Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Grammar Girl: HEROIN vs HEROINE


heroin versus heroine

mopstyle via MissMaj: This drives me batty.

Well...they're quite different, aren't they? Like, QUITE different.

Here's the distinction between the two. You will see why it's so important to use the correct term.

Heroin is a drug synthesized from morphine:

A heroine is the principal female character in a story, play, film, etc.


  1. YES! Thank you! I totally remember bitching about this everywhere. I was searching through all these Twilight wav files (you know, 'cause that's what you do when you're laid up for six weeks--you lose your damn mind) and all over the place it was all, "You're my own personal brand of HEROINE."

    And I'm like, cool. That's really nice of Bella to be such a stand-up guy and save kittys in trees and babies from buses and old ladies from scary mean purse snatchers.

    So much so, it seems, that Edward, our resident vamp has decided that she is HIS model citizen and would like to make her his and only his, 'cause you know... that heroic shit is SEXAY AS HELL.

    So, thank you for this post and Tina for that cat with it's damn mouth open down there. It's more distracting than a HEROIN buzz (I've been writing this comment for an hour) and just about as damn scaryhilarious (negl).


  2. Scarilarious?

    I love new words.

    There is a comma missing in that comment up there, somewhere. Can you find it? ;]