Saturday, January 2, 2010

Where in the world is...journey2002?


Back when I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was at a loss due to my own resources to feature an author in this weekly segment, I made a plea to our followers to forward me anyone they would like to see featured. One of two things happened:

1) I received an insane amount of requests for journey2002 and her story The Air That I Breathe, and

2) I couldn't believe that I hadn't recognized The Air That I Breathe from my list of story alerts to begin with and, thus, have an "easy" for my Saturday segment. Blind eyes, and all, I guess!

Back on November 8th, fellow Lamb, Maelyn, recommended and reviewed The Air That I Breathe:

This is one of my favorite stories out there, even if the author doesn’t update very often. Why? Because it is so original. Jasper is so dark and tortured that you just want to scoop him up and tell him everything will be okay, even if he’d never let you get close enough. This is definitely the God of War type Jasper that so many of us love. Bella is a badass herself, even though she is human in this story. She's just as dark as Jasper and with good reason, her story being so dark and tragic that she actually is a good match for this Jasper. I love a Bella who stands up for herself and doesn't take shit. You have to enjoy watching how they both knock each other back a few pegs, both deal with their internal issues while learning of the other's, and both do their best to deal with the growing attraction to the other. It's a great read that I hope you give a try if you haven't already.

I agree with Mae, this is one of my favourite stories, too, and also because it is so original. Very original.

So, I commented back to those who contacted me, stating that I would feature journey2002 soon, BUT that knowing my luck, she would update before I was set to post.

My plan was to feature journey2002 today, on January 2, 2010. Here's where the gigglesnort comes in...yesterday, on New Year's Eve, I get an email announcing that The Air That I Breathe has just updated with a new chapter! Well, colour me speechless! I should have purchased a lottery ticket...

journey2002 PM'd me and we chatted back and forth, especially concerning my Saturday segment and what my plan had been:

LOL! How ironic is that. I love that segment that you do. You are welcome to still use me. We can just say 'Where in the world is she'...oh wait, I think I just saw her! It's unbelievable.

Thanks again for the recognition and the kind words here. Writing is and always has been very thereputic for me which is why I was so surprised that I couldn't get words to form in these last few months. But, Jasper is talking again (and he has a lot to say). I hated leaving everyone in the lurch like that, but I really didn't want to do an Author's Note as an update.

Unbelievable, indeed!

So, it is fair to say that journey2002 has not had an easy time as of late. She unfortunately suffered a miscarriage, as she states in her Author's Notes in her most recently updated Chapter 16:

It’s New Year’s Eve, the start of a new year, and hopefully, it will be that for me. I cannot apologize to each of you enough for the delay in updating. In short answer, I had a miscarriage that completely decimated me for a time (I will include a longer detailed author’s note at the bottom for those of you who might want the details.) Needless to say, I was not in the frame of mind to write for some time.

I realize that many of you might have lost interest in the story…so many months in between updates can cause the flow of the story to be completely lost. I just hope I have not lost too many readers. For those of you who continued to read and review during this time…thanks. Your words brought me joy, even when they were begs for updates or PM questioning my lack of response I still completely enjoyed knowing that others were reading the story.

I will be honest that I am unsure with this chapter. Jasper is beginning to turn a corner, even if he doesn’t know it. But there is a sadness that still lingers in me and I’ve worked very hard to keep it from spilling over to him too much.

For those of you able to pick back up in the flow of the story…here is the latest update. I am going to try to return to the once a week update. I am not giving up on this story.

So, to you, journey2002, as one of your many, many fans, I sincerely hope that 2010 is the start of a wonderful new year for you. You don't need to apologize to us for not updating, at all. We just wonder sometimes where an author has disappeared to, whether they have lost interest in their story, and whether we will ever see them again! I think it is safe to say that we all understand wholeheartedly why you were not in the right frame of mind to write. I certainly hope no one has lost interest in your story. I know I haven't, that's for sure!

And, don't be unsure about this latest chapter, hon! I loved it, and while Jasper is beginning to turn a corner, we know that this will be a long ride, and it is this battle Jasper is fighting within himself that draws us deeper into your story. That and the fact that while some headway has been made between him and Bella, their growing connection to one another is just that: a growing connection. There are no instant declarations made to each other, which I love. I am so eager to see where this adventure leads us. Also, remember that your real life feelings, when 'penned to paper', oftentimes lead to a better story and a cathartic way by which one can deal with one's emotions.

To anyone who has not read The Air That I Breathe, I suggest you click on the link right here, settle back, and enjoy the long ride. I know I do. Don't forget your pretzels are always at my side /wink.

Oh, and as a side note, journey2002 has asked me:

If you can track her down though, I'd love to know what happened to Midnight Seductress. She has some awesome Jasper and Bella stories.

HA HA Hahahahaha...choke...major gigglesnort. Yep, hon, I've been there, done that. Read my segment on her here. She's elusive, that Midnight Seductress. I love her fics, too. But, I'm not going to bug her anymore because something is tickling the back of my neck, telling me that maybe, just maybe, something in real life has descended upon her, too, like it did for you. But, I'll tell you, the moment she updates either Destiny Awaits or Learning to Breathe, I'm going to do a monkey-shake and hide out in a small corner, licking up her words like they are sugar...


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