Thursday, April 1, 2010

Oh, were sooooo pwned!


So, we Lambs decided to host an early April Fool's Day massacre last night. Why? Because the sheer amount of fuckery flying around Twitter is ASTONISHING. Friends are friends one day, and then the next? *MAJOR POOF*

Get real...

We had more planned actually...which would have rolled into today with an EXTRA special post. But Jesus! Y'all are a sensitive bunch!

We made sure we informed most of our affiliates first last night at 6PM about what was going down...and some other people who would have gone ape shit if they hadn't known the truth beforehand.

You know what happened?


Yep, that's right. Totally pwned. We pretended on Twitter that Wendy (JaspersBella13) had been password-blocked from accessing this blog. Wendy proceeded to ask around Twitter if the password had changed...blah blah blah. The other Lambs were supposed to advise her to ask me about it when I got on Twitter and then 'ignore' her. My job was to inform Wendy that she'd been kicked off ALASL because she was LAZY (as if... C'mon, people, I may have been beta'ing all month, but I still contributed about squat to the blog this month. So why her and not ME?). Lord, I even removed Wendy from The Petting Zoo. A full out WAR ensued on Twitter between US Lambs, culminating in Wendy outing me as author Merina Green (Running) and that I was actually a man. *snickers and thanks God that very few people have actually skyped with me*.

Do you know how difficult it was to not DM some people to tell them to chill out? Especially people who were all of a sudden contacting 'some' people they haven't contacted in...eons? We made sure those who needed to know already knew BEFORE fake Armageddon occurred. They then sat back and enjoyed the ride.

The funny thing is that Wendy gmailed us (there were over 300 gmails back and forth), telling us to be BELIEVABLE before we started our hoax.


Wendy should have gotten an Oscar for her turn as the scorned Lamb...

At one point, I gmailed her to tone it're scaring the tweeples!

Why, you ask? Because...this is what Wendy looked like at one point:


But she said WE were scary, and she wanted confirmation from us that we still lurved her.

Mais oui, ma chere...mai oui!

And, after a while, we decided enough was enough...cuz, you know, those DMs and emails that were flying around... Yeesh! And honestly, I have NEVER seen Twitter THAT quiet before.

*crickets* Shit...I think actual crickets were listening in awe to the *crickets*

OH! And the tweet of the night goes to @mycoffeemuse (who I had to DM so there were no Twitter injuries):

@SJRangel78 Scurries across Twitter floor, rolls twice, knocks over chair, slides into your hiding spot. -whew, made it!-
about 4 hours ago via web in reply to SJRangel78

@SJRangel78 Peeks out from under tabletop hiding spot. Sure. Cover me while I run?
about 4 hours ago via web in reply to SJRangel78

-slowly backs out of twitter. that is not drama... that's a full on war-
about 4 hours ago via web


So, we need to clarify some things:

1) Wendy is STILL a Lamb...duh. We love her!

2) I AM NOT MERINA GREEN. SHE and I are both women, but SHE writes Running *I only fucking wish it was me* <-- By the way, that was Donna's idea...

3) If some of you weren't angry about what was occurring DURING the "war", why so angry AFTER the fact? Seriously?

4) Le drama is le drama...either fake or real, leave it off of Twitter. Why? Cuz some people feel the need to take sides...when they were never involved in the first place.

Twitter makes for strange bedfellows... It also makes for a great way to clean out some excessive followers...

So, Lambchops:


  1. *bows at the applause I have received and accepts my Oscar* thank you thank you, you like me, you really really like me! Once a Lamb, always a Lamb. Thank you my Sweet and Succulent Lambs for allowing the fuckery to continue. Love you all hard. And to you haters, just deal with it. We have been dealing with your drama for months. The sad thing is, more people are upset that we aren't fighting then when they thought we were fighting. *shakes head* so very sad. You won't find a group who loves and accepts each other more than the Lambs. *takes a finally bow*

  2. What I learned last night:

    1. I blog with a diabolical and wordy bunch. We've bested our personal best for a running string of G-mail. But I gotta love them.

