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Wednesday One Shots for 02/10/10

Wednesday One Shots

catonspeed recommends Becoming Jane by LoreliD

As Jane burns at the stake convicted of witchcraft; she vows vengeance upon her accuser. Once she joins the Volturi, Jane’s sweet revenge is within reach.

I'mma gonna start this off by listing the noms and awards:

  • 2010 Eddies Nominee
  • Winner, Best Canon, Indies First Time Writer Challenge

Yeah. Fuckin' A, bitches! And they are WELL deserved for this O/S. I LOVE it when someone takes one of SM's blank cookie cutter characters and colours them in - and this one is done fantastically - LoreliD went to town with that bedazzler, and it sparkles more than Fuckward prancing through a rainbow!

I first read this at work one lunch break back when it was originally posted, but forgot to bookmark it *facepalm*! Hurrah for Volturi month, though, because I found it during my rec search! Woooo!

Becoming Jane is dark and violent. Make no mistakes, it's not a fluffy read - we're provided with a background of abuse to the 'Demon Twins', and the story opens with the pair of them burning at the stake. POW! What an opening LoreliD! We're walked through a series of flashbacks and flash-forwards, leading up to the turning of Jane by Aro, and then how she deals with those who sentenced her and her brother to their deaths. Revenge is sweet, and best served in a rat-infested tunnel. Trufax. *cackles manically*

Favourite line has to be the below, from creepy Aro - the tenor and set up just slays me:

Master Aro glided toward me then, “With her look,” he whispered as he raised his hand and softly brushed my cheek, “she will bring men to their knees,” he finished with reverence.

It's clever, well written, beautifully descriptive, and LoreliD has earned a place on my favourites list with this one. There's so little good Jane out there, so hopefully this will inspire others to explore her potential, or the writer to extend this maybe... *crosses fingers and prays to the Fic Gods*

Go read - or I'll get LoreliD to send Jane after you.

p.s. LoreliD has just informed me this is going multi-chaptered!!! So whack it on alert and get ready for MOAR COWBELL!!! I mean Jane...

One shot sorta : The complete story of Jane Volturi, her life before she was a vampire, and an insight to her power. Slight violence. Please read, it took me forever to write!

Apparently Lucy and I had the same idea... ROFL!! I looked for romance/lovey fics, but nothing caught me. I will keep looking for next week, but I came across this and it was so interesting and SO well written, I couldn't resist...

I've always loved the dark fics although usually they are more romantic/sexual in nature. But this one caught my eye for some reason. I read the A/N at the beginning and was intrigued by the "fish and rabbits". I'd love to hear that story! I bet it's a good one. *laughs*

As for the fic itself, I just loved it. Jane is so dark and downright sadistic. I love the way she is portrayed as well. At first she is jealous of Alec's power developing while she seems to have none. But once she discovers hers, oh boy howdy!

She just enjoys others' pain. It's as simple as that. There isn't any special reason for it, it just IS. I love that it isn't explained because not everything really can be. Some things you just have to accept without explanation.

Alec's power manifests first and he enjoys his just as much, spending years working on it before Jane's finally shows. He is as intrigued and pleased by his power as Jane is hers, I believe.

Felicity is an interesting character and I liked her role. With her in the fic, it was almost reminiscent of an evil Hansel and Gretel story - with a twist, of course.

The ending is also well done. I would have liked just a little more detail on the change and Aro, but it was still so well done.

All in all, it's an excellent fic and so well written that I can't help but recommend it very highly!

missmaj recommends Didyme's Ashes by Shahzadi

Based on the Breaking Dawn FAQ on SM's website. Aro of the Volturi chose his greedy ambitions over the love for his sister, Didyme--a decision that killed her. An account of the night of Didyme's murder. T for violence.

The more we delve into Volturi month, the more I become curious with each and every back story of each of the members. This one-shot gives us a short explanation of Didyme's demise under Aro's hands.

It gives us insight into why Aro sealed her fate. It gives us an inside look into Aro's dark, selfish demeanour. It gives us a brief look into Didyme's undying love for Marcus. Unfortunately for her, that love is the cause of her demise.

It is dark and heartbreaking. Very well-written and well thought out. I loved each and every line written, but for me it is the last line that stands out the most:

Aro's hands moved through the coal black residue. It stained his albino white hands, but he did not care. His hands were stained anyway, and would be forever more.


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