Sunday, August 22, 2010

SlackerLamb strikes again!


I think that the Lambs need to change my nickname from Lambbaton to Lambslacker. I have failed once again to get my Sunday Selection done. I have a very good excuse this time. Of course, it’s the same excuse, so I’m sure it’s getting old. The Hubs!

The hubs is my excuse. I have had to be the perfect little wife and play WendyHomemaker since I got home Saturday morning. Where have I been, you ask? I got to go with my best friend, Brooke, to celebrate her second 29th birthday (in other words, her 30th - shhhh, don’t tell her I told you). Brooke’s hubs, Mick, is in a local Atlanta band (*pimpage* Behind the Sun, a Red Hot Chili Peppers cover band) and he and the band were playing at a club Friday night. It was a pretty big, damn deal. By some miracle, Hubs let me go AND I got to stay the night away in a hotel room by myself - no hubs, no kids, no dogs, no nothing...just me, me alone, and ooooohhhhh, was it sweet!!!! So, anyway, to show my gratefulness for being allowed to do this, I’ve had to pay full attention to him and the kids. That meant no FF, no Twitter, no blogs, no email, no nothing, and I had to go to bed at 10PM last night. There’s my excuse, take it or leave it. But it was fucking worth it!

Now without further interruption, here’s my Sunday Selection:

JaspersBella recommends
Bella gets one heck of a surprise one night when an unexpected visitor returns to her life.

I’m not sure why I didn’t have trampvamp on my author alert because I enjoyed the fuck out of her story, Only at Night. I discovered her new story one day while I was lurking on Twitter. It’s only 4 chapters in right now but it has definitely grabbed my attention.

It starts off with Bella talking to her staff before their night begins. Bella owns Coyote Ugly. I don’t know about y’all but I fucking loved that movie and all of the bar scenes, so I was very happy to see the direction this was going to go. BUT I was given quite a surprise with how my thoughts of it were going to be. It was nice to see that she changed up some of the known Twilight characters and made them into her own people. Some things remain the same - Alice is still Bella’s best friend, Edward is after Bella, and thank fucking God she doesn’t feel the same way. Charlotte is single and it got me to wondering where Peter was, but you’ll never guess who he is involved with. It kinda took me back but then again, I can totally see the two of them together.

The story starts off with a big bachelor party going on. The drunk ass men are talking about Bella and Edward and how it would be cool to do a body shot off of Bella. She hears this and decides to put some rumors to rest. Apparently, she doesn’t date and doesn’t do body shots for anyone. Once she’s on the bar and the drunk groom-to-be is all over her, she is having second thoughts but decides to stick it out. Edward, of course, is all up in everyone’s business, not liking what he is seeing. Bella’s staff is all floored as well. Once the groom is done, someone else holds Bella down and proceeds to get all hot and heavy with her. And she is enjoying the fuck out of it. The descriptions that TrampVamp uses for what he is doing to her and what she is feeling make you start panting and wishing you were Bella at this point in time. Also, he fucking growls at anyone who tries to break them up. Yeah, at that point, your panties explode and it happens more than once. Once the shot is done, he kisses her with such a passion, you know she feels it down to her toes. People are grabbing him and pulling him off when Bella yells, “Stop! He’s my…”

Sorry chicks, you gotta go read to find out. Also, Edward is fucking LIVID and I have to tell ya, I completely enjoyed that!

Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 show us how Bella met this man and what he means to her. We see how she goes to live with Charlie and he seems pretty cool. They do seem to have some sort of relationship, unlike what SM gave us in her books. Things don’t go so well at school. People don't flock to Bella like they did in the books. In fact, she almost gets locked out of the building. But a certain handsome blond comes to her rescue. Yes, I’m talking Jasper fucking Whitlock. Despite everyone else, these two form quite the friendship. They're such an unlikely pair, but they seem to have much in common and the friendship is easy for them. We see their friendship build and become stronger til it develops into something more. Jasper asks Bella to the dance, not as friends but as his date.

The last chapter posted starts the day before the dance. trampvamp gives us Jasper and Bella’s first kiss. I have to tell you, I was floored by this kiss. Just the way she wrote it - the descriptions of how Jasper treats Bella with such love and care - was absolutely incredible. I could totally picture every move he made in my head. And it makes you feel like you could feel everything that Bella feels at that moment. Unfortunately, their newfound happiness with each other is cut short by Charlie coming home. Next up is the dance and they soon let everyone know that they are together - together and not just friends anymore. Months go by, their relationship is fantastic, all is good, and one night before their senior year of school starts, Jasper and Bella take their relationship to the next level.

Again, trampvamp does an amazing job with the way she writes Jasper with Bella. He is totally and completely in love with Bella, he treats her right, and he even has a sexy, dirty-talking mouth on him without being crude. I can’t wait for the next chapter and I’m dying to know why these two, who seem so very much like they belong together, are not together anymore.

I want everyone to grab a shot, say “1, 2, 3 Fuck it” and go right now to read Bars and Wars. Also, go check out the blog for Bars and Wars at


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