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Where In The World Is....vampvixen01?

Where in the World

Okay, bear with me here, people. This week's Where In The World is brought to you by IdreamofEddy. Tina is taking a much well-deserved weekend off to rest and spend some time with family while she also takes care of her obligations for her recently completed Shitteous Crap Contest.

So, I found this story in November of '08, called Sparkling Angel by vampvixen01. Sparkling Angel is an AU story based after Edward left Bella in New Moon. It's an 'other character' story, and it's quite original - and quite good, I might add. Christopher, who is looking for the Cullens, stumbles upon some scents leading directly into Bella's room. Bella, of course, thinks Christopher is there to eat her, because he does have red eyes. He is simply trying to find his 'penance'.

Sparkling Angel is angsty, from Bella's brooding all the way to Christopher's (the other character's) mysterious behavior and background. Now, being an other character story writer myself, I can tell you that while some might think it's easy to invent and create a history and a characterization around someone, it's not. But it is great practice to explore your creativity. Vampvixen01 got creative all right. Christopher is IT.

You get to experience how both Bella and Christopher really compliment the other, and later on how much they need each other. Both are broken, and through the encouragement and friendship, feelings of love are discovered. They are, however, unrealized until the end. Edward's return, of course, puts a damper on things, but what he comes back to is a much stronger Bella who's not so forgiving and not so..boring. At least that's what he sees and experiences. With Bella and Christopher it's a whole other story.

Sparkling Angel was completed in March of 2008. Now, it would have been fine as a stand alone story, but the author decided to publish a sequel, and Whoa! What a wonderful sequel it has been! far. My Angel is the sequel, and she pushed the rating level up one notch. Exciting times ahead were expected widely by all of Sparkling Angel's fans. We readers of My Angel were juuuuussstt getting into some..exploratory plot points with Bella and Christopher when the updates stopped.

My Angel is based after the events in Sparkling Angel. Bella and Christopher move away from Seattle so she can attend Harvard. In the chapters that were published, Bella grew accustomed to school, met a friend, and the relationship started to progress sexually. Then here comes Edward, busting down the damn door while Bella and Christopher are half naked on the floor..To be continued?

So, where in the world is vampvixen01? Well, first of all, according to her profile information, her name is Sam. At the last profile update on July 29, 2009, she is 21 years old, had a boyfriend that she moved in with at Chapter 5's update, and he is her Edward. She also had received a degree in Literature, and she is from England.

Now, in October of 2008, vampvixen01 updated her story with an Author's Note telling her readers that she was suffering from a case of writer's block. At the end of March 2009, we received an update. She was still working through her writer's block but WOW! It was such a fantastic chapter. Edward busting down the door to Christopher and Bella's apartment after some fun times by our lovely couple was a heck of an ending..but..the end? Say it isn't so!

So, Sam...believe me, I more than know how life can get in the way. It's been almost four months since my last update. Things happen. Life is never easy. But we, your readers of Sparkling Angel and My Angel, would just like to know if you do have plans that include the continuation of this wonderful story. And it is wonderful. At 536 reviews for six Chapters, we dare say that it is indeed a hit. Either way, darling, we do applaud you for giving us the wonderful tale of Sparkling Angel.

Thank You.


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