Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I Get Off in Volterra Contest Winner chef diamond heart unveils her ALASL gift!

So, we Lambs shipped off our gift to chef diamond heart for winning Lambs' Choice at our I Get Off in Volterra Contest for The Mind's Eye - and not a moment too soon!

Carmen is leaving within days to move back to the Pacific Northwest!

We figured that since Carmen is a chef in real life, and since Lucy created such a beautiful banner for The Mind's Eye, that an apron with her prize banner on it would be the perfect gift!

A note from Carmen:

Hey ladies (OK, so it's a loose application of the word!),

Thank you so much for the apron - it's something I can definitely use and I will always think of you lot whenever I'm...beating or whipping something!

Thanks again for picking my fic 'The Mind's Eye' for the Lambs' Choice, that's the very best prize of all! I'm so happy you liked it. Alice's valiant sacrifice was not in vain...

Carmen aka chef diamond heart <><3

You're welcome, Carmen! Thank you! And, good luck with your move...


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