Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wednesday One Shots for 02/03/10

Wednesday One Shots

catonspeed recommends His Angel by EllaB twilight

Angie is enduring a vacation with her abusive husband when she meets a mysterious stranger. Demetri is stunned when this seemingly ordinary woman changes everything he’s ever known in his 300-year existence. Demetri/OC. Rated M.

And the 'I Get Off In Volterra' contest strikes gold and the crowd goes wild *mimic roaring crowd noise, dear reader... you know you want to...* This one shot took the Readers' Choice award, and with good reason, too. EllaB twilight takes two problem areas and hits it out of the park:

  • One shots - Lets be honest, they can be challenging. You've got a limited space to pull a story together and make it work.
  • Original characters - They can be hit and miss, as you're building from nothing, and non-canon can be a hard sell.

But a one shot under 10k with an original character AND another one who has minimal featuring in the book? Jeeeeze woman! How big are your cojones?!?!

The answer is big, and EllaB twilight can swagger with pride because she pulls that shit off with style. Her O/S weaves heartache, disappointment, love, and hope. Oh, we get some Demetri smexing at the end there *wiggles eyebrows in a salacious manner* I was empathising with Angie by line four, and Demetri's appearance and POVs are deliciously sweet and tasty - what EllaB twilight does with his character is excellent. The Volturri action is great, and it makes me so glad that we ran this contest to get more stories out there featuring this group of sparklepires.

The two characters meet by chance, falling hard and heavy across a darkened theatre, and by the time you reach the end, your fingers will be firmly crossed that this might be continued because I can see great potential here... especially for the fate of Tristan - you'll understand when you read it *hint hint*

If you didn't manage to catch this entry in the 'Get Off In Volterra', then go check it out now - you missed out, you poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, misguided fool. It's all kinds of awesome, and both thumbs are firmly erect and gesturing skyward.

IdreamofEddy recommends Apples and Cinnamon by evieeden

My entry in the ‘I Get Off In Volterra Contest’. Demetri is the Volturi’s expert tracker, capable of finding anyone, but there’s only one woman that he wants to hunt down.

Okay, I am of course rec'ing one of the one-shots received for the contest, and I just have to say that it was wonderful to receive the response we did for it. Not only that, but from the entries..the entries were great. GREAT. This is a Demetri and Heidi story, and it was one of my favorites.

“I’ve already eaten, so it’s up to you.” She craned her neck to survey the humans where they sat. “Maybe you should eat now though. I don’t like my food watching me as I fuck. It’s off-putting.”

Does that have your attention? Good. Now you have to read it in order to find out what happened. The author integrated the scene from New Moon where Heidi is bringing dinner in to the Volturi chamber, passing by Edward, Bella, and Alice in this one-shot. It's quite unique in showing the other side of things during and after this scene, while at the same time, she gives us the background and the history that she constructed for these two characters involved. It also shows us that Demetri's gift for tracking can be appreciated not only because he can track a wanted man down, but he can track down a wanted woman as well. And wanted for all the right reasons.

So, take a step out of the norm, go read it. Go read any of these great one shots. You won't be disappointed. Demetri likes Apples and Cinnamon, and so will you.

JaspersBella recommends Deception Cuts Deep by courthale

What if Felix is more than just a Volturi guard? Felix is called upon to serve his Mistress and for once he has something or someone to make him regret it. Felix. Rated M.

This is another entry in our 'I Get Off in Volterra' contest. Felix serves his masters well. He does what he is told and doesn't question or voice his opinion on what needs to be done. Felix is true and loyal, but that loyalty is tested when he is commanded to service one of his masters. He's in love with another, but he must betray her in order to carry out an order for his mistress. Because of his loyalty and service, he is granted the thing that he wants most, to be with the one he loves for all eternity. I love Felix and I'm glad to see that he feels guilty about betraying his love. Thankfully, his Mistress is understanding of this and let's him go. I feel so sorry for Felix's love - she knows what has happened and questions him to see if he wants to be with her forever.

