Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wednesday One Shots for 03/03/10

Wednesday One Shots

Jasper’s Bella recommends Finally Found Love by Zaytyll

After moving home to be closer to her family, Bella meets and falls for sexy Doctor Daddy Edward. Lemons. Pairing: Edward/Bella Rating: M

So anyone who knows me, knows I am NOT a fan of Assward... I mean, Edward... at all. I decided that I needed to swallow my pride and start reading some Edward one shots and stories since this month is Edward month on the blog. First thing I did was start looking to see what my fellow Lambs were reading.

Zaytyll was the first one that I looked up. I couldn’t believe my eyes... Mae wrote an Edward one shot for Ninapolitan’s DILF contest. Of course I was intrigued and had to read it, especially seeing as it was her first fic.

I absolutely LOVED it. Mae’s Edward is a pretty likable guy. He’s a doctor and has a daughter named Lily. There are lemons, romance, wishes to come true, and more. I really enjoyed everything about this story. Mae did an awesome job. And it takes a lot for me to like Edward.

The story starts out with Bella and Rosalie being sisters. Bella has moved back to town to be closer to her family. While there, she meets Rosalie’s doctor,
Edward Cullen. Sparks for Bella start to fly but she doesn't think Edward feels the same way about her. Little does she know. Bella’s confession to Rose turns into quite the embarrassment for her in front of Edward. After running out without a word to Edward, Bella goes home to reflect on what happened. Luckily, she answers the door later to find a soaking wet Edward. Without words, having one helluva of a kiss and some groping, yeah, Edward feels the same way about Bella. He has to leave to get his daughter, but Bella agrees to have dinner with him and Lily later that night.

Wait til you read about Lily! She is awesome and SO stinking cute. Throw in a dinner, a fantastic story of falling in love, a great lemon, and an incredible Christmas wish, and you have such a wonderful one shot. It actually had me wanting Mae to add to it.

Great job Mae!

Maelyn recommends Playthings by because_i_want_to

One Shot E/B Both are getting a little titchy with each other and find a way to release the tension. Pairing: Edward/Bella Rating: M

When reading this story, keep the title in mind. Also keep a fan on hand, cuz oh boy does it get hot!

It starts out with Bella getting ready for a night out with the girls. She's really craving a night of drinking and dancing with some girlfriends she's not seen much of lately.

As she's dressing, she's thinking about how jealous, possessive, and controlling Edward is and the incidents that have occurred in the past. You're starting to wonder if it really is an Edward/Bella story after all... but don't worry, it is!

She eventually goes out and hooks up with her friends, and has a good time. Mike shows up and they chit chat innocently, but, as expected, Edward shows up and misreads the situation. They argue and glare at each other the whole way home.

The rest of the evening is just UNF! You find out what's really going on and let me just warn you now: If you do not like rough or dominant sex scenes, DO NOT read this story. If this stuff turns you on, like it does for me, then RUN *do not walk* to read this!

I'm gonna go in the corner here and fan myself while fantasizing about this author's Edward...

MissMaj recommends Music Lessons by blondie AKA robin

SPOILERS FOR BREAKING DAWN. A missing moment from the book, some fatherly bonding time. Fluffy one-shot. Pairing: Edward/Nessie Rating: T

It's a very cute story of a loving bond between Edward and Nessie. Written in Jacob's POV, he narrates a tender moment between a father and his daughter. Very sweet and touching, with a side of humour between Rosalie and Jacob. It's a charming one-shot that would definitely melt your heart.


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