Friday, July 30, 2010

Quote of the Week for 07/30/2010


The Quiet Room by my ficwife givemesomevamp

This is an extra special Quote of the Week this week.

givemesomevamp’s hubs is being deployed next week and she is spending every second with her family before he leaves. On a side note, I wanna thank Mr. givemesomevamp for serving our country and keeping us all safe. Godspeed, Sweetheart. Be Safe.

The future Mrs. JaspersBella,

HammerHips and I wanted to do something special for her, so I thought we would share Nic’s special brand of fuckery with the world. This stuff is fucking classic. She has quotes from Star Trek, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Harry Potter, Hannibal Lector, and there’s even a little G.I. Joe. She has everything. See why I love her so?

(And for those keeping up, yes I have 2 wives, one soon to be and a whole slew of girls in a Harem. STFU, I’m not a h00r. I’m a very, very, very friendly girl.)

Anyhoo, on to the quotes. A and I were trying to narrow down our top five, but fuck there’s no way in hell. There are TOO many fucking fantastic quotes to pick 10.

Chapter 1:

“As a mythical creature once informed me, I am a strange human. That still applies.”

HammerHips says- Babe, I’m no mythical creature, but I gotta be honest with you - you’re a strange human, too. Yeah, and we totally love your special brand of fuckery!

Mention a werewolf one time, and where does it get you? Currently, strapped to a bed in the Quiet Room at Oakforest Behavioral Center for Troubled Young Adults. Apparently, asylum is no longer a politically correct term. Heaven forbid we offend the crazy people! A few more days in this room and I might actually need the meds they dish out like tic-tacs.

I say the beginning paragraph set the whole tone for the story. BAM, it totally drew me in. Yes, God forbid we offend the crazies.

Chapter 2:

"I got an erection again when I was transported to the bridge today. Any complaints of inappropriate penis display should be disregarded. On a completely different note, I think the males of the crew should get less form-fitted uniforms to prevent restriction of movement and aide in the concealment of weapons." (You know that last one would have been Picard. Kirk would have just bent an officer over their station, and been done with it.)

HammerHips says- Yeah, this was the quote that completely drew me into your story. Why? Because we are both geeked out trekkies who want to be on the Enterprise under our favorite male crew member. You can have Riker, I’m drooling all over Picard and his “Moby Dick.” *snickers*

I say you can’t go wrong with anything Star Trek. Personally, I would take Captain Archer as lunch meat with me and Seven-of-Nine as the bread. But that’s just me.

There's not a trace of boy on that body of his.
At all.
No sir.
All certified, grade A man meat.

I say I love this cause I love the man meat that Bella is talking about.

Chapter 3:

Maintaining contact with his soulful, slightly confused now black orbs, I slowly tilt my head to the right. Continuing in slow motion (even for a human), my right hand comes across my body to sweep my hair off of the left side and to secure it over my right shoulder. Then I lift my right hand to my mouth and poke my tongue out to moisten the tips of my index and middle fingers.
At the speed of smell, I bring my wet finger tips over to caress my exposed jugular. Then lazily give it three strong taps. I'm pretty sure his eyes widened at this display. But I'm not done, of course. At last, I take another deep breath and exhale in a whisper quieter than the breeze swirling around us, "Suck it."
And because I can be foolish when I'm feeling especially bitch-tastic, I slowly raise my eyebrow in a silent 'come get some' challenge.

She’s talking about my fave man meat again. Just wait til you see what he thinks about it.

Chapter 4:

My scars, my healed battle wounds, are what they are. They exist. Whether the scars are physical or 'other', they just are.

Fuck if that doesn’t make thinking about his scars, sexy.

Chapter 5:

For the love of tits! Three weeks. I'd lost her after only three weeks. I'm the worst stalker ever. Maybe I can take up building model airplanes

Gotta love the way Man Meat thinks.

Chapter 6:

“Holy SHIT! You just magic'd up another one! You're my hero! Come on. Do it again! Matthew McConaughey. Matthew McConaughey. Matthew McConaughey. Matthew McConaughey.”

HammerHips says- I can totally see you sitting in your bedroom with your eyes squeezed shut trying to magic up J-mo or Red.

Chapter 7:

"Death awaits you all nasty with big, pointy teeth."

