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Wednesday One Shots for 04/07/2010

Wednesday One Shots

IdreamofEddy recommends Worth Keeping by Ellie Marsy

Jasper's conversation with Peter and Charlotte before they leave at the end of Breaking Dawn. Jasper/Peter. Rating: T.

Maybe this is canon, maybe it's not. Either way, it's a creative spin and a one shot with a lot of meaning behind it, and you have to respect it because it's well written, even if I curse everything but Jacob pre-Nessie in Breaking Dawn.

Worth Keeping is a one-shot based on a Breaking Dawn missing moment. We all know that Peter and Charlotte had aided the Cullens in the fight that never happened with the Volturi- well this drabble examines the conversation that took place between Jasper, Peter, and Charlotte when it was time to leave.

It's sort of an analytical spin to the words that Jasper had said to Bella at one time - those words that have given us AU storytellers a place to begin. 'I can feel what you're feeling now-And you are worth it.' But this time, it's Peter whose asking Jasper if everything he's experienced was worth the time and the trouble.

"Somewhere deep inside you is the strategist I knew, analyzing each and every situation. Now tell me something, after all that's happened to you here; the thirst, the humans, a half-human in your family, wolves, the Volturi- Is it still worth it?"

It's unique, very well thought out, and hell, it's perfect. It may be canon but it makes you appreciate just how far Jasper's character (and Peter's and Charlotte's) have matured in the world of Twlight Fan-fiction.

Jasper’s Bella recommends Unbroken by Chicklette

Bella's been hiding from her past for the last 4 years. Can helping the handsome, blond cowboy face his own pain ease hers? Jasper/Bella AH Rated: M.

This is a great one-shot that I discovered the other day. Both Bella and Jasper have had some sadness and/or tragedy in their lives. Discovering each other, they learn to love again. It’s a sweet story and they don’t just rush into being together; they both have scars that need to be healed.

One of my favorite lines is when Angela says, “Pretty, isn’t he?” and Bella replies, “I want one.”

Maelyn recommends I Want You by teambella23

Entry for the Twi-Hards First One-Shot contest; Finding love in unlikely places. An Edward and Bella one shot about finding love when you least except it. Edward a twenty two year old bachelor is celebrating his best friend, Jaspers twenty first birthday in Las Vegas. Bella is a twenty one year old Hard Rock Hotel cock tail waitress and self confessed man-eater. Bored with the everyday bullshit from typical Vegas boys, a green eyed beauty catches her eye and she decides to play. Neither one of them looking for love, things don't always happen the way you expect. AH, OOC. Crude language, small bikinis and Lemons. Edward/Bella. Rated: M.

I laughed through SO much of this fic. I absolutely love the style and the characters and the play on the stereotypes that the author does. The storyline is a little crazy, but it’s done in such a way that you just don’t care.

The first part, all I have to say is GRENADE…you’ll see AND laugh. Oh, my God! I’d never heard the term before, but I will never forget it now.

Edward is a player and SO cocky, like really, beyond-imagination cocky. And Bella is a man-eater and NO better than Edward. This fic is all about them meeting, going head to head, and coming out on top – well maybe not top...maybe standing? Sort of...?

Anyway, the banter and the teasing are phenomenal - not just the verbal dialogue, but the inner monologues too! Watching Bella make note of dick twitches is one example. And there are so many more! You just have to laugh.

Now, like I said, there were some parts that just seemed…unlikely, like the insta-love they feel for each other. I thought that was a bit far-fetched, but hey, it’s a one shot and the author wanted to make it a romantic one, so I overlook it in deference to the stellar interaction between the characters otherwise.

And I will end on another funny – NAKED CANDY. *runs off giggling*

MissMaj recommends Giddy Up by Sweet Dulcinea

Bella comes home to a surprise: Jasper in cowboy attire...sort of. A little role play ensues, the hat stays on, and Bella learns to ride. Jasper/Bella AH. Rated: M.

Dude... a Jasper/Bella o/s with the title 'Giddy Up'. If that doesn't get your attention, just read the summary.

In all seriousness, though, I'd normally rec a story that's not PWP (yeah, because I'm prude and a snob like that), but this was such a fun read that it's a must share. It's cute, with a hint of fluff and hotness all combined in one delicious story. I loved, loved, LOVED it!

I must thank Sweet Dulcinea for having one hell of a Jasper dream, which inspired her to write this one-shot. Then I have to ask her what kind of ritual she does at night to have that kind of dream.

If this rec doesn't work, then here's something that will surely convince you: Jasper in cowboy boots, cowboy hat... and boxers. Nothing else.

Now, go read! You won't be disappointed.


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