know her. Do I know her 'alternate' ID? You bet I do. Will I ever tell? Not a chance. I am sworn to secrecy...but under both author profiles, she is awesome!

missmaj, SJRangel78, and I were up one night on Twitter while JaspersStoryAlter was discussing the imminent posting of this one shot (supposedly it will be a future multi-chap). FedEx decided that this one shot would, indeed, be available to all of you to read.

JaspersStoryAlter is known as @Arabella_author on Twitter. Follow her. And appreciate the divinity that she is. Does she need a beta sometimes? Yeah. But, bitch on her, and you will feel my wrath *squints eyes Eastwood-style*. The beauty that is her storytelling cannot be marred by such a simple thing as a grammatical or spelling error. So, if you are a snob, stay away! You will miss the beauty in its entirety, so why bother wasting your 'precious' time?

JaspersStoryAlter (and her 'other' fan fic profile) is probably one of the first authors I ever faved on FFn. I was a picky bitch back in the day (I still am, for the most part), and she immediately wooed me in with her ability to captivate me with only ONE one shot. She pisses me off with her creative lunacy, however, in that she begins MANY fics, only to start others, leaving previous stories behind. She knows this. And, I think she gets a kick out of getting a rise out of me *snarls*.

This one shot is deep. Edward and Alice have a 'thing' going on...the bastards...and I don't want to say too much about how I actually feel at this point with regards to Bella's take on the matter (the wussy), but Jasper is intent on 'ruining' Bella; to make her feel his pain (JaspersStoryAlter has an insane ability when it comes to making anyone feel Jasper). It doesn't quite work out that way for him...or her, though - love it!!! And the aftermath? Delish...

Read, review, and PUSH JaspersStoryAlter to greatness. She's a humble little thing, and she deserves all of your love!

Now, focus, woman! You have too many fics that need to be resolved! *runs off to the 'batty' cages*

Maelyn recommends The GreenEyed Monster Comes Out to Play by kimpy0464

Bella Swan is a nurse in the Pediatric ICU, where Dr. Edward Cullen works. Sexual tension has been building between them for months. Will a session of heavy flirting over tequila shots resolve it? Second place winner in the Parkaward Contest. Rated: M AH Pairing: Bella/Edward

This fic is just...UNF. One of my favorite Edwards, for sure, AND he has a parka! *swoons*

Edward in this is a hot doctor in the pediatric ICU who just wants to help kids. He also likes to go commando under his scrubs, something many of the nurses, including Bella, can't help but notice.

Bella has a fetish - you got it - for uncut cocks. I can't say I blame her, either. I have to say the thing with the syringe? I wanna try that and see if it works...

They have a great chemistry, bantering back and forth, friendly and flirty. It all culminates over a game of KFM that Alice makes Bella play and Edward overhears. A few (a lot) rounds of shots later, and Bella is confessing everything, including her little fetish. When Edward confesses he's uncut, she practically drags him out of the bar. They barely get into his condo before she's ripping off his scrubs to worship at the glory of his uncut cock. If you don't believe me, here's a quote:

"I can’t keep my hands off of it. It’s like the fucking Holy Grail. I need to touch it. I need to suck it. And most of all, I really need to be fucked by it, hard and repeatedly. I’m considering striking up a relationship with it. Screw Cullen, all I truly need is his amazing cock. To screw me."

Really, do you need anything more? Cuz believe me, that little quote is only the smallest bit of the awesomeness that is this lemon... Go! Read! Now! *giggles*

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  1. As always your boosting my ego while being quite the cheeky bugger Tina. Thanks.

    The next chap of DoV is only a few lines away, I just need to decide what to vote on and therefore the very end of the chap. *peeks out of cover* Promise it will be very very soon (-:

    Oh, and have at anything you wish to Beta. I know I need it but never quite get around to organising it. :-D