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Wednesday One Shots for 02/17/10

Wednesday One Shots

IdreamofEddy recommends Don't Get Mad, Get Even by Kyilliki

Vladimir plots his long-overdue revenge, while Stefan just wants to be normal. Set during Breaking Dawn.

Okay, Kyilliki was one of the authors who gave us some great one-shots for our I Get Off In Volterra Contest, and while I was prowling around her account I found this little one-shot based on Stefan and Vladimir. I have to say, though, I respect these authors who explore the not so popular areas of Twilight. They're bright, they're creative, and it's obvious they do this because they ENJOY it.

Don't Get Mad, Get Even is a one-shot based on the two Romanians and their woes before they make the trip to America to help defend the Cullens against the threat of the Volturi in Breaking Dawn. Now, keep in mind, they have no idea why they are going, they only receive word that the Volturi are making a move. Vladimir jumps at the opportunity, however, thinking he will finally find vindication and revenge against the Volturi.

Stefan, however, is reluctant. He wants to move on, let 'bygones be bygones,' get something fresh to drink, find a date, move somewhere nice and sunny. Can't really blame the guy for that, can you?

It's a cute little one-shot, showing a humorous side to the brothers and the reasoning behind their minds and their predicaments. Vladimir thinks he'll bring down the Volturi's wrath by just being a vampire, while Stefan is the more logical, and sanest of the two. At any rate, it is a nice little read. Go read it yourself.

JaspersDestiny recommends An Unnatural Life by Starshinedown

Aro indulges his dark sense of humor, and feeds on the wrong--or is it the right?--people. A pre-Twilight AU.

This is a very short one shot, and it sort of briefly covers the first 4 centuries of Aro's, Caius', and Marcus' wanderings.

The author has a very intriguing way of blending the brothers into the mythology of the time. And you get a quick peek into Aro's mind - how he sees the world and his place in it. He's always on an adventure, always seeking out new things to intrigue him.

But it is Aro's encounter with Hades that is the heart of this one shot. You see an immediately frightened Aro - but he's not frightened of 'death' per se, but of the possibility of Caius and Marcus moving on without him...flourishing...without him.

Hades is a kick. And he verbally hands Aro his ass on a plate, speaking of Aro's doomed existence to roam the earth, reminding him that he will never enter heaven above, and he sure as hell won't be allowed admittance to Hades' realm either.

Aro? He's pleased as punch:

Aro smiled. A life eternal. It was guaranteed from the mouth of a god; he would outlive all around him.

Read it. It's quick, but so very interesting.

Maelyn recommends Bon Appetit by Pameline2

Ever wondered what happened to the poor innocent people that Heidi led to the Volturi as lunch in New Moon? Read on to find out. One-shot.Reviews are appreciated. Rated K+

I found this one-shot intriguing. For one thing, it's written in third person, but from the point of view of a woman on vacation with her husband in Volterra.

What I like about this is that her image of Heidi is similar to how I view her, to an extent. In this story, she uses her looks and charisma to entice the husband to her tour. The husband, of course, brings his wife. After a few stops at various locations nearby, it seems, they are lead into the lair of the Volturi where they are in for a big surprise.

The one thing I did not like about this story is that it implies that Jane is a 7 year old child. I know Jane and Alec are meant to be young, but they are never mentioned to be immortal children, as would be a 7 year old vampire. Personally, I imagine them to be about 16, give or take a year.

What I do like is that the author adds in little things like seeing Bella as she runs through the fountain, then again as they enter the feeding room. It adds a nice touch. Also, as I mentioned before, I liked her brief image of Heidi, and the tragic end to the vacationing couple, regardless of the age the author makes Jane.

One thing that I think would have made the story better would be to give a little more detail on the chaos that ensues once the doors to the feeding room close. However, I still believe the story to be good without the added imagery at the end (some people don't prefer too much of that kind of thing.)

missmaj recommends Eternal Fires by gretadavisx

A quick story about how Jane and Alec became vampires. Inspired by an interview online with Stephanie Meyer in which she told a summarized story of the Volturi twins.K-rated

This o/s is seen through Aro's POV. A very intriguing perspective into Jane's and Alec's heartbreaking life before they become two of the most important vampires of the Volturi. We, as readers, assume that Aro's ulterior motive is to collect the most gifted of all vampires. Is he after their gifts? Perhaps, but at the same time you get to understand why he changes the two. You'll understand why Jane and Alec seem to look up to Aro once they are vampires.

Don't let the rating fool you. It may be short (1400 words), but this well-written one-shot fits everything perfectly that is needed to be said.


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