HammerHips says- This was so brilliant. It conveyed so much with nine words. Nine. Damn, woman, I bow down to your amazing writing skills!

I say you shall call me…..Tim? fucking love quotes from the Holy Grail. Totes classic.

Chapter 8:

Shit. Can he read my mind? I didn't think that was possible.

"No, I cannot read your mind, Little One." He responds to my THOUGHT with barely concealed humor.

I know you can hear my thoughts. Baaaaaaaa Baaaaaaa Baaaaaa.”

HammerHips says- Only you could come up with Baaaa-ing at someone to cover up your thoughts, and make me laugh so hard I pee a little every time I read it.

I say since I’m already a Lamb, you can be the wolf in rubber boots standing behind me on the edge of a cliff. Baaaaaaa, that’s right baaaaaaa, who’s your wolf? baaaaaaa

Chapter 9:

"Riding around in my automobile. Duh-dudududada-dun.
Vampire beside me at the wheel. Duh-dudududadua-dun."

I say you can’t go wrong with a little twisted version of Chuck Berry.

Chapter 10:

I say- Fuck just read the chapter. Bella is having a convo in her head and there’s just WAY too much good stuff there.

Chapter 18:

“I could tell the exact point he stopped trying to harness his beast and just surrendered to the inevitable. The trail of destruction ended abruptly at what resembled the sight of an explosion; resembled because that's exactly what it was, a release of his power so fierce it left nothing but utter annihilation and a black scorch behind.”

HammerHips says- This was pure brilliance, babe. I was in awe of the description and imagery you put out there. Hell, I still am. This is one of those quotes that made me your bitch that will bow down to you forever!

I say Ditto.

So there you have it - just some of the MANY awesome quotes to this story. I wanted to give you a quote from every chapter but it’s already after midnight as I write this and my ass is tired. I actually had to work a 9-hour day today...well yesterday...instead of my normal 4-hour day. The good news is the real estate market is picking up. Woohoo!

Nic, I just wanted to let you know that A and I love you very much and we are always here for you, Sweets.

I hope everyone runs right out and reads this. Let me know what you think and definitely leave some love in the form of reviews for my girl. I hope everyone has a Lambtastic Friday. I’m heading to the beach later today and, yes, I’ll think of you all and have a drink for each and every one of you.

TaTa for now. And always remember and never forget: You Wrote it, We grope it.



  1. Hooray! We love you Nic! Awesome quote of the week, W! Yeah, you both rock my socks off. And when I say socks, I mean panties.

  2. So. When I saw the quote of the week link pop up on the Twitter feed, I clicked automatically like I always do. Yeah, I’m a lamb groupie. *shrugs* Anyway, then I saw that my shit was up there and I did a shocked giggle/squee hybrid noise that probably contributes to deafness in dogs, but I decided to wait my mandated ten to allow me to calm the fuck down before I embarrassed myself (yet again) by exposing my full-frontal nerdity and spewing my glee all over you. Naturally, I went to Twitter and did it there instead.
    Anywho, I told that fabulous fuckin’ recap to just to say thank you. So FUCKING MUCH. <--- My gratuitous caps are attempting to convey the depth of my appreciation, in case you still doubt after my tears and bouncing and other behavior that I’m too fuckin’ old for, but that happened nonetheless.

    My fic is not for everyone and I get that; one of the great things about fanfic is the incredible variety, but I still geek out over all of the love it, and I, have received from this amazing fandom.

    Just so you know, my hub does deploy frequently but I never get used to sayin’ that goodbye. The countdown to it usually hits me a few days before like a fuckin’ hammer and I indulge in a little cry, (usually while watchin’ Beauty and the Beast or some likewise classic Disney shit so I can blame those animated fuckers for the soggy popcorn) and then I buck the fuck up and get on with it and accept that it’s just life. Our life. Anyway, again just thank you.

    I’m done gushin’ now. At least on here.
    Now, I’ve gotta go work off some of this excess excitement, and trust me, the hubs will be singin’ your praises soon as well;-)

  3. This story's got just about some of the most amazing quotes I've ever read.
    Reminds me somewhat of Kay and Lucy's, even Donna's writing. I tried to write like, but I lack smart-ass-snarky skills to do so.
    Okay, back to reading TQR...