Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunday Selections for February 14, 2010

IdreamofEddy recommends Hating Life by writer-person-thingy

Bella gets sucked into a horrible life she never thought of having, but is suddenly rescued by a man she is destined to hate. Or is she? A dark story in New Moon, hopefully sad. I know, I can't write happy. Rape, torture, eventual lemons.

Okay, now, I tend to avoid fics that take Bella and throw her into circumstances that are very OOC for her after Edward leaves, but when I came across this fic, I had mixed emotions about it. I found this story about two weeks ago, and I'm still having mixed emotions about it because some of the circumstances that have been created for Bella's trials and tribulations are just...well, maybe she would have been better off if Edward just drained her. Or Jasper.

But the writing is beautiful. The descriptions and the emotions are raw and powerful. The last update left me in tears. TEARS!! For Bella!

The story is set after Edward leaves Bella. Bella makes a run to the grocery store, and in her efforts to secure some milk, she finds herself kidnapped, raped, and held prisoner in a basement. She does escape, but believe me, things only get worse from there.

I have to tell you, the last update literally tugged at my heart and made me teary-eyed. The 'wake up' that Bella goes through is so very intense and it leaves you wondering just how worse it can really get for her. The author knows her angst and she knows how to pull it off - she knows how to make you feel for the character.

At ten chapters in, this story has yet to introduce the other main character, Felix. So, while it is a Volturi fic, we've seen no Volturi yet come into play. I'm soooo very curious how this will come about. Not only that, but it's going to take a mighty strong man to work his way into Bella's heart because, plain and simple, our girl is just fucked up.

I do suggest you read this fic, as it promises to be a well written, angsty ride, a combination I haven't seen too much of during our lovely Volturi Month, but I am so glad I found this story.

JaspersDestiny recommends Sonata by Nell Vance

He wants to touch her, this guarded guard of his. This Sulpicia. But her skin is of ice and Aro knows that his flesh will freeze to hers forever...Rated M. Aro & Sulpicia

Honestly and truly, I find it difficult to put into words how I feel about this story. There are a lot of Volturi stories to sift through, and one hopes to find something great, something magical, something that captivates you when it is an area or pairing with which you are unfamiliar.

And God bless the heavens that I found one today.

Nell Vance has a gift with words. If Lucy were still with us, I would have passed this over to her to rec because she would truly appreciate the beauty of this story.

Sonata is not dialogue-driven. When the characters do speak, their words mean something...yet at the same time, they hold mysteries all their own. There is so much left unsaid...a certain restraint that permeates everything within this story.

Nell Vance is descriptive beyond measure. She's lyrical. She's poetic. You can't help but to be immersed within the textures and sounds of this tale. Aro and Sulpicia...Aro and Sulpicia...the controlled Volturi leader and the insane, indecipherable Volturi guard. Their love is subdued, yet dangerous. Their pairing seems doomed, yet oddly right. They are meant to be, and yet not. They are a contradiction to each other, yet they compliment each other so painfully.

So painfully.

I highly recommend that you read this story. It is so different in its interpretation from so many other fics I have read. Actually, there is one Bella/Jasper tale that I read once that is crafted much like this story is. I didn't like that story. Not a bit.

But this? This is beautiful, and heart-wrenching, and painful, and exquisite in its artistry.

Maelyn recommends Forever Queen by BlackThorn19

Bella is almost raped,Alice has a vision of her being with a man, thinking she cheated on Edward the Cullen's throw her out.Many years later the Cullen's go to Volterra and meet Isabella Volturi, Queen of the Volturi & Aro's mate. Bella/Aro Rated M

Instead of Bella having to run to Italy to save Edward, he had come back for her. This story takes place about a year afterward.

For your first twist in the story, Edward is the one trying to convince Bella to take their intimacy to the next level. Bella is apprehensive as she is having doubts about things. As soon as Bella makes the decision to give in to Edward and is on her way to tell him, she is attacked and nearly raped.

