Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday Selections for March 7, 2010

Idreamofeddy recommends Irritable Grizzly Adams by caligula42

New Moon AU. Edward did more than just leave Bella in the woods five years ago. Time goes on as Bella struggles to make a new life without him. What happens when they are accidentally reunited? What was the real lie that Edward told? What will Bella do?

I know, it's been done already - on countless occasions, and by blogs all around. It's a story that has been in the Twilight Fandom since September 16, 2008. It's been on FF even before I joined the site. It was a story I found immediately, and it's a story I love. Frankly, I won't do it enough justice by this rec. But if there's someone out there who reads this blog who's never read this...wonderfully written masterpiece of Twilight vamp fan-fiction...then hopefully this rec will entice you to go read this fantastic story.

Set five years after Edward left Bella in New Moon, Bella is a student and a researcher collecting scientific research for the dwindling Timber Wolf population for Dr. Reyerson and the University of Montana. She darts wolves, collects information, and practically lives in the wilderness now. Of course, her connections to this new world that she created for herself have connections to the old world (Forks) she ran from. To secure grant money for the project, Bella and Dr Reyerson present their case to university investors, one of whom happens to be the Cullens. Re-enter Edward Cullen, and slap him for being a little lying bitch. Not with just Bella.

Frankly, I cannot see or fathom how anyone could not love this story. The author's writing is beautiful - some would say confusing, and some would say that it's poetic. I say it's powerful and it makes you feel. For the most part, you find yourself emotionally invested in this story and in Edward and Bella; in that 'crusty old bastard' Dr Reyerson; in Carlisle, Emmett, Alice, Jasper, Rose, and Esme; in Jake. You cannot read this story and not love the dog that is Jake. This story is a testament to Twilight Fan-fiction. It's a story many of us have enjoyed, before drama and notoriety affected a lot of us. And the beautiful part is, we're still enjoying it. We draw ever closer to the two-year mark, and as often as you find yourself wishing she would update, it's been such a fantastic journey to take, and I want take it a little while longer.

Missmaj recommends Attention, WalMart Shoppers by sillybella

Edward has decided Bella needs protection. What kind of protection? The kind you can buy at Walmart. In the pharmacy.

It's 2AM and Edward probably thought that it wouldn't be a bad thing to buy such a thing at this time of the night, since the store's pretty much empty at that hour. I'm pretty sure you have an idea of what kind of protection he is looking for at the pharmacy section of WalMart. And as he finally reaches the aisle, he realizes that buying that certain product is harder than he first thought (no pun intended).

Dejected, Edward decides to ask Emmett for help, figuring that out of all of the Cullen children, he would be the one best able to navigate the particulars of buying it. But Emmett being Emmett, he just makes matters worse. He just acts like a kid in a candy store (or as Karyn, the WalMart associate, assumes, Edward's gay partner).

Edward doesn't want to ask Alice for advice, but she shows up anyway, having seen this in her vision. She is followed by a very furious Rose and a very concerned Jasper. More hilarity ensues.

I know, I'm doing an awful job of keeping the entire story vague, but it's best to read the story for yourself. It will not disappoint, I can assure you.

Surely this fic needs no introduction. This was written in 2007 and people are still reading it to this day. This was one of the first fics that I read and favourited when I first joined fanfiction. It had me crying with laughter from beginning to end. It's only five chapters long and it's a priceless little fic that's definitely a MUST read.


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