    2. While Twitter is a useful tool to spread the word about something, whatever it is, whether it be positive, or negative, the downside is YOU do have those that formulate an opinion of someone from a fucking 155 character tweet. My opinion of this: That really sucks. But it separates those who just just with the flow, and those who shine. Those who shine are the ones who chose not to get involved, because had this been real, DO you really know all the facts? No. No you don't. And if you can take a stance on someone's opinion just because you think you know them a little bit better than you do the other party, and you think they have been wronged by another without HAVING all the facts, Pfft. Suck it. No really, suck it. Ignorance is bitter, no?

    I'm not saying that some out there couldn't be sure, there have been friendships born on Twitter, and they've progressed through meetings, G-chats, Skype, etc. It's a natural reaction to defend them if they're caught in a crossfire. I would probably do the same. I AM a hypocrite when it comes to certain subjects. But I saw none of these instances last night, at least on my end. What I did see, was exposure. And not the positive kind.

    3. This shit, was still hard to watch, no matter how it was planned. Because for a while there, it looked real. Fuck, the wait alone from 8:00 to midnight alone was fucking excrutiating, because WE lambs were experiencing some support from what I can just say, are those who really just should have steered clear, because your true colors were very vivid. And boy, was I in the mood to fucking pounce. I had to take a walk around the field, I caught a frog.

    But it was also hard, because I didn't want Wendy to even think for one second that she isn't valued around here, and I honestly worried enough that just maybe that was happening. It was so trying, my Peter zen was non existent.

  3. And just so we're level here, I want to clear up any questions regarding contribution to this blog.

    We work as a team. We communicate openly. No one, and I mean NO ONE, is REQUIRED to contribute to this blog. There are no BOSSES here. There are no fucking dictators here. We work together, and if we damn well don't like something one of our own isn't doing, we speak the fuck up, and we do it with respect. We don't do this behind the back bullshit. I don't. While it may be true that there are those that contribute more than others to this blog, that is THEIR personal choice. If I or if any of the other lambs don't feel like rec'ing a story because we have other things that are going on in our personal lives, or if we want to RP, or if we want to write, then I for one am not going to think any less of them for taking a break, or not contributing. And I expect nothing but the same treatment. This is a blog, a source of entertainment. It's not a goddamn lifeline, and it sure as hell isn't a fucking competition. And if you're petty enough to think that it is, then I give you a big fuck you.

    Just because someone doesn't contribute every week, doesn't mean they are not dedicated to the series we blog about, the writing they do, the reading that inspires them. WE do this, because we like it, and if we don't, we shouldn't be doing it in the first place.

    Wendy is treasured here. She's appreciated. It has been a pleasure getting to know her more and more. She's opinionated, just like EVERYONE is on this blog. And whether we agree or not with those opinions, we RESPECT them. That goes for everyone on this blog.

    I'm not better than anyone else. I'm fully capable of being a petty bitch. I think my rant last night come midnight spelled that out clearly, but just in case you didn't get to see that, because I've blocked or unfollowed your ass at one point, know this:

    If That's the happiest you've been in months, then I can go ahead and formulate my own opinion, and that's you really are pathetic in your own right, and the joke, is on you. And if you want to call for our unfollowing, AGAIN. You need to see someone about that obsessive behavior, I would suggest the nearest fucking leprechaun, so he can grant you your fucking wish.

    For the rest of you who took it as lighthearted as possible, Thanks. So very much. #Lamblove, always.

  4. *bows at the feet of Kay* Well said MamaLamb, well said *clap clap clap*

  5. Much love to Wendy...muse extraordinaire.

    G-damn. I miss out on all the good fun. Mostly because I am a complete moron who for the life of me can't figure out Twitter. I'm hopeless...

    Thank goodness I can at least put sentences together to get a plausible story or I would be fucked all the way around.

    I can't believe though how people actually fell for this being so close to April Fool's Day. Way to go with the awesome fuckery that This moron missed out on.

  6. Well played, and I think it got the point across. I hope everyone enjoyed my Rambo-esqe escape maneuvers.