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Sunday Selections for April 17, 2010

IdreamofEddy recommends Moonlit by StormDragonfly

When Bella returns to the town she hasn't lived in since she was eight, she's intrigued by the Cullens more than she realizes. As she matures and starts to consider the weight of choice and morals, she realizes there is one man who's always there for her.

I could write this rec and I still won't accomplish doing this fic enough justice. It is simply superb.

Moonlit is, of course, AU, but the author has injected enough canon into this story that you honestly feel like you ARE reading a canon story. Her characterization of Bella is nearly spot on, but I also get the sense that I'm seeing a stronger Bella as well. That might very well have to do with the fact that Bella wasn't taken away from Forks and from Charlie so early on in her life, and Renee removed her from those elements when she 8. It's sort of nice in a way to see her not feel so estranged from her father, and well, of course, special circumstances have him playing the caring father we know him to be right away.

What's so captivating about this tale, though, is the writing. It's clear, concise, and not overly metaphoric. And you would swear that you're actually reading a book when you settle down to this story. It plays out in your head like a movie, and there IS the combination of both Twilight and the movie used in the descriptive process. Not many people can pull this off, but when I read about Carlisle moving through those double doors, I read it and it reads BETTER than it was in the movie. Go figure.

Just a little background into the story here... Bella, of course, moves back to Forks when she is 17. The story starts much like the book, but Bella arrives to find her truck and the Black's waiting for her. An...accident occurs even before Bella steps foot in the house. Enter ER trip #1. Enter one Dr. Cullen.

By the way, I believe the Jacob in this fic will actually be the death of Bella. You will not believe how things go between the two in the fic so far, and it is just hilarious.

This story isn't very old. It's new, and it's only four chapters in, but you will find yourself quickly addicted. Most of the main characters in this story have different relationships and different backgrounds that have yet to be entirely exposed, so right now we're left with guessing. By the time you reach the end of chapter 4, you'll be sure to cry and want to curse that clicker because it will NOT move forward. And Chapter 4 was like reading a chilling chapter right out of a Romance/Mystery/Action novel. It is wonderful.

I will be following this wonderful story all the way. It's a great read and it was a refreshing find. I love it.

Jasper’s Bella recommends To Keep You Safe by twolipps

Brilliant scientist Bella McCarty has been receiving life threatening letters: Some one wants her dead. Jasper Whitlock is determined to do anything to keep her safe. A/H OOC Jasper/Bella Rated: M

I stumbled across this story not too long ago and became addicted to it. It’s only 8 chapters long but already there is a lot going on.

Bella was “mugged” and thrown in a closet for 5 days and stills freaks about personal space and can’t seem to ride an elevator with anyone. Unbeknownst to Bella, her brother Emmett has been receiving threatening letters regarding Bella. Emmett hires his old friend, Jasper, as her own personal body guard. Bella and Jasper’s first meeting don’t go very well and she totally fucks with him. Rosalie is Bella’s crazy-assed best friend who is more than happy to cut a bitch, if needed.

Unfortunately, Edward is also in this story as Bella’s ex boyfriend and now fiancĂ©. What til you see what the fuck he did to her to agree to marry him. He is a complete asshole with lots of family connections and usual really only thinks about himself.

Jasper and Bella are definitely feeling it for each other and things get a little hot and heavy. But then they continue to get cockblocked wherever they go. I’m never going to be able to look at peanut butter and jelly the same.

I really like all of twolipps' characters. They have fantastic personalities. Bella, in some ways, is a very strong kick-ass girl, yet there are moments where she just falls apart. Jasper is sexy as hell and I can’t wait for him to kick Edward’s ass. Rose is snarky, bitchy, and funny; she’s really cool. Emmett is, well, big brother Emmett, looking to protect his family. Edward is an asshole who I love to hate.

I’m dying to know who the person behind the threatening notes is and can’t wait for more of this story.

JaspersDestiny recommends Fallen Princess by Bforqueen

She was born to evil, meant to lead. But all she wanted was to be loved. When her life slides downhill fast, can she get it together in time to save herself and the rest of the world? -Volturi, Post-BD, will involve Cullens and Pack. Rated: M.

This is the story of Luciana, Princess of the Volturi. Luciana – or Lucy, as she prefers to be called – is Caius’ daughter, the product of an experiment on Caius’ part to build an army of hybrids. Hoping for a son, Caius has distanced himself from Lucy since the day she tore her way into the world. Rather than build a relationship with her, Caius has instead ensured that she is properly trained and educated in order to accomplish his goal: infiltrate the human world by marrying off Lucy to one of the world's influential families. But in terms of his emotional responsibilities toward his daughter, Caius is quite lacking in the ‘daddy’ department.

This story begins on Lucy’s 7th birthday. Technically she’s 18 human years old, and her development is quite canon to that of Renesmee’s. Lucy is preparing for her debut by the brothers to the world. The story so far has centered on the lead-up to her party that evening – training with Demetri and preparing for the party with Jane (who is like an evil version of Alice here...err...'eviler'). But it’s the little things in between where you can see where the strengths of this story lie. Lucy has never set foot outside the confines of the castle’s walls. As such, and with such little experience with the world outside, Lucy is a mix of petulant teenager and complex young woman. Her life experiences on the day of her party leave me shaking my head in both horror and sadness. And I really hope things look up for poor Lucy. She deserves much better than the crap she’s been supplied with all this time.

