Friday, February 12, 2010

Congratulations and Well Wishes/Fuckery for our very own catonspeed!

Now, some would say this is sad news, and it is, but Lucy is someone we are all proud of, and we are all thankful that we have had the opportunity to work with her on this blog, chatting with her on Skype, on Twitter, and in the unbelievable realms that Gmail tends to operate.

Lucy's career centers around working around natural hazards and disasters, and as of recently this has included the relief effort in Haiti. Today we received word from Lucy that she was offered a consultancy project that can really have some great effects on her career as a whole, and she, of course, has to take that opportunity. I'm sure more than a few of us know that when an opportunity like this presents itself, you can't say 'no' unless you're unsure of yourself. Lucy is a well-rounded individual who knows what she wants to achieve and she makes a difference. She is a go-getter and a confident lady (I do not use that term lightly), not just in the world of Twilight Fan-fiction but in the real world, as well, and that takes precedence over anything.

So, she's scaling back. She has to. Her free time just became shorter. To say she's leaving the blog, though, is something that to me says 'goodbye', and I hate 'goodbyes.' But she has to step off of it because we do have a certain responsibility to keep in running. So, Lucy is stepping off of ALASL, she's scaling down the things she does for certain aspects of this community, and that's why we're posting this. Lucy is a welcome presence around here - she always has been and she always will be. She knows this.

Lucy will continue working on The Last Mile. Frankly, I told her that if there was a choice between this blog and her writing, I'd rather see her writing because that's how we all came into this fandom in the first place - as readers first, and as writers. Lucy's writing is...amazing. Shocking. Powerful. She can pull off humor in the most dire of circumstances and she can literally take your breath away with just one sentence.

So, please, leave your comments below for Lucy. Tell her to not be a stranger because she won't ever be a stranger around here. Congratulations are in order here, not goodbyes. I, for one, am happy to have gotten to know her and I am proud of what she WILL accomplish.

We're ass-raping this post with fuckery of all fashions, and below this post you'll see her Meet and Greet, one of the best as of this date. We will miss your presence around here, Lucy, but we also know that you'll be out there making a difference.

Wishing only the best for you, Lucy.

Christina, Kaylene, Maj, Maelyn, and Wendy.

Courtesy of Wendy:

Lucy had a day where she wanted everyone to #showmeyourmug on Twitter. I didn't have a mug at work so I showed my Coke Zero can. She proceeded to make fun of me the rest of the day. When I got home, I created this mug for her.

I really don't know what to say about Lucy.
I met her over a Late Show skype call one night and I fell in love with her voice once she said, "Charts and Graphs." Lucy has been an awesome friend and has provided loads of fuckery and duckery. I laugh every day at something that she has tweeted. I can't look at LOLcats without thinking of her. Thanks for everything that you have done for the Lambs, LucyLoo, and I love you very much. You will be missed but not forgotten, and certainly never replaced. Congratulations on your new job and I'm really proud of you. *hugs, kisses, and gropes*

We are sure, however, that Lucy will be around to give all her Twitter folk some Charts and Graphs to appreciate. So here are some from us to you, Lucy:

Tina's contributory farewell for your love for all things maps, charts, and graphs (because she only knows how to scout out music videos, apparently):

And because Tina knows you love Rufus - and since she loves Martha - and because we're feeling sad at your leaving us but want you to know that we love you, kitty cat (a note from Tina: I am going to fucking miss you, Lucy. Keep in touch whenever you can...I'll forward you Running chapters as I beta...and I wish you all the very best, hon):

From Tina: Real life is the most important thing there is. This is all fun - the writing, the antics, the fuckery, the blogging, the Twitter...and sometimes it can get to be too much with everything that real life throws your way. So, stick it to the man...this is my 'rise my army, rise' to you, Lucy, this little bit of Martha. Because she sings to my soul. Stay true to yourself and to your accomplished work - both on and off fan fiction - never let anything stop you in your quest for greatness. I wish I could have the honour of actually meeting you in person one day, so time I'm in London, I'll hit you up! I look forward to all of your writing too, Lucy, so contact me whenever if you ever need anything. And just live your life to the fullest:

And, because this is - we hope - ONLY a goodbye for now...

...and we truly hope to be singing this in the future:

Some LolCat fuckery from Wendy:

funny pictures of cats with captions

funny pictures

don�t go pleez


funny pictures of cats with captions

And some from Maj....

And I was particular to these.......

By the way, can you answer this question?


  1. Congrats on the new job, Lucy! Don't be a stranger!

  2. I love you, Lucy-Loo. I'll miss your crazy-ass.
    I'll definitely miss our lolcat banter on twitter.
    You're one amazing person. I am in awe of you.
    Don't be a stranger, now!

    Congratulations! Well-deserved! :D

  3. See all of the above. *Licks your virtual face*

  4. Wow, see what happens when you eat and sleep? I always miss things.

    I'm torn here.

    I'm so sad to see Lucy have to scale back on her extra curricular activities. She was always up for some kind of fuckery and I will miss that. I'll also miss her goggleSPECIAL abilities, her creative wit, hell just her general being around ALASL and Twitter. She will be sorely missed by many, many people, including myself.

    I'm so very glad for her receiving this amazing opportunity and having the will and drive to go for it. She is a hard working girl and I have always admired the sheer multitude of things she can do in the span of a day. She is one amazing lady.

    I'm also very glad that she will be keeping up with her writing. It would be sad to lose such a great writer in the fandom.

    Lucy, congrats and many best wishes on your new position. You are an amazing woman and I'm sure you will go far.

    I will not say goodbye, however, as I'm sure we will be hearing from you at some point. You will always be welcome here or anywhere I can be found.

    Much love, kisses and hugs,

  5. Mistress L!
    New beginnings are stupendous!
    Thanks for the rockin' banner & best of luck in your new endeavors.
    Carmen <><3
    PS: about that 'other thing'? We'll keep that on the DL... ;>

  6. Congrats for this new opportunity, Lucy! You'll be missed, but hopefully you'll never be too far...

    - EllaB

  7. Lucy, I'm going to miss you and your fuckery so much. You are a fantastic woman and I wish you all the best. *sigh* at least now you don't have to worry about covering your ass everytime someone mentions the word pretzel. Tare care and congratulations again. MWAH!!!!!

  8. Awww tina your emofuckery is contagious! lol!

    That's last pic is unbelievable disturbing, but otherwise you ladies may or may not have made me shed a tear there... I'll never admit it in court, but I'm just saying it may have happened O.o

    I've had the best time doing the blog with all of you, and I'm going to miss the daily banter, fuckery, and scrambles to shotgun certain recs - but I know you'll do great without me, and I'll stalk the blog in my free time, in the shadows, whilst you sleep, unaware... fuckward style. You know you can email me any time, even if it takes me a while to get to it.

    Thank you to any and everyone who has read anything that has tumbled out of my brain on here - I hope you've been entertained, informed, and have come out emotionally unscarred. I'll be posting the occasional thing on my personal blog but I hope you all continue to support and read the work of the ladies at ALASL - they've got some great things coming up, and they are truly passionate about the work they put in here. I'm proud to know them, and to have been a part of starting what I know will continue to grow to be a great resource to fans of the Fandom.

    Viva la Lambs!

    Much love,

    Lucy x