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Where In The World Is....x .x . Poker Face . x. x?

Where in the World

Today's 'Where in the World' has been requested by our very own Lamb, Lucy.

You see, Lucy has a particular story she quite enjoys, and it is called Lemony Bites, although we have yet to see any lemons *winks*

This is an AH AU Bella/Edward fic with a VERY OOC Bella. Life hasn't been very kind to dear Bella. She grew up in Forks with her parents, Renee and Charlie. But, Bella was tormented to no end by her peers. She was what one would describe as an ugly duckling as a teenager; awkward, klutzy, thick-rimmed glasses, braces...the works. And she only had one person she called 'friend'...and lover, the now deceased Jacob Black.

She and her mother left Forks when Bella was about 15 years old, moving to Phoenix to start life anew. The same old, same old occurs whereby Renee hooks up with Phil, and this story begins with Bella travelling back to Forks to live with her father. Bella is now 21, though, and an aspiring chef. Is Bella happy to be back in Forks? Not at all. And, she's even more displeased by the fact that Charlie still lives in the past. She even remarks to him upon entering her childhood bedroom again that she's amazed that there's a bed awaiting her, and not some old crib.

Bella's first encounter with her past occurs in town while she's at the local supermarket purchasing groceries for Charlie's bare kitchen. Who does she see? A disgusting Mike Newton and a repulsive Jessica Stanley. They're shocked when they find out that the beauty now standing before them is no stranger to town, but 'The Bella Swan'. Bella is chuffed by their reaction, but dreads meeting up with the loathsome Cullen kids, who are described as quite possibly the worst of her past's tormentors. She was bullied, ridiculed, and sometimes physically assaulted by them in high school. So, upon successfully leaving a slack-jawed Mike and Jessica behind in the supermarket with her now purchased groceries, who is one of the last people she wishes to come face-to-face with in the parking lot? Yep, one of the Cullens after a hilarious *slip oomph pop* in the parking lot on Bella's part.

Well, clarification here. A certain Jasper Whitlock - not a Cullen, but an adopted one all the same. And, one of the ones who would cause her nightmares. He's sex personified, and she takes a liking to him and his chivalrous ways until she realizes who he really is. But, like Bella, people generally change with maturity. She doesn't immediately give Jasper her forgiveness, but after a few heartfelt apologies, a box of chocolates, returned groceries, and some time spent together alone at the Swan residence, Bella realizes that Jasper is, indeed, both a good man and a new friend.

Jasper asks Bella to accompany him to a party. He even splurges on her and has his sister, Rosalie, purchase an expensive ensemble for Bella to wear to this party. You see, Bella can't put something together in time for the party because Charlie helped her to land a position at Yeux Rouges - a diner run by Laurent da Revin, and she must start work the day of the party (by the way, there is an interesting little scene with Bella, Laurent, and some mystery blonde in Laurent's office). Oh, and I forgot to mention that Jasper and a certain bronze-haired partner of his own several restaurants themselves, and Jasper is keen to steal Bella away from Laurent.

My favourite line from this story has to do with Bella's reaction to Laurent. It's just priceless:

I smiled nervously and nodded. Already on first name basis. Wow. I must be impressing him. He seemed pretty decent and nice. And French. His accent all but dripped of croissants.

So, Jasper, I believe, has something up his sleeve for this party. Okay, maybe a few things up his sleeve: he truly wishes to reintroduce Bella to Forks, he wishes to perhaps grab the attention of the elusive (and young) Alice Mary Brandon, and he wishes to perhaps shock the shit out of one Edward Cullen. I'm still not sure how Bella is going to react to that re-introduction...hmmm.

It's a masked party, though, so things should get interesting.

And, that's it. Three chapters is all we have to this story and we're left with Bella and Jasper, now masked, making their way to the party.

x .x . Poker Face . x. x leaves us hanging in the wind...that is probably blowing in through the window of Jasper's moving car.

I can hear a certain catonspeed 'yowling' in the distance, wondering what the hell is going to go down at this 'party', especially since Bella has no idea what she's going to encounter.

And, per the title of the story, we have to assume that some tasty morsels of lemony goodness are sure to come our way.

This story was first published July 5, 2009, and Chapter 3 was posted August 20, 2009. And, that's all she wrote...

So, I ask our little Maltese - Maltese! cool! - friend, x .x . Poker Face . x. x, fejn int?


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