Friday, August 13, 2010

Quote of the Week for 08/13/2010


This week’s Quote of the Week comes from:
Anchorage is for Lovers by NCChris

In Chapter 20, Bella has been turned into a vampire because of an accident. Emmett tells her that they need to fake her death and asks if she has thought about what she wants on her tombstone. She has no idea what she wants, so Emmett makes the suggestion of:

“Here Lies Bella Swan, hit a moose and now she’s gone. R.I.P.”

This line cracked me the fuck up for two reasons - 1. I could SOOOOO see Emmett making a joke to lighten the mood, and 2. I wrote it. Being NCChris's biggest fan has its advantages. She and I were chatting about this chapter and I immediately thought this would be a perfect line.

And, yes, I just patted myself on the back. I’m a pretty cocky, little bitch that way. Now, don’t think I’m completely conceited. My favorite part of this story is not actually a quote, it’s more a description - a yummy description of my favorite man, Jasper.

“I had finally cornered him on the back deck of our home. He was sketching as usual, his boot clad feet propped on the railing and a cigarette smoldering between his lips. The early morning sun was just beginning to poke through the treetops of our Alaskan forest and he looked like an angel. Of all of the Cullens, Jasper was the most physically imperfect, with his prominent battle scars, but somehow his imperfections and gentle loving spirit made him that much more beautiful. I stood quietly observing him. It was somewhat unusual to catch him completely at peace. He took so many of our emotional burdens upon himself, always the peacemaker and comforter of our family. I loved him fiercely and knew there was nothing he wouldn't do for me. We were very much alike.”

*wiping the drool from my face* FUCK me! I’m not a smoker...but damn, I could totally picture this scene in my head and it just made me melt. After reading it, I begged and pleaded with NCChris to turn this into a Jasper/Bella - but damn, she wouldn’t budge. I think I might have even thrown myself on the floor for a full on tantram. But it was all for nothing.....

Chris has a couple of these scenes on the porch. One involves three hawty vamps, and if you wanna know more, I suggest you just take your ass over there and read it!

It’s going to be a fucktastic day! It’s Friday the 13th. I absofuckinlutely love this day, plus 13 is my favorite number!

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend.


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  1. Aww, I got lambed! Thanks, Twin. You will forever by my moosey tombstone gal! Thanks for the hat-tip, Lambs.