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Sunday Selections for February 7, 2010

Sunday Selections

catonspeed recommends Awakened to Captivity by Jasperbells

Sequel to Awakened to Serve. Bella is awakened by another "family" but what happens when their intentions are not pure? How will Bella save herself without ending her existence completely? Can she escape? Will Jasper save her before it's too late? JXB

Hang on... WTFuckery Lucy... A Jasper/Bella fic rec in Volturi month?!?!?


I dare you to make something of it... *narrows eyes at you all*

What can I say? I'm still riding the high of creepy, pervy Aro from the Lambs' Choice award (The Mind's Eye by chef diamond heart - if you haven't read it yet. Oh, and I hear she's got an awesome banner... *shameless self promotion*), so I had to rec some more creepy, pervy, twisted fuckery to you!

The Volturi are like major sinister, like, you know, they are like just rude, and like motherfucking gah! Bastards. End of. *stops channelling my inner Valley Girl*

This is a squeal, but you could pick it up now and not be too lost (the first one isn't too long and will help you with some background, though) - anyway, Bella is all defecto-vamp... consider her Vamperella, in fact. She's waiting for her true love's kiss to make her a proper vamp, but in the meantime she gets 'woken' from her slumber to help vampires who have problems with their thirst (1st story she meets Jasper - blah blah blah, neither admits their feelings and she enters slumber land again) - and this is where we pick up, because who wakes her? Motherfucking Volturi bitches! Yeah, that's who! And shit, Aro's got some naughty, naughty plans for Bella's magicalfantastical juice - and, no, that's not a euphemism, you h00rs, i'mma talking about her blood.

Now, when I say they're creepy and a weeeee bit pervy, I don't mean in a sexual abuse kind of way. I'm talking about a seriously delusional Aro who apparently hasn't heard of the Geneva convention, doesn't understand the word 'no', and lives in his own delusional, magical, pixie world where everything is happy clappy awesome when you strap people down to tables and... well, you'll have to read it to find out what he does - I'm not ruining it for you. It's not just Aro, though, Demetri also deserves special mention in the shitstakes sweepstakes - hats off to Jasperbells for making me want to jump all up in my monitor into fic-land and smack a brother.

I'd rec the story even if it wasn't Volturi month because it's a clever story with a good and original idea, a smidge of drama, a smattering of love, and twisty twists. I like it - I hope you will, too.

IdreamofEddy recommends Beyond The Broken Scars by December. Eclipse

2 years ago Edward Cullen broke off all connections with Bella and left Forks with his entire family. Now Bella is at University, having banished the memories.But when an unexpected guest arrives at MIT she finds herself reunited with desire & desolation.

I'm recommending Beyond The Broken Scars. Why? Because it's goooooood. End of. And,'s got a heavy dose of Volturi involvement, so I'm still keeping with the format this month. BTBS, if you have not read it, is a Carlisle/Bella fic, and it is wonderful. But it needs to be given some attention because I'm not so sure when Daddy C's month will arrive, and I couldn't think of a better time to do it other than now. Chances are you'll see it again because it's a great fic centered around Carlisle and Bella.

So, just a brief add on to the summary above, but yes, Bella finds herself reunited with the Cullens, minus two. And while she's surprised to find them at MIT, or more specifically, Carlisle..minus one Esme, they are not surprised to see her.

I hate giving away what a story is about, but Bella soon finds herself caught up in the danger and espionage of the vampire world. Why? Well, that's why you have to read it, but take into account that things pretty much completely went into a new direction when Edward and the Cullens left, and take into account that what the author is doing here is writing a very well-written and adult AU tale. What's not important in this story? I guess it would be the last two years of Bella's life. There's a shocker, but what she is now is a well-rounded, young adult who knows pain and who is open-minded for anything thrown at her. I like the Bella in this fic. What is important is everything the Cullens, and Edward, have had to endure since their departure from Forks.

The Volturi, more specifically Aro and the brothers, have a dominant part later in this story, and while they are their canon selves, you see a more in depth look into their position as not just the royal family, but as protectors of the vampire race. At least I think so. They've got a beef with the Romanians, and the Cullens, along with Bella, find themselves stuck in the middle. Who are the bad guys? Well, everybody! This story is so complex, it's damn near impossible to sum it up into a few short paragraphs. The plot twists have you rereading chapters when an update comes out, and the author updates regularly, at least I think she does. A lot of thought and ingenuity, I'm sure, goes into writing this wonderful tale, so give her your patience.

Did I mention its hotness? No. No, I didn't. It's hot. Carlisle is...Ohhh. The build up, the passion, his breath. His breath can be felt skimming your neck, and the author's writing will leave your skin all tingly.

Read this story. You'll only assume you have something figured out, but when the next chapter comes along, you'll find out that you're indeed wrong. It's full of mystery, intrigue, it's extremely well-written, and original. Take a day and go experience Beyond The Broken Scars. I love it, DE.

JaspersDestiny recommends Eternal Nightmare by cullen's pet

Aro laughed again and his smile returned although it was more menacing than inviting. "That is where you are wrong, dear child. I'm quite sure that you could be persuaded. Are there not more members of the Cullen family?" A horrifying AU ending to NewMoon. Bella/Alec. Rated M.

Well, I had a very difficult time finding a multi-chap to recommend for today's segment. One story that sounded like it had potential, rather than being pulled by the author, was actually reworked chapter-by-chapter by its author to basically read, successively, 'I don't wish'...'to write'...'anymore of'...'this story'...'because it sucks'. Hmm. That's helpful, is it not?