Demetri. What an arrogant son of a bitch bastard he is in this story. I’m not going to give away what it is he does to poor Lucy, but it certainly is an experience no young woman should ever have to have. Ever. But, take away how this affects Lucy, and you have quite the interesting character here:

"So, you're officially a woman today." He winked at me before he released me. I still felt his touch on my arms. He turned around to pick up the two swords that were on the floor behind him. He threw me mine and I caught it easily.

"Up for a little thrusting?"

I don’t know if we’ll see an about-face from him, but I sure do think it would be interesting to see a game play out between these two. Whether it ends up as an HEA is a different story. I think Lucy deserves better. Demetri would have to change drastically for me to applaud this pairing. But it is entirely possible that this is the way the story may go, and I find that I could warm up to that idea, most definitely. It’s dramatic and intense and…makes you want to throw your monitor.

I’ve lately been interested in alternate pairings outside of my usual comfort zone *cough* Jasper *cough*. This may or may not be your cup of tea, as it is OC/[haven’t a goddamn clue who the other guy will be]. What intrigues me the most, though, is Lucy’s relationship – or lack thereof – with her father. I would love to see possible salvation here because I sense from Chapter 4 that there could be hope for the two of them. I honestly cannot believe that Caius would be as enraged as he is at Lucy if he DIDN’T actually care about her. So, for the father/daughter dynamic alone, I would recommend this new story.

Maelyn recommends Realize by Goo82

Edward is a hot up and coming actor and Bella is his ever faithful best friend and personal assistant. Bella's feelings for Edward have changed, but he is oblivious to her feelings. With the help of her friends, will she get the courage to tell him...B/E Rated M

Okay, so I had this great review all done, and I hit to post it to our forum where we save things and the 'puter ate it. So I lost almost all of it. *beats 'puter with a stick*

This is an oldie but a goodie. And…wait for it…it has my favorite Jake. Yeah, yeah, I know... But it’s true! He’s sooo good in this, like really. He’s not that creepy, stalker psycho like usual. He actually has respect for Bella AND himself. He gives her support and counsel when she needs it and he doesn’t just tell her what he thinks will make her choose him over Edward, but rather tells her the truth and gracefully steps back when he realizes it’s necessary. He’s a TRUE friend to her.

It also has my favorite non-canon character – Erin! I love her to pieces. She doesn’t take Edward’s shit and tells him exactly like it is. If it’s in her brain, it comes out of her mouth. Seriously. She also gets him off his lazy ass and makes him do shit for himself. Erin is one of the reasons, in my opinion, that Edward becomes the man that he really needs to be for Bella.

Bella, well, I almost couldn’t stand her at first. She is pretty much Edward’s little bitch. She does anything and everything for him, and I mean that. But throughout the story, you see the things she has to deal with and suffer through. She finds out who she is without Edward and becomes a strong, independent woman who refuses to be his lackey any longer.

Edward is At the beginning I really just wanted to chase Edward around with a stick and beat him with it, repeatedly. He is also so fucking clueless that I wanted to get him glasses so he could see what’s right in front of his face. It’s blatantly obvious to everyone but him that she’s nuts about him. Moron. But Edward goes on his own journey throughout the fic. He has his own demons to confront and overcome before he is worthy of Bella.

One thing about this fic is that the reader watches the characters grow. That's what it's about. So many people probably will think it's about 'realizing' they love each other, or for Edward that he loves Bella. But, really, I think it's more about realizing they need to learn to be themselves - and love themselves - before they can be together.

They take such an amazing journey through this fic. I laughed. I cried. I cringed. (Yes, cringed.) There were moments I wanted to beat Edward with a stick and others I wanted to do anything I could to help him out. As Tina called it when I was chatting to her about it earlier: "It sounds like an emotional roller coaster." Well, she's right. It is. But it's all necessary for the characters to go through in order to get them ready for the end result - being together.

MissMaj recommends An Introduction to Swirl and Daisy by m81170

A first kiss, a first dance, a first curse word shared between best friends. This is the tale of a boring young geek and the social pariah who thought the world of him. A tale of growing up. A tale of a Non-Romantic Romance.

'A tale of a Non-Romantic Romance'. That is a perfect description for Swirl and Daisy. While the story itself is quite romantic, the meaning behind it is something else. The main focus of the story is all about growing up while going through the trials and tribulations of teenage life.

Not gonna lie, I was adamant about reading this story. I've heard people talk about it. People left and right recommended it to me. People were gushing about it. It even earned its own award at the Indies.

I knew it was fluffy, all sunshine and lollipops, and all that jazz. And I've read fluff that's so sickeningly sweet that it was, well, sickening. Yes, I was afraid of getting a cavity from a fic. But one night during what I now call my epic emo night, I finally gave in and read it. And read it. And read it some more. At the end of chapter 14, I was grinning from ear to ear, emo-ness long forgotten. m81170 knows how to write fluff without going overboard. It is the cutest, most adorable story I have ever come across and it's perfect. At one point, I even had the image of Vada and Thomas of My Girl while reading it.

Now I understand why people loved it. I understand why people would recommend it (I've been recommending it myself lately). I understand why it earned its own Indies award. It DESERVED its own Indies award.

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