Here is where the next interesting twist occurs. Alice sees parts of the attack, but not all of it. She only sees enough to make her assume Bella is compliant. And, of course, Edward sees this also, as he is always reading Alice's mind. When Bella comes to them for comfort, she is instead given censure. After a large scene filled with both physical and emotional pain, Bella returns home.

Shortly after all this happens, the Volturi show up on her doorstep wondering about her change. Bella, of course, recognizes Aro from the painting at the Cullen house. Long story short, she's intrigued by Aro and soon on her way to Volterra to become a vampire.

The author likes to use a lot of flashbacks in this fic, which to be honest, I don't like. Having one here or there I can understand, but this author seems to really like them and it can make the story confusing to follow. I was totally lost when she time-jumped to when Bella and Aro are already a couple. I like to see the progression when a couple gets together. It's often the best parts of a story to me.

Still, the story is fairly well written and I have to say it's interesting so far. I like the twist of Alice's gift showing its holes. It really makes you wonder how much she can/does misinterpret. (I wonder the same with Edward's ability.)

I love Emmett in this fic and I can't wait to see what she does with him. I love that he is so steadfast and true to Bella. I've always seen him as the 'heart' of the Cullens and this fic shows him exactly that way.

Some things in Bella's new life seem to be going very smoothly, like her settling in, her relationship with Aro, and making friends with all the guard members. However, the end of the latest chapter makes me think that some tough times are coming.

Aro in this fic is an interesting character. A mixture of the fierce and controlled leader we know from the books and a sweet and giving lover for Bella. We have only seen a few chapters with him in it, but I'm anxious to see how he progresses throughout the story, especially with the foreshadowing given at the end of the latest chapter.

I will definitely be keeping this fic on my list!

MissMaj recommends Neverending Math Equation by twanza

Based in Brooklyn. Edward and Jasper are brothers, each dealing with grief, ego, passion, and the clash between fame and the pursuit of true art. This is a love story of Bella and Jasper, a lust story of Bella and Edward, and a journey for all. M-rated

This is an AH story about a love triangle between the artist (Jasper), the baker (Bella) and the mathematician/musician (Edward). Jasper and Bella are neighbours, who are secretly in love with each other. Neither one is gutsy enough to make the first move. Edward, Jasper's younger brother, suddenly shows up. There is immediate sexual attraction between Bella and Edward. Sibling rivalry ensues between the two brothers. Edward is frustrated because Jasper treats him like a little kid. Jasper is frustrated with Edward because he steals the love of his life.

For Volturi month, I would like to focus on the two Volturi characters.

Aro is an elderly man who lives in Bella's building. Every night, they hear piano-playing in his apartment. People assume that he's a loner, yet somewhere along the way, he befriends Jasper. His advice becomes Jasper's words of wisdom. He's only in a couple of chapters, but he's one of my favourite characters in the story.

Another Volturi character is Jane. She works at Jasper's tattoo parlour (Yes, he's a Tattsper. Yum.) She has a strong exterior, but you can see a hint of a softer side. She's a refreshing replacement for Alice and Rosalie. I like her snarky demeanour and dry humour.

I love how twanza writes both characters, albeit having small roles. These two have great impact on the story, especially Aro. The story has 22 chapters to-date, and I would love to see more of these two in future chapters.

The story itself is fantastic. The writing is almost poetic in nature. Normally I don't read stories with a J/B/E love triangle, mostly because 99% of the time, Edward gets the girl in the end. As a Jasper fan, that is a big no-no to me. But in this story, I find myself rooting for both men. I almost wish Bella would end up with both. But I doubt that'll happen, since Jasper and Edward are brothers and that's just... no.

It's not just a love story, either. There is a lot of back story that is simply fascinating. Most of the unanswered questions are slowly revealed through flashbacks. Very intriguing.

I found this fic as a recommendation on A Different Forest. Thank you, Lace. I really love this story.


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