Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Grammar Girl: SHAKING vs NODDING One's Head


Let's talk about the action of moving one's head.

You can do a lot with your...head...but let's talk about the acts of agreeing and disagreeing.


Because it's often described incorrectly in fanfic. Someone is always shaking their head 'yes', and I don't know why...

To shake one's head means to move it from side to side...indicating disagreement, or even confusion or awe.

To nod one's head means to move it vertically up and down...indicating agreement.

So, for your viewing pleasure, I bring Kristen Stewart, the Queen of head shaking.

P.S. I tried to find videos of one of the Twilight men doing these things, but...meh. You try YouTubing THAT...'Jasper shaking his head'...'Edward nodding his head'. Yeah. It doesn't work. Kirsten, though? EASY!



(via cherrylolita)
How true. ¬_¬
Is she eating her lips or swallowing the cum she had in her mouth?


  1. How hard is that?
    Nod means yes, shake means no.

    Okay, I'm gonna hide now.

  2. ahhhh but if you translate the blinking from morse code, she's clearly saying 'get me out of this fictional freak show and lets hit up cabo bitches!' trufax

  3. Ahh... The secrets behind Bella's body language... next on grammar girl?

  4. THANK YOU! One of my PET PEEVES (yeah, I hope I'm not the worst offender myself). When I read a story, its like watching a scene play out in my head. When she's shaking her head yes, it blows the whole thing for me.