Right. After a few more 'finds', which weren't really 'finds', Kay held out a present to me in the form of this story. It's only 5 chapters along, and a lot of it is the staging for what I believe could very well be a very interesting story. cullen's pet most recently updated on February 6, so it is an active WIP. A good thing, indeed.

This story takes off at the end of New Moon when Bella, Edward, and Alice are brought to the Volturi. Edward is rigid, especially when they encounter Alec, because Edward can both 'hear' the decision that has already been made regarding his and Alice's fate, and he can 'hear' Alec's choice to take Bella as his mate.

*cough* Alec is 20 or 21 years old in this fic, thank the Lord, Jesus! *cough*

Now, I have always been under the impression that when someone finds their true mate, that mate will reciprocate the feeling almost immediately, yes? So, maybe this element of unrequited immediate 'love' on Bella's part catches in my throat a teensy bit. And, it makes me question the idea that she and Alec are true mates. But, one could also look at it from the point of view that Alec feels something toward Bella, but she's so immersed in her grief to see Alec for who he is to her. Hmm. It doesn't help either that he's also considered an incubus in this story (on top of his usual anesthetic gift), in that he needs intimate contact as much as he needs blood. So, it's obvious that when he forces himself upon Bella - making her feel aroused - in essence, forcing her actions, as the author describes it, and vocalizing his expectations to her may not go over very well with Miss Swan. Or, at least, it shouldn't endear him to her right off the bat. Make no mistake, though, there is no rape in this story.

The Cullens have been advised that their loved ones are dead, when in fact Bella is now forced to stay with the Volturi and she is to be changed as soon as possible. She's a wreck. Alec, with Demetri's help (I REALLY like Demetri in this story), sees the errors of his ways and endeavors to make amends to Bella. I mean, he's decided she's his mate, so it would be better all around if she liked him, right? HAHahahaha...So, Alec doesn't make a very smooth first impression. But, since he's never been in love before, he's going to be as awkward as hell. Add 'Felix the perv' to the mix, and you have an interesting martini - shaken AND stirred.

Why do I recommend this fic? Because it is well-written, it's dark, and it appears to have a very possible future as a very good Volturi fic - with great drama. The Cullens will inevitably find out that Bella is alive, and I get the impression that at least two of the Volturi guard will defect with Bella after her change takes place. Imagine Aro's wrath if Bella - his newfound shield - and a few other choice Volturi talents perhaps join forces with the Cullens?

The Cullens as a previous 'so so' threat to the Volturi would become an 'uh oh' threat, to be sure. Let's add in the wolves for good measure, and a potentially awesome love between Alec and Bella, and I would say we could have a really good read on our hands.

I look forward to seeing where cullen's pet takes this story.

Maelyn recommends The Emotionless Shadow by InspiredInTheMoment

Renesmee Cullen, almost fully grown decides to escape from everything she knows and flees to the one place her parents wont expect, where she meets the most unlikely person she'd come to love. Full Fanfic R&R. Nessie/Alec Rated M

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to read this at first. I tend to shy away from Nessie fics, for some reason. But I’d been checking out Alec fics and I couldn’t find a really good one, so I thought I’d give it a try. Apparently it’s a fic written in collaboration by two people.

Now, their writing isn’t bad at all, but it needs some work. Nothing horrible, they just need some editing – super long paragraphs, some terminology that is off (‘tight on’ for ‘tighten’, for example), and just a few grammatical errors. These could all be easily fixed with a good beta. They have a good writing style, it just needs a little help.

The storyline is a little weak, to me, in the beginning. While I understand why Nessie leaves the family, I don’t understand why she goes to the Volturi of all people. I mean, did her family not stress enough how evil they are? That part made me scratch my head a bit. I’m still waiting to see how the storyline pans out, though. Alec and Nessie have a lot to overcome in order to be together and I’m curious how the authors will resolve these issues.

What I think they do REALLY well is the characterization. I read two chapters and fell in love with their Nessie. She’s a mixture of boldness and innocence that just works. I love her wit and sarcasm and how she gives Alec shit when he needs it. I love her strength and courage. I love that she isn’t perfect and is, in fact, quite spoiled and na├»ve.

Alec is also fairly well done. You get a glimpse of the man stuck in a boy’s body who feels the weight of his responsibilities not only to his sister, but also to his extended family - most especially to Aro - who saved them. You see his struggle to stay away from Nessie emotionally, which he isn’t able to do. Then you see his struggle with his loyalties and denial of what he feels for her. He’s just so complex, and I love it. And again, he’s not perfect. At times, he’s a complete ass and you just want to smack him.

This also has a line in it that I thought was stellar. I've always thought Renesmee was a dumbass name and these authors have a line that I just love and have to share:


“Where did the name Renesmee come from anyways?” He asked out of the blue, walking beside me.

I glanced over at him and shrugged.

“My mom was kinda high when she was pregnant with me.”

All in all, I’d definitely recommend it. So, go check it out. Now! Shoo!

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  1. I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! for reccomending the fanfic Beyond The Broken Scars by December.Eclipse on the site.

    I have been following it and plugging it whenever and wherever I can, though I often find reisstance because it's billed as a Carlisle/Bella fiction but I always say you never know what will happen since it's stll in the works and clearly some maipulations have taken place.

    I have to say that I would prefer this story to be the combination of Eclipse and Breaking Dawn as opposed to the actual SM version minus the lova affair between Carlisle and Bella. This would be an amazing movie. I truly have enjoyed the drama,suspense, and action of this thoughtfully written piece with the added spice of the lovers. AND, Bella's powers kick ass.

    I hope more peeps take the time to get into this story and encourage DE to finish it however she sees fit.