Saturday, February 27, 2010

Where In The World Is....Elle365?


M'kay. So, technically Elle365 does not fall within my parameters for Where in the world is... territory - her last update for One Was Too Many and a Thousand Was Never Enough was on December 24, 2009. But, it has been just over two months since we have had the chance to lick the awesomeness that is this story.

The reason why this story stuck out for me - and its author - is because NCChris and I received an email from JamesRamsey asking us if we had ever heard of a story called Second Chances and its one shot precursor, One Drop, by aerialla1, and that if we hadn't that we should read it because she *hearts* it big time (she just found it recently). Second Chances is one of my favourite stories. But JamesRamsey's email made me think... It dawned on me that just because I have read a story with a certain pairing, it doesn't mean that EVERYONE has. I realize that there are new people who join the Fandom every single day. And I also realize that even if you have been around - so-to-speak - like me (within the Jasper/Bella universe), it doesn't mean that everyone has had the chance to read the same stories.

So, I obviously emailed JamesRamsey back, indicating my love for Second Chances... And I then posed a question back to her: Have YOU ever read One Was Too Many and a Thousand Was Never Enough? I confused her at first - she asked me if aerialla1 had taken that story down because she couldn't see it on her profile (huh? I wondered, but then realized my error). After clarifying the issue, it just so happens that James HAS, in fact, been reading OWTMAATWNE - and loves it.

But, I have to wonder WHO hasn't read this fine specimen of a story? I mean, it ONLY has 302 reviews as of this posting. And that - to me - is a complete and utter shame.

I truly love this story. The pacing is fantastic, and you can't help BUT to look forward to the development of Jasper and Bella's relationship over time. Elle365 creates a stronger, more mature Bella in this story than you typically see. And Jasper is all man - and one who likes to drink to drown away his sorrows. They make quite the conflicting and passionate couple. Bella puts Jasper in his place, but he doesn't back down either, even if he doesn't get his way. You have to wonder if Bella and Jasper will ever reach any kind of common ground.

And this is the first story I ever read where Jacob actually hurts Bella (à la Sam and Emily).

It is a dark tale. And it is mature. It is also a mysterious tale. Alice's visions let loose a torrent of possible outcomes, and you can't help but wonder what will actually happen in the future, which only further tortures both her AND Edward, as they are forced to endure these visions of Bella and Jasper while en route to the Volturi, and possible doom.

Elle365 is creative, in that she has crafted a Carlisle who actually has a power - I'm not going to give it away, though.

And it's sad and suspenseful and it lends great fear to the reader - there is one scene early on that will stay in your mind for a LONG TIME.

The writing is simply wonderful.

Apparently, even aerialla1 loves this story - because while scrolling through all of Elle365's reviews, there is a stream of them from aerialla1 (she must have been on a mission that day).

So, we have come full circle.

At one point, Elle365 indicated in an author's note at the end of Chapter 11 that she may have wanted to give the story up.

And, while she is known for sporadic updates, each and every update is worth the wait.

But, I have to ask --> Elle365, how ya doin', babe? You coming back? Those of us who HAVE read your story LOVE it! And we cannot wait for your next update...and the one after that...and the one after that...and the one after THAT *grins mischievously*

And for those of you who have NOT read this story, get to it! Once you read this treasure, you will bookmark it, fave it, alert it, and probably dream of I do with my favourite stories.


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