JaspersDestiny recommends Wither by Hope Shalott

A thousand drained corpses and prayers for mercy can't drag her from him. Even when she wished it could. Leah/Felix. Rated M.

This is an interesting little one shot. It has no background story to it. You have no idea how this pairing ever hook up to begin with, which is part of the mystique to me. And it takes place over the course of a lemon and the thoughts running through the minds of the pairing during said lemon.

She still moves against him even when it's over, not wanting to let go and he grips her hips and rests his head on her neck. He mumbles something into her skin and she doesn't hear him but she knows what he's said. She ignores it anyway. It's cheap and easy...a moment of weakness and she's had them too. Three words that don't tell the whole story. I love you. And I hate you and I want you and I need you.

The connection Leah and Felix have to each other is raw and forceful and brutal and destructive and hate-filled. And I like it. A lot.

Maelyn recommends The Mind's Eye by chef diamond heart

Alice and Bella rescued Edward in Volterra…but you didn’t really think that Aro let them go so easily, did you? There is always a price… Entry for the I Get Off in Volterra Challenge. Dark & disturbing – content warning. Aro/Alice. Rated M.

Ahh, the Lamb’s Choice Winner for our Volterra contest! I was the lucky Lamb who won the coin toss and got to review this lil piece of work. *grins*

When I first read the title and summary, I was skeptical. I’m not really an Alice fan. Actually, I tend to avoid fics where she is the main character. Of course, seeing as this was for the contest, I read the story and I must say I was completely amazed by it.

The first thing I noticed was the writing. I’m no beta, but I was still pleased by how well it seemed to have been written. I was stunned by the imagery. I almost forgot I was reading about Alice for a moment there. The author has a way of pulling you into the story and making you feel like you are there. You can almost feel the tension that Alice feels when she's interacting with Aro.

The other thing I noticed was the originality. I never would have come up with the scenario in a million years. Who would imagine the extent of the lemons when he only touches her hand and her shoulder? I was also intrigued by the idea of Alice having such a naughty mind. I can completely empathize with her on that score. *winks*

The only thing I wish I could have seen was Edward’s reaction afterward, and even more of Alice’s. It would be interesting to know how she felt about what happened after she’d had time to think about it. And what Edward thought of her, um, thoughts. Ahem!

Anyway, I definitely highly recommend this even if you aren’t a fan of Aro, Alice, or the two of them together. You won’t be disappointed!

missmaj recommends Where Your True Destiny Lies by cullen818

My entry for "I Get off in Volterra" Contest. Once Aro sees exactly what kind of vampire Bella will be,through Alice's vision, he decides to keep her for the Volturi. He assigns Alec her Guard because he is the only member who doesn't want to drain her.

The o/s begins near the end of New Moon, after Alice and Bella go to Italy to save Edward from killing himself. When Aro reads Alice's vision of Bella's vampire future, he decides to keep Bella for himself. Instead of killing Alice and Edward, they are sent off somewhere remote as punishment for giving out their secret to the human.

While Bella is in the hands of the Volturi, Aro choses Alec to 'babysit' the human, until the time comes for her to be changed. A friendship is formed between the two, along with the usual sparks that only soulmates can feel. Does this mean that saving Edward is just a a path that leads Bella to her true destiny?

I was adamant about reading anything but Jasper/Bella or Humanward/Bella fics. But I'm a sucker for these kinds of love stories, and I find myself loving it just as much I enjoy reading my "normal fics".

If you're looking for something to pop your Volturi cherry, this is the best fic to start with.

This was chosen by the Lambs for an honourable mention in the "I Get Off in Volterra" contest. As my beta, and one that I consider my friend, it is my pleasure to recommend Steph's one shot first for our Volturi month.


  1. Thanks Lambs for the honorable mention! I'm flattered. We all know I'm a die hard J/B writer, but I had fun exploring Alec and Bella, and I wouldn't have tried that if not for your contest!

    missmaj - -thanks for rec'ing my o/s. I appreciate it. I'm glad you liked it and I'm honored to be your friend and beta!


  2. More than happy to, Steph!
    Congrats on your honorable mention. Well deserved! =D