Friday, July 2, 2010

FGB-Eclipse Edition!! Buy Us! We'll Love You Long Time!!

This, of course, is a shameless plug on behalf of us Lambs because a few of us are whoring ourselves out - but it's all for a worthy cause. I've updated this post with current bids because we're doing spectacularly, and there is only ONE day left!!

The Fandom Gives Back-Eclipse Edition is being held from June 26th to July 3nd. Money raised will go to Alex's Lemonade Stand to help fight against cancer. This is a list of what our Sacrificial Lambs are doing to support this wonderful cause!

This year I'm volunteering my new Photoshop addiction for your pleasure, so feel free to buy a slice of time, spank me on the ass, and call me your graphic whore. I'll get on my knees and bend over the whipping bench my keyboard for your pleasure.

Need a banner for a story or a blog? Hit me up! It's first come first served per item and I'll throw in a blinky or icon version too if you want it.

Here are examples of work I've done for people so you can get an idea of the things I can do for you:

There is a full list of graphics I've done on my blog that you can browse without waiting......................... for the scroller ;)

I'll email winners a link to an online form to fill in where you can give me information on any images, text, and people you would like to see in your artwork, so consider the following:

  • Fic Title: Name of your story as you would like it to appear on the banner.
  • Author Name: Name of author as you would like it to appear on the banner.
  • Summary: Short summary so I can get a basis of your story or blog.
  • Pairing: Main characters - also, do you want the original actors or do you have other people in mind? All Human? Cannon?
  • Preferred pictures / things you'd like included: Is there something key to your story or blog theme? Specific image you'd like? Bookmark some links and keep them in mind!
  • Text you'd to see included in Artwork: Got a phrase or tagline? Jot that bad boy down!
  • Colour Preferences: Dark colours, light colours? Black and white?
  • Include Blinky/Icon version? Would you like a cropped version as icon? Need a specific format?
  • Public/Private: Do you mind if I pimp it out on my blog?
All work will be completed by the end of August - if there is a specific deadline, let me know so I can organise the list of winners! CLICK THIS LINK TO BUY ME!!!

As of this posting, Lucy has 5 offers for graphic fuckery left. Lucy's art is stellar!

I am offering up for bidding a minimum 5,000-word, M-rated oneshot. $10.00 starts the bidding. This oneshot can be an outtake of either Colliding Meteors, The Orbiting Meteor, or you can choose the plot and Any pairing - but Jasper and Peter OWN me. Vamp or AH. Delivered within 90 days from auction closing. Happy Bidding and Thank You! Click the link here and you'll find my page. Click it!! Current bid is $130.00.

I also have this, added in after the auction started. A Oneshot. You can provide the prompt or leave it up to me. 2500 word minumum. Pairings preferred are Jasper/Bella, Peter/Bella, or Peter/Jasper. Yes, Peter/Jasper. AH preferred for this auction, and delivered with in 120 days from auction closing. No rape or incest, but anything else goes!! Current bid is $60.00.

I am offering an outtake from "Running". It can be a missing scene, past-take, or future-take (assuming there IS a future - we're not done yet, folks!). There are lots of things I didn't show directly in the story, so if there's anything you're curious about, now's your chance to find out. I will write a 2,500-word minimum outtake, to be sent to the winner directly. The outtake will be done by the end of August (come on, you know me - barring any major disasters, you'll have it sooner). I will post the outtake on FFn a few weeks after the winner receives it. Click Merina's link here, to find Merina's page. Click it! Current bid is $30.00.

I am offering a minimum 5K pre-take of Peter/Edward's past in ACiC. This one-shot will be told in Peter's POV and delivered within 90 days after the bidding ends. Thank you! Click the link here, for this option on Maj's page. Maj is REALLY whoring herself out. Current Bid is $25.00.

You win, you choose the prompt. I prefer AH Jas/B or E/B pairing.
I won't write bestiality, rape, incest and/or BDSM.
One-shot will be completed before the end of the year.
Thank you! Click the link here, for this option. Current bid is $10.00.

IdreamofEddy says..Foreplay with bacon optional. (Just kidding.) JaspersDestiny says.. <--No, she's not... *snickers*

Now, this is our website, so of course we're going to whore ourselves out, and the more money we can help raise, the better. But you won't believe all the wonderful things and authors are putting up for bidding - or up for buying - so head over to The Fandom Gives Back Page, and give it a look-see. The site looks incredible and it's easy to navigate. Good luck, happy bidding, and happy buying!


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